Nine of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Nine of Wands Tarot Card?

The Nine of Wands has a fairly simple and understandable interpretation even for the Tarot beginners. The Arcana symbolizes endurance, fortitude, the desire to protect and defend something important. This is a card of the recurrence of past problems.
In the picture of Nine of Wands of Ryder Waite’s Tarot deck, we see a middle-aged man standing at his post, as if guarding something. In his hands is a staff, which he placed in front of him in a defensive position. Behind him is a wall of eight wands. The meaning of the card is guessed from the picture – stamina, responsibility, patience, protection.

Card Symbolism

The man looks confused: he just had to endure a difficult battle, and he still lives on it, still looking around in search of enemies. He does not know or does not want to look for such methods of communication that would allow him to avoid further conflicts. And in vain: you can not brandish your weapon, do not expect an attack, there will be no more of it. The person depicted on the card has not yet emerged from the lofty inspiration of the battle that has just ended. He is still configured for conflict and is not yet capable of peaceful communication. But all his actions are in vain, the enemies retreated or killed.

The figure depicted on the card looks exhausted in battle, but is still tenacious.

Facial Expression
It says that you need to be ready for everything, and be aware of everything that happens around.

Symbolizes the suffering endured. On the other hand, a wound in the head hints that the person “is not on friendly terms with the head”. He makes up for himself something that he doesn’t have in an incorrect train of thought. Also symbolizes hard battle and deep wounds.

The Wand On Which The Man Leans
It shows that it is difficult to be alone in this situation.

Position of the Hands
It can mean tackling one task at a time and holding onto it with both hands. It can also mean that the person clings to the situation and is not able to let it go.

Yellow Boots
They symbolize the material world, the fear that in the spiritual world the person will be left without protection if he loses himself.

Palisade and Hero’s Defensive Position
They personify fearful fears and a desire to close himself off from the world.

Nine of Wands
Wands are a symbol of your creative energy and brilliant ideas or your most daring projects.

Green Hills and Cloudless Sky behind the Fence
A hint of no real danger. However, the desolation of the hills is alarming: at any moment something may appear over the horizon.

Gray Earth
Represents a neutral and free position, calm and self-control. It can also mean unconscious actions, apathy.

The Nine of Wands personifies the state of mind, which in fairy tales is called “cold heart”. Translated into everyday language, this means that we bristle with all the needles and resist any changes, although we guess that they can be very important for our further development. Although sometimes it can mean something exactly the opposite. For example, we took the decisive step and closed behind us all the doors that could lead to retreat.


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