King of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

King of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in King of Cups Tarot Card?

The King of Cups is the Minor Arcana Tarot card that speaks of noble leadership and negotiation. It also carries with her respect and knowledge of religion and spiritual matters, science and philosophy.
In the drawing of the King of Cups of the Tarot in Waite deck, we see a middle-aged man, with a crown on his head, in expensive yellow-red-blue robes. In one hand he holds a scepter, in the other a golden cup (chalice). The king is seated on a throne in the middle of the sea / ocean. From the image, the element of the Arcana is immediately clear – water. This force of nature is associated with feelings, emotions, intuition and inner peace.

Card Symbolism

Towering above the water, it shows that the King of Cups is in control of his emotions. Symbol of Prudence. It is fair judgment and equality with a tendency to be harsh.

Floating Throne
What keeps him from drowning? It is the Spirit of Mindfulness – this is the power that keeps him afloat.

Gray Throne
Gray is the color of neutrality, composure, poise, calmness and impartiality, as well as indifference.

He is a fair and compassionate leader, honest, open, intelligent, gifted in communication. A symbol of supremacy and openness.

King’s Pose
Expresses ease, strength, calmness, interested openness and self-confidence.

Fish Necklace
Salvation to give expression to feelings, to speak out all your needs.

A symbol for the conscious expression of feelings. Also, composure, focus on current tasks, honesty and integrity.

Symbol of power. It opens up like a cup, which personifies openness to knowledge, impressions, emotions, as well as a passive position. It can also make it easier to make wise decisions.

Feet on a Solid Foundation
It is a symbol of a solid position and solid foundation.

Feet Touching Water
It symbolizes the connection of everything conscious with the unconscious, as well as humility and forgiveness.

Blue clothes
Intuition symbol.

Golden mantle
A symbol of noble goals.

It is a symbol of depth of feelings, restraint and wisdom. Ability not to succumb to emotions. Signals of excellent communication and intuition, areas that are sometimes not explored.

Wave Ocean
Symbolizes emotions.

A symbol of travel, wealth and distant connections. A course for thoughts and emotions. Also signifies the ability to cope with shifting winds.

Red Sails
Hint at secret dreams.

Dolphin or Fish
Splashing in water indicates that water is nothing more than the source of life. Also symbolizes emotions, creativity, intuition. It speaks of the presence of vitality, abundance, if we channel our passions. Immersed in his emotions without fear, the King reveals his inner spiritual nature. He is not afraid of his strange qualities.

The King of Cups personifies the masculine aspect of the element of water, our desire to acquire a transcendental experience, to free ourselves from the fetters of consciousness and mystical unity with the origin, with the Cosmos (or take any other designation for what there are no words for in our languages). He knows that these spheres are closed to rational knowledge, and that only those who have learned to rely on their intuition and are ready to trust the Cosmos and its currents that penetrate them.


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