Three of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Three of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Three of Cups Tarot Card?

On Ryder Waite’s Arcana, three girls joyfully hold their cups in the air, symbolizing celebration and fun. A blue sky clear of clouds indicates carefree times. Laurel wreaths on women’s heads are a sign of victory, status, recognition and glory. Flowers, plants and fruits on earth imply the abundance and beauty of life.

Card Symbolism

Three women dance in a circle and hold hands, symbolizing bond and celebration.
They reflect the elements of Fire (Central Figure), Water (Figure on the Right) and Air (Figure on the Left).

Clothing Colors
They symbolize the unity of the body (beige), mind (white) and soul (red).

This is a dance of joy. Also, this dance symbolizes the play of emotions. But still, be careful not to lose yourself.

Tiptoe stand
It symbolizes lightness, animation, but it can also be posturing.

These are signs of prosperity. Women hold them over their heads as they dance to represent a celebration of success. They also represent rising above tragedy or disappointment, but they can also represent pride.
Highly raised cups are a symbol of happiness and joy, it is also a symbol of the soul’s ability to rise.

Fruits and pumpkins are scattered around the women, and flowers are woven in their hair as a symbol of abundance, treats, and celebration.

Hanging Bunch of Grapes
An allusion to the god Pan, whose influence causes hallucinations and intoxication with wine.

Clear blue skies signify divine sanity, clarity and spiritual connectedness, as well as gullibility and ignorance.

The number Three symbolizes growth and expressiveness. Three Of Cups card is associated with exultation from happiness, love and success – from the simple joy of unity. It tells that sweet achievements and new opportunities will come. In addition, it can testify to the flourishing of new spiritual potential and creative expression in music and the arts. And, since Three flows from Two, lovers can soon rejoice at the birth of a child.


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  1. The article discusses the themes of joy, friendship, and community that the Three of Cups represents, as well as its significance in Tarot readings.

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