Six of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Six of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Six of Cups Tarot Card?

In the Six of Cups card in Waite’s Tarot deck, we see two children standing in the middle of the courtyard. The boy gives the girl a golden cup with flowers, around them there are 5 more of the same cups. The atmosphere of the card is saturated with warmth, harmony and sincere feelings. Bright yellow tones indicate sunshine and joy.

Card Symbolism

Many of the symbols found on the Six of Cups are associated with family life, interpersonal relationships, and emotional security.
While this scene is very homely, it is clearly in a densely populated area, suggesting that the cottage is a refuge from busy activities and not necessarily far from your usual routine. It can be a challenge to find resources that are close to home.

A symbol of a happy past and true friendship. They personify the type of relationship when people feel sympathy for each other, but do not seek to transfer the relationship to something intimate. Also, children are a symbol of spiritual maturity, which allows us, already in adulthood, to return to the joys of childhood.

Young Boy
A comforting presence, perhaps a friend or confidant.

Seller’s Work
Indicates the origins of Scorpio – a passionate desire for wealth.

Fool’s Clothes
It is interpreted as a kind of image of the game that the seller created for himself, but this does not prevent him from showing feelings of love and compassion for people.

Young Girl
Home presence, supportive, friendly person and nurturing influence.

White Mitten
A symbol of fragility and elegance. At the same time, it can mean fear of getting your hands dirty, like fear of something new and unfamiliar.

This lock can offer protection and security, but it can also keep out important influences and ideas.

Stone Walls
Personalize safety and privacy. It is very important for children to have their own secret space, where adults will not intrude.

Page with Lance
A symbol of protection and confidence.

Cups with Flowers
The color of cups is traditionally associated with emotion and creativity, as well as relationships and deep personal development. When the Cups cards appear in a reading, they can speak of the emotional dimension of the situation.

Counter Tablecloth is Lined with St. Andrew’s Cross of Sympathy
It is also a symbol of a reset, a search in the past for those elements of the mosaic that are missing in the present, in order to collect a complete picture of what is happening.

White Flowers and Green Leaves
They signify growth and novelty, new opportunities may arise, familiar circumstances seem fresh again, and new friendships may emerge.

White Flowers
They symbolize the return of the emotional state to the primary sources. It is also a hint of the purity and innocence of the relationship. They serve as a symbol of the fact that a person’s emotions are purified to the very primary manifestations: only those feelings are left that lead a person to the primary sources. Now he can bring them as a gift to someone who needs it, and the passion dangerous for others is transformed into universal love and sympathy.

Datura Flowers
Has the name “Witch’s Grass”. It can be both a poison and a medicine at the same time, it depends on the dosage and the experience of the healer.

Sand Color
It personifies a pacifying, warm and unobtrusive – tunes in a positive mood.

Six is ​​the sacred number of stability associated with the heavenly realms.
This card represents happiness or pleasant memories based on past acquaintances. Your heart is filled with childish joy. Perhaps you will meet an old friend, receive a gift or some unexpected news or inherit something. Six of Cups also symbolizes new opportunities – therefore, you may be offered a new job in a new place. In terms of personal relationships, this is a good time to appreciate the help and support you are receiving from your partner.


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  1. This article really resonated with me. It beautifully captures the essence of nostalgia, innocence, and emotional connections that this card represents.

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