Symbolism of The Emperor in Tarot

Symbolism of The Emperor in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in the Emperor Tarot Card?


A stately-looking middle-aged man with a mustache and long flowing golden hair sits on a throne overlooking his domain.
He wears a modest crown on his head, because he does not need to deliberately declare his high position.

In his outstretched right hand, he holds a ceremonial scepter, which indicates his active influence on all matters that he has to decide.
He exudes confidence and success.
His dress is richly decorated, clearly royal, as befits his high position.

Beneath his left hand is a shield with an outstretched eagle, a symbol of his power, and from his neck hangs fa ceremonial ribbon a round gold amulet signifying his continued power.
The background for him is an open space, indicating the boundaries of his domain.

He is confident in his strength and power.

The Emperor stands for masculinity, order and discipline.

The Emperor symbolizes the understanding that it is not enough to wish for peace and tranquility, or even to teach it, you need to develop the ability to protect them.

Archetype: Father, secular power.

Number: 4 – earthly reality. Order, stability, direction (4 cardinal directions).


The Emperor, sitting on the throne, crossed his legs, and this relaxed posture indicates that he feels safe and in his high and responsible position it is easy for him, he is able to perform the tasks that lie before him. Sanity, realism, down-to-earthness.

Immeasurable power. Straightness. Stability and Confidence.

The gray color of the throne
Sanity, realism. The Emperor stands firmly on the ground, he is not inclined to soar in the clouds and indulge in illusions.

Aries heads
Symbol of the need for power.

Ram heads adorning the throne
Indicate the abundance of strength, stubbornness and obstinacy inherent in the Emperor. These are the pillars of strength and power in the past and the future, as well as, which forms the basis of the decisions of the Emperor. In addition, it is the ability to try on opposite and warring sides.

Red clothing
They symbolize a high position, power. It also correlates with the element of fire and embodies active masculine energy.

A symbol of domination and evidence that this person is endowed with authority from above.

Looped cruciform wand
This is the Egyptian Ankh cross. Translated from Egyptian, Ankh means “life”.
Ankh – one of the most important ancient Egyptian symbols with the meaning “life” (“immortality”).
It combines two symbols – a cross, as a symbol of life, and a circle, as a symbol of eternity. Their combination means immortality.
The Ankh can be interpreted as the rising sun, as the unity of the male and female principles (the oval of Isis and the cross of Osiris), and also as the key to esoteric knowledge and the immortal life of the spirit.
The cross is a symbol of life.
The circle is a symbol of eternity.
As a result, we get a person who has managed to revive himself in eternity – an immortal. The ancient mystics believed that the Ankh enhances the powers of a person to Divine ones.

Rod in right hand
Symbolize the power of reason.

A scepter without a cross crowning it
Indicates that the Emperor’s power is earthly. He also speaks of an active influence on all matters that he has to solve.

Knight armour
They personify severity, coldness, steadfastness. This is also a hint that at any moment the Emperor can rise from the throne and start a military campaign. The Emperor is determined and courageous. He achieves his goals by all means and, if necessary, can use force.

Red background
A symbol of vitality, activity and strength.

The background for him is an open space, indicating the boundaries of his domain.

The peaks of the mountains behind the back of the Emperor
Solid and enduring.
Heights that have not yet been reached. But the Emperor will surely conquer them. And across the river that blocks the path to them, he will throw a bridge.
The mountains, poor in vegetation, and the reddish sky in the background symbolize the planet Mars, the sign of the god of war and aggressive masculinity.

Number 4
Indicates strict order, firmness and the ability to focus your thoughts on solving specific problems.
We can say that 4 gives abstract concepts and spiritual things concrete material forms, lowers them from heaven to earth. In fact, in 4, both the spiritual essence of the unit and the creative expression of the triple take shape. 4 is a very material, earthly number. From an esoteric point of view, 4 represents dense energy that gives the feeling of the ground underfoot. Time and space under the influence of 4 begin to serve purely practical purposes. Cosmic vibrations 4 create order, provide stability, reliability, shape and support everything in question.

The Emperor symbolizes the rational, secular power. He is a driving force in the path of ambitious aspirations for power, social success and material well-being. Defines the framework and laws within which one can act.


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