Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The Eight of Pentacles represents a tremendous effort to be achieved. This usually corresponds to long periods of hard work and development.
A man with a hammer in his hands is working on one of the Pentacles. The other seven Pentacles are ready. The city is visible in the background. The face of the master expresses satisfaction, concentration. The meaning is well felt, its interpretation is clear and harmonious – the person is busy with work and enjoys it.
This is a minter of coins, working not for himself, but for others. He creates material or spiritual values ​​that will be used by other people. He does not strive for feats, but simply does his job. Therefore, peace reigns in his soul: he knows that his work will not be lost, that people need him. This person is free.

Card Symbolism

In this scene, he painstakingly handles each coin, demonstrating his ability for consistency and detail. Unfortunately, the same focus and motivation that propels him forward can just as easily push him back. Six pentacle coins were already neatly set on the trunk of the tree, but the seventh was thrown to the ground as he was finishing the job. If you experience this feeling of stagnation, try to remember which aspects of your work bring you the most joy and satisfaction.

This is a character who seeks to achieve satisfaction, even if it takes a long time to achieve the desired results. He values ​​perseverance and will do whatever it takes to prove that he can take on the burden of his profession. He is in a constant desire to learn, and is willing to go beyond normal standards, toward introspection.

Red and Blue Color of Clothing
These are the colors of fire and water, they speak of zeal and passion. It is also overcoming obstacles and dedication.

A tendency to devote too much time and attention to detail.

Marks on the Wall
It is a symbol of patience, growth, gradual development.

This is materialism and earthly treasures, a symbol of quality and value.

Coin on Earth
Means “I”, including hidden talents, spirit, and underestimated powers. It is also a presentation of your achievements.

Identical Products – the Pentacles
Complex symbol. They can personify monotonous work, narrow specialization, professionalism (high precision in the execution of products), and the connection of the master with a reputable company that stands behind his back.

Mastery through repetition, focus, the culmination of small efforts in the work of a lifetime.

City in the Background
Symbolizes well-being, prosperity.

Procrastination in some areas of life in the interests of the future.

Hammer and Chisel
It is a symbol of diligence and self-control, a reminder to be patient but precise in everything you do.

Distance of the Workplace from the City
An indication of the independence of the master: all phases of the production process are controlled by him alone, the force majeure usually associated with the actions of other people (customers, suppliers, intermediaries) is excluded.

Called the “Lord of Prudence”, the Eight of Pentacles is associated with work, employment, skill. In addition, it can indicate that there is a small reward ahead of you. This bricklayer is young and inexperienced compared to the artisan depicted in the Three of Pentacles, but he shows a strong desire to develop and improve his skills. If you draw this card, this is a sure sign that you are mastering some new profession, and even if you do not yet receive significant material reward for your efforts (work), you are definitely on the right path. However, it can also indicate that you are so overwhelmed by work that you neglect relationships with other people.


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