King of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

King of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in King of Swords Tarot Card?

The King of Swords is the master of human lives, and in most decks he is portrayed as a mature man, seated on a throne or chair. This is a person who has won authority for himself. The sword in his hand is a weapon, not just a symbol. The King of Swords symbolizes all power: the power of a father, boss, judge, policeman. The burden of responsibility rests on him, and he is fully aware of it. The sky on this card is covered with rare cumulus clouds, which occur in cold and windy weather. The weather is unfriendly, like the King of Swords himself: rarely anyone seeks communication with him of their own free will. But this communication cannot be avoided either.

Card Symbolism

Represents power, supremacy, activity and strength.

Light Blue Clothes
It means that the King is the embodiment of heavenly and spiritual reality, lofty aspirations.

Gray Robe
Gray can overshadow all other colors, as well as the joy in life. This color is a symbol of fairness and discernment.

Red Robe on the Head
It personifies activity and a significant supply of vital energy.

It is a symbol of curiosity and lightness.

Butterflies on the Crown
A symbol of determination, fearlessness and struggle with limitations.

The throne rises so high that we cannot see its top and is decorated with butterflies and sylphs depicting a connection with the element of air.
It is a symbol of reason, the high back of the throne serves as a bridge between earth and heaven, between theory and practice, between desire and reality. Intelligent control symbol.

Two moons
The symbol of ever-changing matter.

Couple of Elves
A symbol of love and joy.

The sword is an instrument of justice. It depicts physical strength as well as intellectual and moral rigor. Also a symbol of intelligent control.

Sword is Tilted
There may be a symbol for a mood swift. It can also be a symbol of the fact that the King controls knowledge and wisdom with ease.

The throne is located at the top of the mountain, which allows the king to see everything around him, symbolizing his objective, independent point of view.

This is an attribute of the element of Air and a symbol of knowledge. The fact that there are two of them speaks of a relentless spiritual search. These are lofty ideas, great plans.

Two birds
The number two can mean reconciliation with oneself and others.

Cold Color Tones
They represent clarity of thought and the superiority of reason over emotions.

The rich symbolism that connects this card with the element of air says that the king hovers above the ground and looks at the ground. This means his ability to consider all factors in order to be fair and detached from earthly concerns.

The King of Swords is the masculine manifestation of the element of air. This is the power of a sharp, quick, subtle mind, which is expressed here both in its creative, versatile and often unpredictable form, as well as in the form of cunning and ironic insolence. Such a mind is an excellent means of cognition, understanding, analysis, logical reasoning and abstraction, mathematical and purely practical calculation, solution and comprehensive resolution of any problems. However, where he dominates over all other abilities, his negative sides are also manifested: pure intellectualism, coldness of feelings, caustic and cynical criticism, passion for word play and “extraordinary lightness of thought”.


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