The Symbolism of The Empress in Tarot

Symbolism of The Empress in Tarot

How do you read the Empress card symbolism?

The Empress Tarot card is a door or gate through which you can go to the Garden of Eden, and the High Priestess knows the secret passage that leads from the Garden of Eden to the Spiritual Realm.

Following immediately after the Magician and the High Priestess, the Empress is a kind of quintessence of their meeting – the union of opposites, the fusion of two principles, female and male. The result of this fateful meeting is a strong Woman who has cognized universal love and brings new life to the world.

The fact that she is often depicted against a background of abundance, surrounded by the beautiful gifts of nature, proclaims the creative power and fertility of the feminine principle of life.
The goddess of fertility, Demeter, is one of the many mythical images associated with the Empress.

This woman has comprehended the secrets of fertility and highest spiritual bliss. She gained strength by combining both physical and spiritual principles. It contains a seed, a fruit that will give new life to a person, an idea, the world. The essence of the Arcana is the harmonious cooperation of multidirectional forces for the benefit of a common goal – the creation of the integrity of the universe.

The Empress combines femininity and power in an amazing way. She certainly rules, as the royal scepter or orb in her hand speaks of, but she rules not only from a position of strength, but also from a position of her femininity. She punishes and encourages her subjects in her own way. The Empress symbolizes the matriarchal principle of all living things.

Archetype: Mother, Nature, God the Son.
Number: 3 – the union of opposites. The number of balance and stability. The first real number – from it you can build a geometric figure, and hence a physical reality. Space (three dimensions) begins with a three.

The Empress is always portrayed in a meadow, in a field, in an open area. This emphasizes her unlimited power and ability to influence the world. The Empress tries to take care of the world, giving it her warmth and love. She embodies the principle of balance, expression and perception of love, which is at the heart of any creation. The empress is both protection and fertility. As a mother – she is the gate through which we enter this world. As a legislator – she ensures the ability of people to work together. In other words, the Empress is a force that creates an atmosphere through which everyone can develop their own potential.


The indisputable place of the ongoing process of here and now.

The red color of the throne
Indicates the vitality of the Empress.

Static pose and soft pillows
They represent a passive role. The Empress does not try to take on male functions, she rules gently. She loves and appreciates the material world, knows how to create beauty around herself. At the same time, she is a practical and sensible hostess.

Free pose
With slightly spread legs, it hints at a willingness to have sex.

Loose dress
A hint of pregnancy.

Crown of 12 stars
Symbol of 12 months of the year and 12 signs of the zodiac. It hints at the changing seasons, cyclical nature and the management of natural forces. Also speaks of her power over the twelve months of the year in the image of Mother Nature.

A wreath of meadow grasses on the head
Symbols of prosperity, fertility, abundance, beauty.

Pomegranates on the dress
They reveal their red seeds, a symbol of sexuality and fertility.

Scepter Crowned with a Ball
Power attribute. The ball is a symbol of the earthly world. The scepter personifies the domination of consciousness over power. In fact, this is the power that the Empress is endowed with. It gives her the ability to create.

Heart shaped shield
It is a symbol of calmness. The point of application of effort, the power of energy over matter, is a specific object or specific action.
With the image of the astrological sign of Venus – a sign of sexuality and attractiveness. The Empress knows how to charm and is rarely alone. Her sexual side is associated with procreation, childbirth. And in the broadest sense, it means the fertility of the soil, an increase in the number of livestock, abundant harvests. All this is also the Empress.

Gray color under the Empress’s feet and on the shield
Symbolizes sanity, realism and the combination of opposites (black and white).

Yellow sky
It hints at the Sun, without which there is no life. It is also the intellect of the Empress, which means an inner loving nature, as a teacher and a mother.

Fields, meadows, ears of wheat
The Empress’s domain, vitality, fertility. Connections with the land and nature.

Power of Nature

This is the River of Life, reminding that every living creature that comes into the world is born of the Mother.

It is being in a stream of abundance and happiness.

Number 3
A symbol of multiplication, procreation and formation. This is the ripening period.
In spiritual numerology, the number 3 means creation and creative energy of any form. This number brings joy, light, natural warmth, beauty and amazing enthusiasm to the Universe. It inspires everyone who is around. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras called the three the most perfect of the numbers, since, in his opinion, it contains the beginning, middle and end at once. In the esoteric sense, 3 is a magic, mystic number. Remember how often the three is found in myths, legends, folk tales: three riddles, three possibilities, three wishes, three sons, etc.

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