Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Page of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The Page of Pentacles is a beautiful card full of positive meanings.
In Waite’s Tarot deck, the picture of Page of Pentacles shows a young man standing in a meadow with a pentacle in his hands. We see trees and hills in the background. The atmosphere of the card is warm and harmonious, as well as its meaning – good news, especially in the material sphere and the sphere of knowledge.

Card Symbolism

Looking closely at the image on the card, you can see that the Page does not squeeze the Pentacle at all, on the contrary, it magically hovers in the air between his palms. The page, meanwhile, seems to be carrying this jewel, walking on his domain, not paying attention to what is happening around.
His state is complete dissolution in himself, concentration on his deeds and actions. The main thing is that the Page knows and observes all the rules and laws of the real world.

Young Man
This young man represents ambition and passionate energy. Young men and women in Tarot usually symbolize the enthusiasm of youth, as well as naivety and recklessness.
The young guy looks at the coin with admiration, a symbol of material prosperity.

Rich, elegant clothing shows that significant success has already been achieved, and it is also a symbol of confidence, perhaps even self-confidence.

Colors of Clothes
Green clothing represents a new, natural exploration of the material world, but also an undue preoccupation with it. They testify to settled life and growth.

Red Hat
Symbolizes zeal, passion, will. This can be a warning against recklessness, arrogance. At the same time, this moment gives advice to respect yourself, be proud of your knowledge and talents, be confident and inquisitive.

Position of the Hands
It means caution, frugality. But excessive caution can prevent you from grasping the essence of the matter.

It personifies tangible value, solidity, constancy.

Pertacle and Sky of One Color
This means that only with time can you polish, add color and refinement to something. It can be anything you want, a profession, talent, etc. At the same time, it can mean that it’s time to establish your personal boundaries.

This beautiful natural environment is ideal for relaxation and exploration. The calmness of the day indicates that now is the time to start a new project.

Flower-Drenched Meadow
Symbolizes abundance, inexhaustible creativity.

They could personify the variety. But at the same time they could mean the work in a team. This can lead to the fact that you will have too little self-determination.

Arable Land
It’s like a field of life where you can unfold your experiences through trial and error. The field is still clear. It’s up to you what to sow there, and what in the end you will reap.

These are distant obstacles and successes that are more spiritual in nature, but hold a material meaning.

It is a building-up sense of what needs to be done and where to focus life’s efforts.

Yellow Background Color
This means that the person craves material success, he can lose himself in the pursuit of material. You should differentiate the superficial from the essential.

The Page of Pentacles represents diligence and care, as well as study and learning. Usually this card shows openness to new ideas and a kind, caring personality.


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