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The World Tarot Card Meaning – 21th Arcana

What does the World card mean in Tarot?

The card of completeness and perfection.
So we come to the interpretation of the last 21 Major Arcana of the Tarot. This Arcana represents the completion of a circle from 0 to 21 cards, the end of the path, its main result. The meaning of the World of Tarot card is very positive, but at the same time meaningful and varied. Let’s talk about it in more detail.
The twenty-first Arcana is not just positivity. The Major Arcana Tarot card The World is associated with the highest Cosmic Forces which send blessings as they understand them. In this article, we will consider the description and meaning in the relationship of an upright and reversed card, interpretation and combination with other cards in the spreads of love, health, career and work.
21 Major Arcana World is a card of a rational, logical finale of a certain stage in life. The person has worked and struggled hard to obtain these results. Now the situation is perfect, there is nothing more to fix and change. You can open a new page in life.
21 Major Arcana World is a card of a successful ending, giving a new beginning. This is a card of summing up the results, the highest point of development, when a person finally realizes what and why is happening and his role in this. Arcana World of Tarot is an Arcana of knowing your inner World in conjunction with the World of the Universe.

Names in Other Languages: Il Mondo, Le Monde, Die Krone.

The occult meaning of the arcana: breasts

The physical meaning of the arcana: holiness at the highest level of the hierarchy

The Kabbalistic meaning of the Arcana: truth

Spirit Orb: the ability to cope with internal contradictions

Goal: restoring the original integrity

Element: Water, Earth

Planet: Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Sun

Astrological sign: Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Virgo

Key dates: all year

Places: abroad; foreign state; peace; sky; another dimension; space; Universe; the abolition of the space-time continuum; a place that gives inner stability.

The World Tarot Card Meaning – 21th Arcana


A naked woman is depicted in the center, holding a wand in her hands. This woman is wearing a large green wreath. In the corners of the picture are the head of an angel and the heads of animals: an eagle, a lion and a bull.
(For a detailed depiction, analysis of the Symbols and all Elements of the World Tarot Card, click here)

Meaning of the card

Everything in your life has taken on its final, perfect form. You are confident in your calling and you are doing what you must do. Freed from illusion, you accepted the World as it is, and found your only place in it.
This is one of the best cards in the deck.
First, it falls to people who have achieved harmony with their “I” and with the World around them, who have found their purpose and fulfill it with honor. This does not mean that it will always be so, but at this stage they fully correspond to their cosmic role.
Secondly, it provides a favorable answer to almost any question, be it relationships between people, business, or spiritual growth. You are all right, it says, you are doing the right thing, keep doing this and the result will exceed your wildest expectations.
Thirdly, like a genie from Arabian fairy tales, it promises a person the fulfillment of his most important, greatest and most significant desire. Here you must not be mistaken in what you want.
Even in a reversed form (a circle is always round) it means the same, except with some time delay.
You have learned the lessons necessary for this incarnation (or situation for worldly affairs). You have become who you should be. You know everything there is to know. You have achieved everything you need to achieve. Now you can do other things, knowing that this task has been performed flawlessly.
There is one caveat. At this level of accomplishment, there is neither the possibility nor the need for further development in this area. But the one who has achieved what you have achieved cannot just sit down and do nothing. If instead of looking for a new area of ​​growth, you rest on your laurels, the result will be stagnation. The work is done, it’s time to move on.
The Tarot Card World is the last numbered card of the Major Arcana. In this sense, you are the true connoisseur that you have been trying to become throughout the entire journey. Your transformation, shown on the previous card (Judgment) is complete. You have achieved perfect unity of body (matter), thought (intellect), soul (self-knowledge) and spirit (subconsciousness).
The World Tarot card symbolizes a complete understanding of your own inner nature and the forces around you, and mastery of them. You know what is good and right in this world, and you are aware of the order prescribed for it. You can trust your judgment about acting in the current circumstances. You have attained the status of a connoisseur.
There is no possibility of crash here because you no longer have a chance to make the wrong choice. Everything you do is right. And you are entitled to whatever you have. You know who and what you are. You know why you exist. You know the reasons for your existence. And all the answers serve as confirmation of your purpose. It is a reward for all your efforts.

Positive Aspects of the Card
Realization and success, unity and harmony, achievement of a goal or result, beauty and health, travel and tours. Moving to a new place. Bright mood. Confession. Wealth. Good instinct when making important decisions. Harmony of spirit and body. Practicality.

Negative Aspects of the Card
Obstacle and stagnation, unfinished business and projects, a delayed trip and disorganization of plans, imperfection and unreliability, as well as retribution for bad deeds, unnecessary sacrifices, dissatisfaction with oneself and life. Down-to-earthness. Stagnation.

The Main Meanings of the Card In an Upright Position

Key Words and Phrases

Completion. The last card from the Major Arcana. Execution. Achievement. The climax. Harmony. Wealth. The end of the previous phase and the beginning of a new phase. Union. A good mood. Completion of the journey. Ecstasy. Achievement of the goal. Receiving an award. Integrity. Unity. A job well done. Delight. The beauty. The final stage of the cycle. Success. Triumph. Freedom. Liberation. Peace. The joy of life. Ideal condition. Life affirmation. Cosmic stream. Promised land. Expanded horizons. The base of the rainbow. A pleasant surprise. Illumination. Start each day with enthusiasm. Perfect conditions. Physical and emotional health. Spiritual wealth. Best possible result. Travel. Drive. Change of job or place of residence. Willingness to start all over again. Start. The ending. A calm death at the end of a long and eventful life. All is well that ends well. Somewhere beyond the rainbow. The ball is over. It’s time to set the day.

The main meanings of the card in an upright position

Life in a new perspective, from a different point of view;
Fulfillment of all desires;
Personal freedom;
Exploration of new horizons;
New phase of partnership;
True vocation;
The joy of the work done;
Harmony and sincerity in relationships with colleagues;
An important step in the development of personality;
Awareness of vocation and destiny;
Meeting with a life partner;
Family harmony;
Compassion, benevolence;
Expansion of the scope of activities and the circle of partners;
Liberation from illusions.

Situation and Advice

You are at the final stage of the path to achieving the goal. Everything is going well, smoothly and according to plan. Success is just around the corner. You will receive what is rightfully yours. You feel like a whole and self-sufficient person. You have reached the promised land.

The World. Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan
Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan

Now you are experiencing a state of complete satisfaction from the fulfillment of everything that was conceived. After this the next stage of life will open for you, filled with new impressions. Your actions: active preparation for the start of the next race. Long-distance travel is now possible. Appearing in the “final summary” position, the World card almost always guarantees triumph and prosperity.

Persons designated by Upright The World Tarot Сard

Winners. Those who achieve a lot. Travelers. People who are engaged in international activities. Those who successfully achieve their goals.

The Main Meanings of the Card In a reversed Position

Key Words and Phrases

Imperfection. A success that is close but never arriving. Failure to complete the cycle. Destruction of plans. Obstacles. Waiting for completion. Shortcomings. Lack of definite work. Fear of change. Stagnation. Running in place. Routine. No restrictions. Completion too fast. Failure to continue what you started. Insecurity. Resistance to change. Reluctance to look to the future. Stubbornness. Inability to find a use for oneself. The habit of turning a blind eye. Unsatisfactory result. Overwork. Delayed trip. You haven’t reached your destination yet. You should move on.

The main meanings of the card in a reversed position

Lack of vision for life;
Success is yet to come;
Reluctance to explore new opportunities;
Partial victory;
Full success is yet to come;
You need to complete what you started;
Rejection of the goal at the very end of the path;
Lack of tolerance for people;
Pleasing yourself.

Situation and Advice

It is difficult for you to reach your goal because you did not take care of completing what you started. As a result, you feel like you are standing still and cannot get a satisfactory result. Everything drags on and it seems that it will never end. You are bored, you get the feeling that you are standing still, and everything you do does not bring any result. You are more and more tempted by the idea of ​​giving up everything and leaving unfinished all what you started. You resist change, assuming that you are not yet ready for new sensations. You need to take a step back and look at everything from the outside.

The World. Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli
Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli

See all your shortcomings and the mistakes you made through the eyes of an observer, and correct them in order to bring your goal closer.
The reversed World card can sometimes indicate that the trip you have planned will be postponed or you will go where you have already been.

Persons designated by the reversed The World Tarot Сard

Those who hold onto everything, but can’t really do anything. Those who voluntarily become involved in a routine. Those who have a habit of not finishing what they undertake. Those who always lose. Irresponsible people.

In the Spreads

Arcana 21 can be described with one key phrase – the successful outcome of everything that a person sought. This is the successful completion of the situation, the successful resolution of problems, obtaining the desired result, etc. Favorable outcome in any area for which the question was asked.
The card symbolizes a very positive outcome of the case. Even if initially it seems to you that you have lost or did not get what you want, then you do not see the global designs of the Universe. And it knows much more about the consequences of our actions and even thoughts. But in fact, the Tarot Card World is associated with the concept of great success and great joy, it speaks of the birth of something fundamentally new.
The World card of Tarot has a very wide meaning, and therefore sometimes it is not easy to interpret it. But most often it indicates an exit to a new or even a supernova level, the birth of something new and unprecedented, the achievement of very great heights, especially in the spiritual plane. The rest of the cards only indicate difficulties or pleasant bonuses on the way toward your goals.
When it comes to any situation or business, this is a sign of success, no matter what area your activity is in. Your dreams are ready to materialize very soon. Your intuition will show you in which direction success awaits you.
Tarot card World’s meaning promises you a very interesting and unusual life experience. You seem to turn into a center around which your whole reality will turn, and you will only need to put your hand in time to pull what you want out of the kaleidoscope of flickering events. In terms of events, the card means calm and peace of mind that a person who has achieved high goals receives. This is the delight of a winner crowned with laurels after a difficult struggle.
In the most mystical way, every thing that has arisen in your layer of being will find its own, very important place. There will be interesting and important coincidences (coincidences?), hints from above, and so on. The main thing is to trust and open your eyes!
The World opens before you in the earthly, geopolitical sense. Perhaps you will start international cooperation, there will be foreign trips, connections with other industries that are new to you. Or move to live in another state, marry a foreigner. There are many meanings, and it all depends on your specific life position.

In an Upright Position

The World card is an achieved goal, finding a place in life, your home. This is the right path, the correct perception of reality, the end of doubts and torments. Arcana indicates a newfound unity, harmony and a happy ending of a certain course of events. This card best symbolizes the victory of a person over his gross material wealth and weaknesses that were pulling him down to the ground. You have ceased to be a slave to your fleeting desires and passions, you are no longer chasing those ghosts that captivate many of your surroundings. You have finally found that inner balance that allows you to separate true desires from random ones, and also gives you the opportunity to control your own destiny to a much greater extent than before.
This card personifies personal rewards and the fulfillment of all desires. This is a card of triumph, happiness and success. Drawing this card means that you can confidently move forward. It also symbolizes personal freedom and the exploration of new horizons. On a personal note, even though your current situation is happy and calm, it could be the beginning of a new phase in your relationship.
The World of Tarot in the right position is one of the best cards in the hands. It has a completely positive meaning associated with the implementation of the plan, getting what you want or the successful completion of projects, or difficult situations.

In a Reversed Position

In a reversed position The World says that the time for big changes for the better has not yet come, and the expected results are still somewhere beyond the horizon. Sometimes this position of the Arcana combines a long path to success and bitter disappointment in achieving it. However, in a practical sense, the Arcana World is considered an auspicious card in all respects.
You haven’t learned the lessons of life yet. You lack a vision of life and have yet to taste the fruits of success. You don’t want to explore new possibilities, and your fears can lead you into a state of lethargy or stagnation.
In a reversed form, the World card can have three directions. The first two are positive – either a favorable ending, but a little later, or not achieving complete satisfaction with the result. The third meaning is rather gloomy – the loss of something very important and valuable, up to the loss of the desire to live.

In a Personal Spread

Appearance in a personal spread means that the period of doubt is over for you. You have decided on your goals and objectives and know exactly where you need to move next. There are many roads in front of you, you have a choice and, most importantly, intuition and wisdom that will allow you to choose the right path.

In the Spreads for Different situation

In an Upright Position:
21 Major Arcana in fortune telling on the situation indicates the final stage in achieving the desired. It will be over soon and you will receive a well-deserved reward. Success, recognition, a state of satisfaction and harmony await you.
Unconditional success, rewards, culmination of previous work, graduation, possible travel.

In a reversed Position:
It indicates the ill-conceivedness of the original plans. You go to the goal, but it is difficult for you to move forward. Perhaps you quit without finishing, or take on several tasks at once. In the end you do not get the desired result. Now it is better to calmly analyze everything that has been done and understand what the mistake was. It’s not too late to fix everything.

The World. Black Grimoire Tarot
Black Grimoire Tarot

A temporary stop in the movement towards the goal does not mean the failure of the entire mission. You just have to wait a little before you can achieve what you want. Also, a reversed World can mean revenge.

In the Spreads for Relationship

In an Upright Position:
In divination for love and relationships, the card predicts the best development of events. For a person seeking love, it means the appearance of the second half. For partners it means family, marriage, harmony, serious relationship, all-consuming love. There is nothing more to add. Everything is perfect.
The relationship is strong and reliable if you have a partner. And in the absence thereof, the enjoyment of freedom. Your efforts for the sake of loved ones will pay off handsomely.
The World card speaks of achieving harmony, happiness and joy in a relationship. This is finding in the person of a partner your half, not only in the physical, but also in the spiritual sense, a feeling of the fullness of life, harmony and prosperity. This is exactly the relationship that you aspired to have, that you dreamed of, which will give you a sense of the integrity of yourself and the world around you. The Arcana symbolizes the realization and emotional maturity of a relationship. Among other things, it can also mean that your union is moving from a personal to a spiritual plane.

In a Reversed Position:
The personal meaning of the reversed Arcana is not very good. In a positive version, it predicts successful development, serious relationships and family, but a little later as the time has not yet come. In a negative sense, it can indicate the loss of a loved one, disappointment in love or isolation in oneself, which interferes with the further development of the relations. Be sure to pull out additional cards for clarification, so as not to worry ahead of time.
Disappointment in love, cooling of passion. Look for the good in people.

In the Spreads for Dates

In an Upright Position:
You and your partner will celebrate many anniversaries. If you don’t have a partner, you will enjoy your freedom and your sense of independence.
In a Reversed Position:
At times, you are too petty in your relationship with your loved one. Stop getting annoyed with little things. It’s not worth it.

In the Spreads for Family

In an Upright Position:
Lately, you have been making truly superhuman efforts to help your family. You will see results soon, the effort will pay off.
In a Reversed Position:
Your parents are as imperfect as you are. Stop criticizing them all the time. Look for the good in the people you love, because looking for the bad is pointless.

In the Spreads for Friendship

In an Upright Position:
You accept and appreciate your friends for who they are, and you don’t feel the need to change them. Your approach is to follow the direction of the flow. This has attracted many of your current friends to you.
In a Reversed Position:
You are reluctant to get close to new people, but new friends now could have a positive impact on your life.

In the Spreads for Money

In an Upright Position:
For money, as well as for work, the World indicates the resolution of financial problems, additional income, a successful investment in real estate, inheritance.
The work pays off, and soon you will have an unusually large amount of money, more than ever before.
In a Reversed Position:
In the financial subjects, the reversed 21 Tarot cards keeps the meaning of upright card. All problems will be solved, everything will be in order with finances, but a little later. Another meaning is that money will appear, but they will not bring joy.
Stop complaining about poverty. Find a way to make money.

In the Spreads for Education

In an Upright Position:
Labor bears fruit. Few have surpassed you in academic performance, right? If you are not yet among the best, then everything is heading for that.
In a Reversed Position:
You feel that the workload in your studies is very binding on you. Try to think about it differently. The knowledge you are gaining now will one day give you the freedom to live the way you want.

In the Spreads for Career

In an Upright Position:
On work questions, it signifies successful activity, profitable completion of projects, work by vocation, reward for work, great achievements. If you have your own business, then it will develop and reach a new level.
The World Tarot Card indicates that we have chosen the right type of activity and are working exactly where we should have been (or, at least, we are on the way to it). This does not mean that there is no way for further development.

The World. Mirage Valley Tarot by Barbara Moore
Mirage Valley Tarot by Barbara Moore

It only means that all the decisions we have made so far have been correct and that we have found our true calling. On a daily basis, Arcana means the joy of a job brilliantly done, sincerity and harmony in relationships with colleagues.
In a Reversed Position:
On work questions, the reversed Arcana World means the same as in a direct position, but with a delay in time. It can also mean dissatisfaction with the result of the work or with the field of work itself.
In this position, the card says that success will come, but a little later. Sometimes it means that you made the choice of one direction in the implementation of plans from several options available, and you should focus only on it.

In the Spreads for Health

In an Upright Position:
Arcana World promises good health and recovery. But if the Death or the Hanged Man cards appear nearby in the spread, it may mean the end of a life’s journey.
In the overwhelming majority of cases, the situation with the drawn Arcana World in the field of health is simply excellent. This is a symbol of excellent physical shape, strong nerves, good immunity. If a person is sick, 21st Arcana means a speedy recovery. Exceptions are situations when they are guessing at a person who is sick with a very serious or fatal illness. In such cases, the World can mean death, but this is the best way out for a person. From an esoteric point of view, the so-called calmness and happiness in the afterlife.

In a Reversed Position:
There will be no changes in the state of health – neither in the direction of improvement, nor in the direction of deterioration.
A reversed “World” on health questions can warn of injuries, especially injuries of the spine or musculoskeletal system. Or it can warn about the deterioration of the condition, depression.

In the Perspectives

This path leads you to your goal. Here you will find your place in life, your home.

Answer to Yes / No Tarot Spreads

In an Upright Position:
Exactly yes.
In a Reversed Position:
More likely no than yes. If yes, then with a delay.

Combinations with other cards

Nine of Cups: finding the heart’s ideal
Ten of Pentacles: abundance, material satisfaction
The Sun: completion of something, achievement
Temperance: combining, synthesizing, combining
The Hermit: isolation
Four of Cups: disengagement, apathy, withdrawal
Five of Wands: acting contrary to someone, difficulties with unification
Nine of Wands: material need

The World. Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Arcana’s warning

Having reached your goal, do not rush to rest on your laurels. The card warns of the need to replenish knowledge, expand the usual point of view, apply new techniques and methods.
Analyze your desires and goals, perhaps this is not what you want. You still have the opportunity to change direction. A life set on the wrong dreams will not bring joy.

Self-Development Lesson

Our world is as big and abundant as we can imagine. Our horizons don’t need boundaries. We are in this world to learn the lessons that life teaches us.

Key Ideas

Deep awareness comes suddenly, bringing with it a sense of joy and fullness of fulfillment.
Treat yourself well. This will encourage other people to treat you the same way. Be true to yourself, and your true needs and dreams will become clear to you. People who know what they want win in this life.
Do you know? You can be a winner. It all depends on you.

Psychological (Personality) Meaning of the Arcana

Type of person in an Upright position:
A person who in his development has surpassed all conceivable and inconceivable limits; ideal and perfection in human embodiment; Initiate.
The card means a wise and comprehensively developed personality. Such a person is distinguished by honesty, nobility, true mercy. He is one of those people on whom the World rests. He is open to communication, attentive to everyone, his opinion is seriously listened to. Modest, but not shy. There is no need to talk about his shortcomings as they are so inconspicuous in comparison with his merits that people simply do not notice them.

Type of person in a Reversed position:
Strong destructive personality; false prophet; a person who tempts others to take the path of evil.
The reversed World of Tarot indicates a shy and closed person who has certain complexes. It is difficult for him to communicate with people. He is an introvert, loves to be alone, prone to depression and self-reflection. Often cannot find motivation for life.

Psychological significance of the Arcana:

Your life has reached its perfect shape. You have comprehended everything and you do what is required of you without doubting your destiny. You freed yourself from illusions, recognized the world as it is, found your own place in it. You learned that everything that exists is love, that God does not divide people by skin color, gender, nationality and origin. You realized that everything is interconnected, and there, in Heaven, there is no separation either. You have become a Human. You joyfully and boldly walk through life, spreading love, faith, hope. And may God’s mercy illuminate your path!

Final Advice of Arcana

The World of Tarot gives advice to open up to life and accept fate. Everything will be fine, you will receive a well-deserved reward, the fulfillment of your wishes awaits you.

In an Upright Position:
Find the freedom you have long dreamed of, but always remember the responsibility that it imposes.
It’s time to set new goals for yourself and start realizing them.
In a Reversed Position:
Break ties with the past, look to the future.


The World indicates a newfound unity, harmony and a happy ending of a certain course of events. The beauty of this card is difficult to convey in words without slipping into a sugary description of the next happy ending.
In the Hero’s Journey, this is a happy ending, a new-found paradise, which in everyday life means reaching a goal. Sometimes, in rare cases, it can be the goal of a lifetime, but most often it means the next stage. In the field of external life, this means that we have finally found our place in it, the very one that is intended for us and only for us.
In inner life, this is the completion of the most important stage of development, the formation of our personality, the integrity of our self-consciousness. At the event level, the World personifies a happy period when we heartily enjoy life. This card can also mean international connections or travel.

The essence of the Arcana is to summarize. The cycle is complete, the circle is closed. The life path of a person in the Tarot is represented by the Major Arcana. This is the Fool’s journey through all the main points of being, captured in twenty-one cards. During this path, he gains experience, knowledge, spiritually grows and improves, passing through difficulties. Ultimately, he reaches the top, the state he was striving for. All things become clear and take their place. Harmonious, successful completion of this path is the sacred meaning of the 21st Arcana.

Sing, Tarot

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  1. For me, the World manifested itself as a variety of options. The girl asked if she would work in the store where she was going for an interview. The world has fallen out. At first I thought yes! End of search. It turned out not… looking for other options.

  2. Mysterious card, it’s this World. It seems to be positive, it personifies harmony, and at the same time it can mean the end of something, the end of the road, and this is not always good. Depends on the position of the card. In any case, I relate it to the saying: Whatever God does not do is for the best. So it was the wrong way

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