Ace of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Ace of Cups Tarot Card?

At the bottom of the Ace of Cups tarot card, there is a water surface covered with blooming water lilies. Above it is a hand peeping out of the clouds is visible, on which a golden goblet rests motionlessly and confidently. Water flows from the goblet into the reservoir in five streams, like a fountain. From heaven, a white dove dives straight into the goblet to put in it a round wafer with a cross (a symbol of the Spirit and Heavenly love).
Such an offer of drinking from this cup, upon acceptance, will bring emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

Card Symbolism

The Ace of Cups symbolizes the beginning and the source. All Cups are ruled by the element of water, which is associated with emotion and prosperity. Water is essential for a bountiful harvest. It is also a symbol of emotions that can nourish or destroy, like water, which can cause fertility or flooding. The bowl is critical to emotional well-being. Just as a bowl contains water and shapes it, our emotions must be contained and directed if we want harmony. The four symmetrical streams of iridescent water represent a calm and orderly stream, not a flood. This image continues to the calm surface of the lake below.

A hand comes out of the cloud and holds a large bowl filled with water. It symbolizes blessing, fertility and abundance. It offers you a gift, so use it wisely. This is an impulse or a chance.

The goblet is an open container for our emotions. What is inside is open and vulnerable to the world around us. It is a symbol of the source of life, satisfaction, happiness and love. It is also the Holy Grail, the Blood of Christ, a symbol of Divine Grace, kindness and forgiveness.

This is the Holy Spirit. The dove is a symbol of Peace and Wisdom.

Round shape with Cross
This is a prosphora, the Body of Christ. It is a symbol of renewal.

The letter “W”
This is a reference to Waite himself.
But if you look at it as an inverted letter “M” – this is the letter Mem from the Hebrew alphabet, which is associated with the element of water.

Water is the symbol of Life. It is associated with Spiritual Life, feelings.

Jets pouring out of the cup
These are “rivers of living water”, grace.
The orderly way the water falls shows emotions that are well regulated, not chaotic.

Five Jets of Water
These are the five senses. They are also streams of overwhelming feelings. They can also mean the water cycle in nature and the connection between the soul and the Great River of Life.

The water at the bottom of the card is depicted as a calm surface with water lilies growing on it. This is suggesting tranquility and peace.

26 drops represent the alphabet and communication. God’s grace, divine energy. Emotions connect Heaven and Earth. It is also a symbol of Spirituality that connects all spheres. As above, so below.
The number of drops 26 hints at the number of the name of God JHVH (Yod = 10, He = 5, Vav = 6, He = 5).

Lilies in the Water
A symbol of spiritual purity, beauty, enlightenment.

This card means “Gift”. It symbolizes the feelings that overwhelm the heart.
The number One represents the beginning, and this goblet is a symbol of the source of life. The dove symbolizes the Spirit, and the five jets of water represent the five senses. The Spirit takes care of the world. This moment is the beginning of all good things, especially love, joy, beauty, and health. In addition, it can mean a new development of your spiritual perception of reality.


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