Nine of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Nine of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Nine of Cups Tarot Card?

Nine of Cups is the card of Holiday. A contented, smiling man sits at a table on which nine cups are placed. He had just finished a difficult job, achieved recognition, success and profit (or, perhaps, recovered from a serious illness). In any case, now all suffering and worries are behind, a new, bright period begins in his life, and he is waiting for friends to share his joy.

Card Symbolism

The nine cups in the image symbolize the abundance and contentment that emanate from him, but the cups are not visible, which means that the character may not have complete control over his emotions. Also symbolize spiritual wealth.

Wealthy Man
Content and happy, he sits relaxed and ready for celebration. He personifies satisfaction and joyful anticipation. He is satisfied with what he has achieved and a positive future is assured for him.

Crossed Arms
It is a symbol of self-defense and closeness. This gesture allows you to block any possibility of manipulation, and also means unwillingness to participate in any process.

Spread Legs
This gesture speaks of openness to communication.

Indicates many aspects of prosperity.

Red Hat and Socks
The life and masculine yang energy permeates this character. He takes action and boldly expresses his opinion. Also, red is a symbol of love, passion, will, and also jealousy.

White Robe
A person’s clothing represents purity and innocence, but also craftsmanship. In some ways he is wise, but in others he is like a child. White color means innocence, naivety, also completeness and wisdom.

Sitting Position
The figure is grounded and strong, but crossed arms represent a quality of caution or stubbornness.

Semicircle Wall
A place where you can hide from the vicissitudes of the fate.

It is the color of Soul and Spirituality

Yellow Color
The color of reason, sun, but also envy.

The number Nine symbolizes the summation of something. Sometimes called the Wish Card, the Nine of Cups represents material success, wealth, and emotional and intellectual satisfaction. In addition, it symbolizes physical health and love for sensorial pleasures. Your desires will come true. Pulling out this card means that you have some concrete plans for the future and can confidently move forward. However, the seated figure’s crossed arms remind us to avoid basking in the warm glow of our success and not become complacent, but to explore the possibilities presented to us by the future.


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