Page of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

Page of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Page of Wands Tarot Card?

Page of Wands represents enthusiasm, energy, strength of character, ambition, the inclinations of a leader, the desire to always be in sight. In short, this is a pretty person with good inclinations.
But the person whom the card symbolizes is either still very young, or he has little life experience.
This is a card of true friendship, it represents a person who is always there for you, no matter what.
The Page of Wands is a gleaming figure holding a wand and wearing an ornate jacket and mantle. Here the rod is the emblem of royalty, and we feel that the Page is about to deliver some important message.

Card Symbolism

The symbol of the beginning, young and new. It is also a source of momentum.

Red Feather or Flame Tongue on Hat
It symbolizes fieryness, enthusiasm, readiness to set big goals. At the same time, it can mean idealism, zeal of moving forward without thinking.

Position of the Hands
The page holds the wand with both hands. This is a symbol that in order to do something you need to put both hands and work on the situation. It’s like enthusiasm, starting and creating something new. But it can also symbolize self-doubt, addiction, inability to walk or let go of something.

Blooming Wand
Represents creativity or potential.

Wand Size
The rod is higher than the Page, which means that the impulse is always greater than the person. This of course can be a sign of youth, immaturity, but experience and life puts everything in its place.

Symbolizes fire, courage, bravery and change or adaptability. It bites its tail, this is like a symbol of rebirth.

Yellow Robe and Tunic
This color symbolizes positivity and joyfulness.

This is wilderness and emptiness as a consequence of burnout.

Pyramids in Desert
They symbolize heat, hot temper, concentration, transformation, experience. It is also a symbol of wisdom, mystery, science to which you need to stream.

Light Blue Sky
A symbol of purity of ideas, depth, carelessness, lightness, purposefulness. It can also mean the idealization of something, wishful thinking.

The Page of Wands is a card associated with free spirits, changes, and new beginnings. This often indicates the beginning of a new idea or change on the horizon.

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