Five of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Five of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Five of Swords Tarot Card?

On the Tarot card Five of Swords are depicted three figures (in many decks): in the foreground – a man, tired after a battle, holding three swords; in the background is a man who is crying defeated and withdrawing in thought (he has the right to choose when to go into battle and when to retreat). By this, the card symbolizes the clash of internal intentions and thoughts, which can lead to victory, or even leave you with nothing.
We see that there are three men depicted on the map. The first man is clearly pleased and proud, he holds two swords in his left hand, and another in his right. In the middle, a man just walks, throwing his jacket over his shoulder, and in the background we see a third wanderer that is crying bitterly.

You can qualify them as follows:

Winner (satisfied, with 3 swords in the hands, and 2 swords are still lying around). A combination of anger and joy. The perceived winner.
Invincible (a person does not express emotions, but simply retreats, making a choice himself). From humility to joy (“slipped by”, “it could have been worse”, “it did not work out – yes, okay, so it is not the time”).
Loser (a person sheds bitter tears, realizing that he was left with nothing), resentment, sadness.

Card Symbolism

Body Poses
Large, smaller and very small, can symbolize the stages of personal development.

Look Back
Indicates arrogance, anger, and a desire for evil to others.

Windy Clouds
Attribute of the element of Air. Disturbing atmosphere. Clouds portend adversity.
From a positive point of view: the clouds dissipate, the sky clears – this is the wind of change.

Intense inner experiences. The connection between mind and feelings.

Recumbent Swords
They symbolize losses.

Red Clothes
Symbolizes excessive insight, envy, gloating.

Green Clothes
Symbolizes vitality and growth / maturity, learning, joy from the progress of development.

Islands, Other Shore
From a negative point of view, this is fragmentary, disordered knowledge. These are islands of awareness in a sea of ​​ignorance
From a positive point of view, this is the ability to see the other side or point of view, overcoming difficulties and obstacles.

Called the Lord of Defeat, this card represents degradation, destruction, shame, failure and loss. The person in the foreground is the master of the situation, so it is clear that both the winner and the losers are shown here. The individual value of this card when it is drawn will depend on the nature of the other cards located next to it in the spread. In addition to defeat and loss, this card denotes cowardice and cruelty. The positive side of this card is that it may show you that something valuable and important must be saved under adverse circumstances, and the situation depicted here can be a lesson for you.

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  1. The man looking back symbolizes reflection and contemplation. His action suggests a moment of introspection, where he considers the events that have unfolded and perhaps reflects on his role in them. It can also indicate a sense of caution or wariness, as if he is checking for any potential threats or consequences behind him. Additionally, his backward glance may signify a reluctance to fully move forward, hinting at lingering doubts or unresolved conflicts. Overall, the man looking back adds depth to the card’s meaning, highlighting the complexities of the situation and the need for careful consideration before taking further action.

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