Symbolism of The Hermit in Tarot

Symbolism of The Hermit in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in The Hermit Tarot Card?

9 Arcana Tarot The Hermit is one of the most spiritual and deepest cards in the deck. It is a symbol of the main life task of a person – to accept himself and find harmony with his inner world.

The ninth Arcana reveals the laws of earthly Nature, in which Adam, expelled from paradise, lives.
In other words, this is the teaching about the Spirit, which has broken away from the One Whole and is not only in the real world, but also in its unique environment full of natural phenomena.

The Hermit card means a rejection of the desire for material and physical benefits, an appeal to the mind and soul. Jesus asked what good is it to a person if he gains the whole world, but damages his soul? It would seem a simple truth, but to understand it, a person sometimes needs a whole life. Therefore, the Hermit depicted on the card is old. Only now he truly entered the purest of the paths – the path of knowledge, the path of Tao and Buddha. His eyes are usually closed, for in order to see the light of Truth, he no longer needs earthly vision. Hence the name of this card in the Egyptian Tarot: Inner Light. But he was able to achieve this only after many searches and temptations. If he did not have a golden staff, he probably would not have reached the top. However, now he does not need the staff.
In the old days, this card was called “The Old Man” and was considered the personification of all-consuming Time: instead of a lantern, the person depicted on it held an hourglass. Then it spoke not of wisdom, but of fear and could portend imminent death.


The ninth Arcana of the Tarot is called the Hermit. The card depicts an old man leaning on a staff and wearing a monastic cloak with a hood. It is believed that the card depicts Diogenes in search of an honest man. In the right hand of the Hermit is a lamp, partially hidden by the sleeve of his cloak. The staff in his hand is a symbol of knowledge, which is the only support for a person. The card reminds us of the connection between the heavenly and the earthly, symbolizing the closure of the higher and lower worlds, their similarity and unification.

Archetype: Sage.

Symbolism of The Hermit

Old man
Symbolizes wisdom and experience.

Gray Beard and Hair
They talk about his wisdom and life experience.

Keeper of time.
A symbol of wisdom in solitude, a wise teacher or an inner voice that gives good advice.
This is a sage who distributes the wisdom and truth of the eternal knowledge that existed before him. This is an ancient elder in monastic attire, whose consolation lies in centuries-old knowledge.

Hermit Figure
It speaks of his readiness to feel and perceive everything.

The hermit turned away from the sun
He prefers the flashlight of his inner light, which helps him to awaken his personal desire for perfection. The spiritual perfection of the Hermit leads to the comprehension of the primordial wisdom of the structure of the world. The Hermit seeks God within himself. He searches during the day with fire for that invisible basis of his existence, in which lie the origins of life and the future. Knowledge leads to action, and for the time being the Hermit’s face is hidden. He is silent until his aura is purified and does not shine with a new light.

A hint of the desire to hide from the world. Protection from other people’s influence, naivety, innocence.

Hermit Lives in Solitude.
Only in solitude can one meditate and gain wisdom.

Gray Robe
Symbolizes external simplicity.

It symbolizes the light of knowledge that illuminates the road ahead for you. It illuminates the bottomless depths of our inner world.
The lantern reflects our spiritual needs that arise in us during the search for the true meaning of life.
Contemplation, meditation and reflection are the paths leading to the depths of our consciousness.

A symbol of knowledge that must be used to illuminate the path of this quest.

Six Pointed Star Shining in the Lantern
It means that the Hermit is ready to highlight the road to someone else too, to give advice, hint, parting words. This is the connection between top and bottom.

On which the traveler relies, is golden in color and symbolizes God, support in searches and protection from enemies that may he meet on the way.
The symbol of wisdom. The power of rational thinking and knowledge.

Mountain Peaks Away
Reflects the ultimate goal of the Hermit. It is high, and the path to it is long and thorny. In addition, they symbolize the Hermit’s aloofness from the bustle of the world. They are also the heights of knowledge.

Ice or Snow
This is the chill of loneliness.

Card Theme – Gray (Neutral) Color
It symbolizes the Great Wisdom, found in the comparison and search for a reasonable balance between all the contradictions (black and white) properties of his nature.

Number 9
Nine is the number of this Arcana. It symbolizes the level of fulfillment, which imposes responsibility and prescribes to serve others on a humanistic, philanthropic basis.
In spiritual numerology, the number 9 means the synthesis of an intelligent spirit with the material world. Nine also symbolizes vital energy, kundalini, prana. Goal of thenumber 9 is to bring spiritual wisdom and unconditional, universal love to all manifestations of life in our world. In Chaldean numerology, the nine was not used at all, since it was considered the number of God himself. The esoteric aspect of 9 is the unification of all humanity, forgiveness, tolerance for those who are not like us. The energy of the nine erases all boundaries and makes absolutely all people equal, brothers. Cosmic vibration of 9 resonates with concepts such as love, care, ending, liberation, transformation, forgiveness, healing.

The ninth Arcana shows the search for truth in its pure form, not tainted by ideology, preferences or needs.

Relying on his inner strength, the Hermit does not depend on the support of other people and relies on himself for everything.
He was rewarded with the precious gift of peace and inner harmony.

The card symbolizes the search for spiritual values ​​and deepening into your inner world, as well as poise, caution and discretion. Circumstances may develop in such a way that temporary loneliness can lead to a better life.

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