Suit of Swords

Suit of Swords in Tarot

What does the Suit of Swords mean in Tarot?

Zodiac signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra.
Planets: Mars, Jupiter.
Temperament: Choleric
Movement, demeanor: Confident
Suit motto: “I intend!”. Be an acrobat without using force and cruelty.
Suit element: Air.

Swords are the first suit of seniority and strength in the deck of Tarot cards. The symbol of the suit is the sword, which is usually depicted as a blade, combat saber, heavy two-handed sword, and never as a rapier (weapon of dexterity). The symbolism of such an image is understandable: in this case, there is enough strength, but dexterity is no longer needed.

Swords represent the soul, spiritual energies, observation, consciousness, knowledge, intellect, science and art. The world of swords is a world of consciousness and decisions, concepts, meanings and evaluations. Swords are ideas, order and structure, critical perception of the world, originality, liberation, learning and clarity. Wisdom and knowledge allow us to rise to the top of the iceberg. You become part of the whole. If quarrels or destruction prevail in life, then radical changes will surely occur. The suit of Swords symbolizes struggle, overcoming difficulties, aggression, narrowly focused action. Ahead is a sophisticated test, and you should think carefully before deciding to combat with it. You can ascend very high and fall very deep.
In the life of a person who sets high goals for himself, trials will be stronger than in the life of someone who is satisfied with little. There is a separation of what is called the “middle path”, “upper path” and “lower path” …

In fortune-telling, spreads and predictions, the Swords symbolize the side of life that is associated with thinking. This is the sphere of confrontation, overcoming obstacles, struggle, striving for leadership and victory.

The Swords are associated with such positive qualities as authority, strength, initiative and courage. But due to belonging to the element of Air, the cards of the suit of Swords also warn the fortuneteller about enemies, foes, false friends, and partners ready for betrayal. Revealing the course of events, the Swords predict obstacles, dangers, failures, and sometimes even moral or physical violence. And these are not just obstacles in the way of the fortuneteller, these are real dangers and, possibly, even deadly.

When a lot of cards of the suit of Swords appear in fortune-telling or a spread, this warns that it will be about conflicts, quarrels, misunderstandings, confrontations and aggression. Even if the problem is not as ominous or mitigated by other cards, the Swords speaks of at least anxiety, chagrin, tension, or excitement.

Tarot swords personify power and authority, a dangerous suit. They are depicted in the form of blades, crooked sabers, short naked daggers, and maybe in a sheath. Combat weapons are on all cards of the suit.

Secular power that is used for evil to others. The suit warns of violence, enemies and danger. It personifies powerful politicians and terrorist groups, criminality, about groups of people who consider their interests to be above all else. Indicates false friends, traitors, a power that has disintegrated.

Swords personify selfish and rude people. They should not be trusted, and it is better to be afraid of them. Such people are capable of violence and cruelty. Their goal is to get what they want without worrying about your well-being. Swords indicate mortal dangers and circumstances that can lead to the death of the plan, or of the questioner, both physically and morally.

Swords represent disease, natural disasters, and other serious, sometimes even sinister circumstances, including death. Even if the problem is not as serious or mitigated by other cards, Swords speaks at least of upset, anxiety, argument, or tension.

Other cards will show if the questioner is angry or someone else is angry with him. The appearance of cards of this suit in the spread does not bode well for the questioner, they always bring failures, pains, losses, enemies and fears. They indicate difficulties in work, financial problems and a bunch of minor troubles.

The positive meaning that the cards of Swords carry in themselves is intelligence, determination, authority, courage and initiative. But at the same time, there can be hostility and pain, as well as fear and competition. A person says what he thinks directly and his straightforwardness causes conflicts.

Value in the spread

If the prevailing suit is Swords, then the enemies surround you and intrigue you. The cards are warning you.

The meaning and interpretation of numerical cards of the Sword suit in the Tarot

Ace of Swords
Two of Swords
Three of Swords
Four of Swords
Five of Swords
Six of Swords
Seven of Swords
Eight of Swords
Nine of Swords
Ten of Swords

The meaning and interpretation of the cards of the court suit of Swords in the Tarot

Page of Swords
Knight of Swords
Queen of Swords
King of Swords

5 thoughts on “Suit of Swords in Tarot”

  1. The Suit of Swords in Tarot often embodies concepts of intellect, conflict, and decision-making. Each card within this suit represents different facets of these themes, offering insights into challenges we face and the mental processes required to overcome them. Whether it’s the clarity of the Ace, the strife of the Five, or the resolution of the Ten, the Suit of Swords invites us to confront our thoughts and actions with honesty and courage.

  2. The Suit of Swords in Tarot holds a powerful mirror to our inner landscape, reflecting the complexities of the mind and the challenges we encounter in our lives.

  3. Each card in this suit speaks volumes about the conflicts we face, the decisions we must make, and the intellectual battles we wage.

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