Knight of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Knight of Cups Tarot Card?

We see in the drawing of the Knight of Cups in the Tarot deck of Waite, a young man sitting straight on a white horse. In his hands is a golden cup (bowl), on his clothes is the image of waves and fish, on the helmet are wings. Mountains and a river are visible in the background. It is quite difficult to determine the main meaning of the Arcana from the picture. It conveys only a mood of confident calmness.
The Knight of Cups rides alone, which can be a blessing or a curse for him. He is a sensitive and romantic soul, not inclined to fight, despite his profession as a warrior. As a member of the aquatic suit, the Knight of Cups is more connected to his emotions and intuition than other Knights.

Card Symbolism

Horseman Pose
The back is straight, the shoulders are straightened, the gaze is directed forward. All this speaks of his fearlessness. He looks to the future with confidence, hoping for favorable outcomes. And his hopes are usually justified.

Symbol of the gift of imagination.

Wings Adorning His Helmet
Also a testament to his daydreaming and developed imagination. Can also symbolize the pursuit of love.

The knight begins to explore his emotional depth, but is still playing defensively. It is a symbol of security and confidence.

The symbol of the fulfillment of desire.

an outstretched hand with a goblet symbolizes a gift, peace, and also a declaration of love.

Knight’s horse
Represents anxiety, but also mystery, nobility and purity.

Gray Horse
The color stands for emotional stability.

The deliberate movements of the horse and rider symbolize calmness.

Cape with Fish Pattern
Symbolizes the element of water, the sphere of feelings and emotions.

A fish
Means creativity, spirituality and a rich inner life. The fact that the fish in the picture are red means heightened energy of his senses.

Water Stream
Although the Knight does not touch the water, the horse’s hoof is about to step into it. The stream represents the unknown, it is also a symbol of an obstacle and the knight is ready to overcome it.

The mountains
It is the growth of feelings and understanding over time. The culmination of the experience, the highest experience. Also a symbol of an obstacle.

Knight of Cups means a kind, friendly atmosphere, good mood and a wise smile. This is a time of meditation, a sense of harmony, romantic dreams and a willingness to fall in love. Where discord and conflict reigned, this card heralds reconciliation and peace. It is also just hours of relaxation, the time when we give free rein to our imagination, enjoy the beauty of life, enjoy art, especially music.


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