Page of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Page of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Page of Cups Tarot Card?

In the drawing of the Page of Cups in the Rider Waite’s deck, a young page is depicted holding a golden goblet. Behind him is the sea, and in the goblet is a fish. The meaning of the card is difficult to determine from the picture, since it is quite multifaceted. Arcana can indicate a young man or girl, predict good news or a gift, positive emotions, or receiving help from someone. The meaning of the interpretation largely depends on the question asked.

Card Symbolism

The Page of Cups symbolizes a persistent person, thirst for knowledge.

A young man on his way to becoming a master. He is optimistic, willing to experiment, and not afraid to fail in his pursuit of excellence. It is a bearer of momentum.

Page’s Pose
Speaks at the same time about his friendliness, restraint and curiosity. It is also a pose of politeness, but it also suggests that he cannot make the right choice.

Fancy dress
The Page is wearing an elaborate outfit in bright colors, and the quirky decorations show us that he takes his own opinion seriously.

Lotuses on the Clothes
A symbol of purity and spiritual values.

Blue Hat
This fish-like hat means the page is using wisdom, which can sometimes cause problems. He is a spiritual being, but he has not yet attained mature spiritual satisfaction.

Represents emotional energy, love, understanding, peace.

The fish inside the bowl symbolizes the alternative to flexibility and depth, naivety and gullibility. It is also a symbol of the birth of a new idea, something special. May symbolize empathy. A symbol of good luck, happiness, prosperity. However, Waite sneers that the fish are the thoughts of the Page of Cups, which have taken on material form. Fish can also mean composure in some situations.

Calm Sea
A symbol of gentleness, depth, calmness and peace

The Page of Cups symbolizes the birth of a creative idea or inspirational news.
The Water element is associated with thoughts, dreams and emotions. Here a new idea is born or takes shape, personified by a fish. This is the birth of something special. Traditionally, this card is associated with good news, the birth of a child, or the start of an exciting new project.


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  1. No one knows why the Page of Cups appears when asked: will there be a child? I think so, yes, after all, this lasso testifies to family, family ties.

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