Four of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Four of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Four of Cups Tarot Card?

On the Tarot card Four of Cups, you can most often see a person sitting under a tree, with three cups on the ground in front of him. A hand from a cloud holds out a fourth to the young man, but the young man does not see it or does not notice it This gift from above may be lost for him. Daydreaming and self-absorption make a person too inert, and his ideas about the world are too vague.
This is a person who is offended at everything at once, like a child. He does not notice and does not accept the gift that is offered to him. “Why am I going to do something? Why bother, work at all? ” – he asks himself, believing that the refusal to take action, giving the initiative to others turns him into a philosopher. Nothing like this. This this card tells that it is necessary to step over minor grievances, and in case of a quarrel to be the first to go to the world and calmly continue your work.

Card Symbolism

The Four of Cups represents dissatisfaction or exhaustion with the current situation. A person here wants to make changes, but is not yet ready to make them, because he does not know what changes should be made. You may feel like you are stuck. It might be time to shut down for a while and practice in the direction where you need to go from your current point.

The person sits on the ground with arms and legs crossed, depicting a lack of action, reflection, pause and meditation.

Young Man’s Meditation Pose
Expresses immersion in his own experiences. It resembles the lotus position, associated with the desire to abandon the burden of problems and find a way out.

Folded Hands
He clearly shields himself from new tempting chances and contacts.

Hand Coming Out of a Cloud
Waite’s traditional Tarot symbol of the presence of God.

The Cup in That Hand
It is ignored. The state of mind indicated here prevents us from seeing even the blessings that are bestowed on us directly.
This is an unexpected and possibly unwanted chance. It can mean a new idea, a new area of ​​implementation or a circumstance that is proposed. But there is a possibility that the person knows the value of life and can choose.

Three Cups
They stand on the ground in front of the person, but they are also ignored, depicting extreme indifference even to the good things that are right in front of us. But perhaps these are sources of frustration. Earthly pleasures that are no longer satisfying and joyful.

Tree and Lush Crown over the Head
They symbolize reliability, safety and security. The person from the card is not in danger, he is doing well. The tree is a symbol of vitality and fertility. Also, a tree can be a hint that you have sat too long and it is time to get up and stretch your branches to the sky like the tree. It’s time to prove yourself.

Tree Roots
Roots are a symbol of stability. They can also mean a connection with your own roots.

Top of the Hill
The man sits on a small platform. It means that it is sometimes useful to distance yourself from everything and be alone in order to think over things and make the right decision.

Green Color
It is the color of youth, immaturity, but also the color of vitality and growth.

Light Blue Background
Limitless Sky. It’s like unlimited possibilities. Symbol of Lightness and Spirituality.

This card indicates dissatisfaction with oneself and detachment from the world. Here is a clear departure from material success and immersion in oneself. This card concerns the revision and adjustment of personal goals and values. In addition, it speaks of signs of indecision and self-doubt. The cup of inspiration hovering in the sky is definitely a gift from the realm of the Spirit, but it is far from clear whether the young man will accept this gift. There are signs of depression and a clear lack of motivation.

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