Symbolism of The Sun in Tarot

Symbolism of The Sun in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in The Sun Tarot Card?

The Sun is a joyful and optimistic card that symbolizes pleasure and magic in everyday life.
In Waite’s deck, the picture of the Tarot card Sun fully corresponds to its meaning of joy and harmony.
The Sun is shining in the sky, looking at you calmly and sternly. Below is a peaceful landscape. A child sits on a horse, and Sunflowers rise from behind the wall.
The image of a child in a beautiful meadow drenched in the Sun personifies serenity and happiness, purity and innocence. The image of the Sun personifies the love of life, warmth, brightness of colors, confidence in the future, joy. It is as if the man was born again. His senses are fresh, he feels young again.
One way or another, this card depicts that long-awaited world of light and joy for which we have been striving throughout our entire journey. We were able to get to it only because we were led by a force that above human mind, thanks to which the spark of life does not fade away at all its stages, no matter how many of them there may be. The end of the next stage comes, but it does not frighten us any more. We know that the next one will come after it. Our mind is clear as it has learned to comprehend the important and cut off the unnecessary. Much is available to us, much is within our power. The mind is a formidable weapon, and it must be used with great responsibility.
Philosophical explanations are superfluous as the meaning is immediately clear – simple warm happiness and a peaceful, bright life.

Archetype: light, clear day.

Symbolism of The Sun

Every detail of the design radiates energy and enthusiasm.

The Sun
Associated with the ancient Greek god of poetry and music Apollo.
In our minds, it symbolizes the power to help us gain clarity, overcome doubts and deep fears, and overcome delusions. It is a symbol of rebirth and light that replaces darkness. Also symbolizes the descent of spirit into matter.
The Sun balances and complements the Moon. The Moon reflects the dark depths of the unconscious. The Sun is a symbol of the consciousness illuminated by a bright light.
It personifies youth and such freshness of feelings, as if a person was born anew.
It symbolizes the focus around which we should (ideally) build our life.

21 Rays
These are all the other Major Arcana. Thus, the Sun card means more than relaxing on the beach on a Sunny day. It reminds us that every stage of our life’s journey requires conscious attention from us.

Direct Rays
The symbol of consciousness.

Wavy Rays
Symbolize intuitive threads.

Naked Child
A symbol of innocence, simplicity and new life.
Looking at the card carefully, you can see that the child has the body of an adult. The drawing combines the joy and naivety of a child with the mind of an adult.

Figure’s Pose
The child’s pose expresses selfless delight and openness. The theme of maturation is emphasized (but the card occupies one of the last places in the series of the Major Arcana, so here we can talk about an adult that acts like a child). Notice the ease with which the child holds the huge flag.

Wreath of flowers
Represents freshness.

Red feather
The symbol of the philosopher’s stone. Flame of life and flame of joy. Compare the Arcana Death and the Arcana Fool. Vitality, power, vigor. A red feather means that our soul is full of life, and reminds of the essential, deep focus of our being.

Red Flag
It personifies the victory of Life over Death. This flag also reminds us that we are full of inexhaustible life energy. In addition, it means the connection between what is above and what is below, between youth and old age.

White horse
White means wisdom and innocence, while gray means freedom from prejudice or something subtle, unconscious. Perhaps we do not notice the Sun shining behind us, and the force that carries us forward (horse).
It symbolizes the taming and purification of the basic sensory instincts so that even a child can easily control them. It is also a symbol of solar energy.

Child Rides Horses without Saddle and Bridle
Emphasizes the state of absolute balance and fragility of life.

Display of the Divine solar principle in earthly nature. It is also an indication of gaining self-sufficiency, mastery and independence. They are directed to the child, because he overwhelms them with the energy that is necessary for successful growth. A symbol of the joy of life and optimism.

4 Sunflowers
They represent four elements – Air, Earth, Fire and Water, and four natural kingdoms – Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human.

The wall is solid and high. Indicates obstacles that are successfully overcome. It symbolizes the limitation of the past, and there is no return to it. It is also the border between two dimensions. You can call it the border of the Garden of Eden.

Garden Behind the Stone Wall
Soul’s life. The child leaves this garden and returns to it, passing from the manifested light of this world to the light of the world to come.

Sun and Shadow
Closely related to the image of a Sunflower. There are a lot of shadows on this card: gray shadows of flowers, and partial shadows on the horse’s body, while the Sun shines in the background.

Light Blue Sky
Sky means Divine spheres and the kingdom of will. The light blue color means clear sky, transparent water. Positive meaning: joy, lightness, will, clarity of mind. Negative meaning: to create an idol for yourself, wishful thinking.

Number: 19
Number 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 brings us back to one, Magician. 19 years is the Metonic cycle: every 19 years, the lunar cycle ends on the same day of the solar year. 19 years is the period of circulation of the astrological lunar nodes.
Hermetic tradition associates this number with the Sun and the idea of ​​”solar making”, proclaimed by Hermes Trismegistus. Alchemists saw in it a sacred symbol of gold and believed that it is also the number of the “philosopher’s stone”, which carries completeness and perfection, which are born from the combination of the first and last single-digit numbers of the archetypal plan. In Kabbalah, this number was also considered auspicious, since it consists of two lucky numbers, which give rise to an even happier and more perfect number.
The mystical root of the number, which comes as a result of the act of theosophical addition of two numbers (2 + 9), is the number ten, which personifies the idea of ​​completeness and law.

Nineteenth Arcana of the Tarot The Sun teaching about real life, where clarity and simplicity are the main signs of truth, which, like the Sun, illuminates everything around. But not everyone is given the right to perceive this light. If you are able to enjoy life with childlike spontaneity, to accept the gifts of Destiny, then this will be your next step on the path to the Highest Realm.

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