Two of Swords Tarot Card

Two of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

What does the Two of Swords card mean in a Tarot Reading?

“Don’t touch me” – that is how this card could be called.
The Two of Swords Tarot card is quite difficult to understand. Neither bad nor good, it combines the power of reason, but at the same time the impossibility of making a choice right now. This is the Arcana of waiting for the development of events.
The atmosphere of the picture conveys the energy of the Arcana – complete concentration and the intention to make a rational decision.
The card conveys a calm mind and logic in pondering a further path or a difficult situation. This is the Arcana of thoughts, weighing two opposite scenarios, unwillingness to take action until a decision is made.

Goal: to reach higher consciousness through constant doubt
Element: Air
Planet: Moon, Mercury
Astrological sign: Libra, Gemini


A young woman with a bandage on her eyes sits on a bench. She folded her arms across her chest, which held two swords. Behind her, peaked stones (rocks) protrude from the sea. The crescent moon illuminates it with its light.
(For a detailed depiction, analysis of the Symbols and all Elements of the Two of Swords Tarot Card, click here)

The Main Meanings of the Card In an Upright Position

Key Words and Phrases

Keeping emotions in check. Feelings of hopelessness. Uncertainty about the choice of the path. Suspended actions. Indecision. Patty position. Paradox. Inaction. Voltage. Confrontation. Delayed action. Expectation. Alienation. The immutability of the situation. Antagonism. Quarreling. Truce in the fight. Difficult decision. Congestion due to too many factors. A delicate balance.

Two of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Suppression of feelings. Fast movement to nowhere. Inability to move. Perfect balance. Ability not to show your emotions. Consent, Settlement. Friendship, affection, love, tenderness, benevolence (benevolence), attitude, intercourse, identity, union, intimacy (intimacy), decency, correlation, interest, agreement, sympathy, affinity, attraction.

The main meanings of the card in an upright position

denotes a person who does not want to see anything and wants to protect himself from everything;
advises to leave the person or problem alone;
future problems if a person does not decide on the direction of his movement;
intellect overload (a period when intellect no longer helps);
unwillingness to make a choice;
strength of mind, stamina, balance in the soul;
willingness to face difficulties;
successful resolution of a difficult situation, conflict or quarrel;
difficult period behind, respite;
settlement of all issues;
a gift for a woman;
powerful protection for a man;
resilience, peace of mind;
balance of two opposite forces;
waiting, striving for harmony.

Situation and Advice

Two of Swords. Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan
Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan

You are faced with a dilemma and do not know where to go next. You cannot understand, obey your heart or obey your mind. Indecision fetters you, it seems that you are at a dead end. You need to control your emotions. Perhaps now you are mobilizing all the power of your mind to ignore feelings about some issue. You have chosen a passive waiting style in the hope that something new will happen that will help you make the right decision. You may be burying your head in the sand instead of taking action. However, waiting can grow into eternity. You need to face your problems as they will not disappear just because you pretend they are not there. You need to calmly figure out what you really want and what you really feel. Sometimes this card indicates the achievement of agreement and the settlement of all issues, gifts for a woman and an influential protection for a man.

Persons designated by Upright Two of Swords Tarot Сard

Those who are unable to make a decision. People who suppress their emotions. Enemy side.

The Main Meanings of the Card In a Reversed Position

Key Words and Phrases

Way out of the impasse. Decision is made. Traffic. Change. The ability to make a decision. Relief. Fast decision-making results. Resumption of movement. Loose control. Attention to your own feelings. Emotions burst to the surface. Ripple effect. Treacherous, Treachery, Lies, Slander, Duplicity, Unscrupulousness, Deceit, Stealth, Superficial, Outward appearance.

The main meanings of the card in a reversed position

advises to intervene in a person’s problem, to help him; take any measures;
unscrupulous businessmen;
inconsistency and lies from the “ally”;
internal conflict, anxiety;
confrontation with others – quarrels, conflicts;
deceit, forgery;
irreconcilable differences, disharmony;
deception, fraud, betrayal.

Situation and Advice

You recently made a decision. Perhaps it was due to the prevailing circumstances. Now you need to stop and see how events unfold further. The tension has eased. Strong emotions have burst to the surface, and now you have to deal with the consequences of their violent manifestation. You have gotten out of the impasse, and changes will not take long. It is likely, however, that you will have to deal with swindlers. Life goes on.

Two of Swords. Mirage Valley Tarot by Barbara Moore
Mirage Valley Tarot by Barbara Moore

Persons designated by the Reversed Two of Swords Tarot Сard

Those who have recently made a responsible decision, but its consequences are not yet known. Crooks.

In the Spreads

The card conveys a calm mind and logic in pondering a further path or a difficult situation. This is the Arcana of thoughts, weighing two opposite scenarios, and unwillingness to take action until a decision is made.
This card indicates situations in which a person is seized by strong, literally gnawing doubts. Sometimes it is a desperate attempt to use all of your intellect to hold a position and find a way to a solution. However, true conviction arises only when we are aware of the problem and at the level of feelings. And this area of ​​the subconscious (on the card – the symbols of the sea and the moon) was cut off from everything else. Crossed swords are the boundaries of the intellect, blocking his access to it. Thus, the card personifies the unpleasant situation in which we find ourselves when we rely too much on logic, refusing to listen to our inner voice. The Two of Swords is the opposite of the High Priestess, the relationship with which is reminiscent because of the sitting position of both. Blue tones, personifying the intuition of the High Priestess, are pushed into the background here. The female figure in gray, on a gray support, perhaps symbolizes the colorlessness of thought, empty reasoning, the very “dry theory” about which Goethe wrote. In folk tales, the gray wolf often serves as a symbol of such an “all-eating” power of doubt.
The Upright and Reversed position are very different in their meanings. If its correct position is a favorable card, then an Reversed one almost always indicates problems.

In an Upright Position

As if in a mockery of the suit with which strife is always associated, the Two of Swords of the Tarot represents harmony and healing, the balance of two opposing forces or problems. If the conflict is caused by external reasons, the questioner reconciles the parties or tries to achieve an honest agreement. If there is an internal struggle, when the mind and heart are out of tune, then regardless of the reason, these differences are successfully resolved, and the questioner experiences a sense of peace and relief.
Impartiality instead of open antagonism on the part of a potential opponent or a possible dead end (for an opponent) that will allow you to move freely. The confrontation will either not last long, or it will not be strong enough to detain you.
The upright position symbolizes the state of reasoning, thinking through and analyzing the situation without active action. This is a card of calmness and mind. Thanks to a balanced decision, you have every chance of success in the future.
If it appears in fortune-telling or spreads in a straight position, the Two of Swords card means the ability to reach a compromise, absolute honesty, balanced decision-making, careful thoughtfulness of plans. The card indicates the presence or arrival of a sense of peace and balance, or a peaceful, satisfying fortune-telling solution to any problem or question. In fortune-telling about any protracted conflict situation, Arcana reports that the conflict is already running out and will not last long, but if the problem has arisen recently, then it is unlikely to have a serious impact on the fortuneteller’s life. Sometimes the upright Two of Swords describes a period of forced rest, when a person dwells in it, not knowing what is better to do or not having the opportunity to act at the moment.
In the upright position, the Two of Swords in Tarot symbolizes the fortuneteller’s strength, stamina and powerful internal reserves of the body to withstand trials.
In the scenario, this card means that you are able to safely solve the problems that await you, without losing your peace of mind. If we are talking about external problems (for example, about a conflict, about confrontation with someone) you will be able to find a compromise or convincing arguments for the enemy. If the card predicts an internal conflict for you (for example, such as when “the mind is not in tune with the heart”), you will be able to cope with your feelings and achieve spiritual harmony.
In other words, the Two of Swords tarot is a card of calm self-confidence and the ability to defend your interests at any time when you need it.

In a Reversed Position:

The Reversed Tarot card Two of Swords brings us back to the true nature of the suit of Swords. Disagreements turn out to be irreconcilable, restraint and balance of opposing opinions are violated, and conflict is inevitable.
Indicates difficulties or conflicts. There can be deception, betrayal, sudden problems, quarrels.
In the Reversed position, the Two of Swords symbolizes the risk of facing treachery, betrayal, dishonesty, and lies. Indicates a deceptive sense of peace, hidden problems that will appear in the near future. In a divination, this Arcana recommends refraining from any involvement in the conflict.
In the Reversed position, the Two of Swords tarot means the lack of mental balance of the fortuneteller. The presence of this card in the spread foreshadows you acute, painful conflicts with others, experiences and negative emotions escaped from control.
It may seem to you that by going to exacerbate the conflict, you are demonstrating your strength, but in fact you are showing weakness. A reversed Two of Swords indicates that your inability to control your emotions will lead to a loss of control over the situation. And instead of a confident victory, it promises a protracted confrontation, conflicts and irreconcilable contradictions.

In the Spreads for Different situation

In an Upright Position:
Favorable outcome and success, but you must first think over your actions. Can predict the absence of major problems.
In a Reversed Position:
A specific situation will most often mean a conflict or quarrel with a person related to this situation.

In the Spreads for Relationship

In an Upright Position:
In terms of love, it means a truce after a quarrel, normalization of relations, mutual understanding, agreement on some important issues. Difficult situations can be overcome by finding a compromise.
In fortune-telling and spreads for love and relationships, the direct position of the Two of Swords card indicates the restoration of peace between partners. All problems, conflicts and misunderstandings are a thing of the past. Complete harmony and mutual understanding comes. Arcana can mean compromise and reconciliation of people who have quarreled, it would seem, forever.

In a Reversed Position:
It can have one of two meanings. The first is an imminent conflict. Perhaps deception on the part of the chosen one / loved one, treason. The second is excessive tolerance and forgiveness of one of the partners. Now is the time to think about the future of your relationship.

Two of Swords. Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

In the reversed form, the Two of Swords characterizes the state of “calm before the storm”, when it seems that everything is fine in the relationship, but troubles have already lurked somewhere nearby. In some cases, this Arcana is a direct indication of treason, partner’s infidelity. The appearance of a reversed card may also mean that a person made too many compromises in a relationship. Perhaps he was too carried away by the desire to maintain peace and harmony. Probably, one should think about whether it is worth maintaining a relationship that does not represent mutual interests, in which there is no mutual understanding. Attempts to come to an agreement can ultimately ruin the situation.

In the Spreads for Dates

In an Upright Position:
You yourself know that going on dates with multiple persons is not a great idea. It’s time to decide which one you need.
In a Reversed Position:
If you do not allow anyone to come close, then, of course, no one can offend you. But such a defensive approach to life will not bring you happiness.

In the Spreads for Family

In an Upright Position:
Family disagreements will soon be settled, and love and affection will surround you again.
In a Reversed Position:
The card speaks of conflicts with parents or guardians. You lash out at everyone who comes close to you, but pain and confusion lurk beneath your anger. Don’t be afraid to open up to those who are worried about you.

In the Spreads for Friendship

In an Upright Position:
It’s time to decide who you want to hang out with and who you don’t.
In a Reversed Position:
Some of your friends are not being honest with you, or they may be lying to themselves.

In the Spreads for Money

In an Upright Position:
The financial condition is good. For best results, you need variety in your work.
You are saving money for a rainy day.
In a Reversed Position:
Money won’t solve all your problems. They cannot ease the pain you are currently feeling.
Difficulties can also arise with money, the financial condition is unstable.

In the Spreads for Education

In an Upright Position:
You need to make a clear choice on which subjects you want to focus, and which are not worth the effort.
In a Reversed Position:
You are capable of more. Find out why you don’t feel like investing in your studies. If you do not understand this yourself, ask for help. If you are scared or lacking in strength, the only way to overcome it is to face the problem.
If someone is bullying you, tell your parents or other trustworthy people immediately.
Allies are needed to defeat a superior force.

In the Spreads for Career

In an Upright Position:
Here the card is extremely positive. It predicts success in business, successful completion of the project, high performance results. The work environment is calm and productive. You have excellent analytical and organizational skills, rational thinking.
In this area, the upright Two of Swords reports the successful completion of a project or plan, which brings a sense of satisfaction and peace. It can also be a calm and comfortable environment in the team, satisfaction with current work, positive business development, honesty in negotiations, common sense and rationality in the performance of work duties, the ability to resolve conflicts among colleagues and subordinates. To achieve financial well-being, it is necessary to combine several types of earnings.

In a Reversed Position:
The meaning of reversed Two of Swords for work means problems, false information, difficulties with a project or conflicts in a team.
Appearing upside down, this Minor Arcana of the Tarot is a clear indication of misconceptions about any information, problem, situation, person. In addition, the card can portend a loud scandal, exposure, violation of the existing balance.

In the Spreads for Health

In an Upright Position:
In matters of health, this is not the best card. It can signal sharp manifestations of any disease, chronic diseases.
Exacerbation of the disease or acute attack.
In a Reversed Position:
A reversed Arcana may indicate kidney or bladder disease. But it is better to draw out another card from the top for clarification.

Answer to Yes / No Tarot Spreads

In an Upright Position:
In a Reversed Position:
In some cases, a reversed card may mean an indefinite answer. For clarification, one more card can be drawn.

Self-Development Lesson

Perhaps you are your own biggest enemy. Don’t step on the throat of your own song.

Two of Swords. New Vision Tarot
New Vision Tarot

Type of person in an upright position:

The card means a person who is used to weighing words and decisions. There are not enough stars from the sky, preferring a tit in the hands of a crane in the sky. Sometimes he is boring, inclined to double standards, but when explained from the outside he may revise his previous views, but not without difficulty.

Type of person in an reversed position:

Means a tough and straightforward person. He will not smooth corners in communication, considering it a hypocrisy. Doubts are not peculiar to him, on the contrary, he will persistently go forward if he is sure that he needs it. In negative scenarios – the one who goes to the goal over the head.

Arcana’s warning

Do not fight with circumstances, they can overwhelm you.

Final Advice of Arcana

Take your time, analyze the situation, it is better to wait for a favorable moment.

In an Upright Position:
Review plans and abandon original intentions. Search for the lost, chances are that it will be found.
In a Reversed Position:
Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Do not give up your intentions, but be more prudent for the future.


The Tarot card of the Two of Swords is generally an auspicious card indicating friendship and unity. An alliance with a comrade in arms to achieve common goals, or at least the understanding that these common goals are achievable. However, caution still does not hurt, because Swords are not the best sign in human relations, and friendship is limited here. Think of it more as an alliance based on the mutual benefit of the questioner and another person or group of persons. At best, the alliance will last until the two of you go separate ways. At least this alliance provides impartiality on the part of a potential opponent or a possible impasse that can only be overcome by joining forces. If the alignment is unfavorable, beware of treason, either in this situation, or in the nearest one.

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