Ten of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Ten of Cups Tarot Card?

No other card in the Minor Arcana deck of Tarot cards offers such a state of happiness as the Ten of Cups.
We see a happy family. Two adults stand with their backs to us, hugging each other. Children dance happily alongside. A bright rainbow is visible ahead. Everything immediately becomes clear. There is no feigned joy, people do not look into the lens, putting on fake smiles. Sparkling happiness can be seen here and from the backs of people. This is moral satisfaction, emotions are overflowing here.
The picture breathes with happiness and tranquility. Only warmth and harmony, no trick.

Card Symbolism

Happy couple
The embodiment of all stages of life in one emotional being. Masculine and feminine qualities work together in harmony. Symbolizes gratitude and shared happiness.

Man (in red)
Symbolizes Fire

Woman (in blue)
Symbolizes Water

Man and Woman Turning Their Backs to the Viewer
This means that they cherish their happiness, keeping it within the family.

Woven Hands
Testify to the strength of the feelings of a couple in love. The harmony of relationships, cooperation.

A symbol of family and carelessness.

Symbol of beauty, enlightenment, creative and smooth flow of energy. Vital influences and spirit. It is also a harbinger of hopes for tomorrow and a stronghold of prosperity in the present and future.

It is the symbol of happiness, joy, creativity, emotional stability and self-expression, spiritual and emotional flow without obstacles.

A symbol of comfort, home and reliability.

Symbolizes the inner and outer nature, Spiritual needs and feelings. It can also be a symbol of the modesty of being.

Symbolizes the resources needed to replenish an emotionally fulfilling partnership available. An all-pervading sense of purity and a useful connection without losing your sense of self.

The number Ten symbolizes perfection, the achievement of balance in your life. This card personifies a happy family life and lasting happiness, although here satisfaction (joy) comes not only from material success and emotional peace, but also from spiritual achievements, as the cups are located in the sky. This card symbolizes the highest phase of your personal relationship and shows that you feel harmony in all areas of your life. Your personal hopes and dreams have come true.
Ten of Cups indicates stability in the emotional sphere and the culminating fulfillment of all our desires. It reflects the harmony of feelings, peace and true happiness.


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  1. Hello Poppy! Easily if the adjacent cards match. The 10 of Cups is about the team and family and emotions, and cups can show faith, communication from heart to heart.

  2. With one card, anything can happen here. And satiety, no further development, and the family, for example, one of the married couple or the influence of the whole family (mom/dad, etc.). Or one in your couple wants a more serious family relationship, but the other is not ready to give it, etc. . Did you just pull out one card for this question or is this a position from the layout?

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