Suit of Wands in Tarot

Suit of Wands in Tarot

What does the Wands Suit mean in Tarot?

Astrological Sign: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Planets: Mars, Sun, Jupiter.
Temperament: Sanguine.
Demeanor: Lightness is visible in everything.
Motto: “I am doing!”. I act! Study yourself. Improve constantly. Develop and realize yourself.
Element: Represents Fire. It indicates will, vital energy. Creative powers. Work capacity and growth. The world of wands is a world of decisions and actions. Active participation, realization and strength. Wands are used in enterprises. They help to find a way out, gain self-confidence, and help you succeed.

Suit of Wands – this is the second suit in the deck of Tarot cards and carries the yang, masculine principle. The wands represent energy and movement. This suit is social, creative, active, constructive. Wands give decisiveness, initiative, courage. This is the fastest suit of the Minor Arcana. The predominance of the Wands in the spread suggests that events will unfold quickly and dynamically, and the questioner himself is not inclined to sit idly by, is not afraid of competition and is ready to defend his interests.

The wands represent deeds, the performance of which brings joy and moral satisfaction. This may include work, friendships, family ties, etc. Whether you’re preparing for a business or a street carnival. You suddenly want to portray something or open up to a new hobby. Always try to give a new, fresh shade to the gray everyday life. Do everything with pleasure. Bring in your own charm.

The wands are your fiery life spirit. The most significant forces that fire can give you are straightforwardness and originality. However, it will bring with it danger, heavy burdens, contradictions and fiery boundaries. This can manifest itself, for example, in constant hostility, in someone’s pressure, impudence, action from a position of strength. It’s like trying to pierce the wall with your head, and not far away there is an open gate.

Wands allow you to develop confidence. Be calm and truthful. Their intense flame of energy instills complete determination and inspiration in you. Courage to break boundaries. Deal with contradictions. Discover new creative possibilities.

In fortune-telling, predictions and spreads, the Wands usually symbolize the sphere associated with the affairs, obligations and duties of a person, business and finance, the work and career of the querent. They describe plans and ways of their implementation, obstacles and difficulties in achieving goals, trends in the general progress of affairs and protection of the interests of the questioner.

The suit of Wands is the suit of a person’s personal achievements. It symbolizes fame and enterprise, indicates financial success, thanks to the disclosure of the personal potential of the querent.

The depiction of wands in different cards is drawn in different ways, even in the same deck, it may differ. In one case, these are the wands themselves, trimmed and with decorative elements, in another version it can be wooden staves, with leaves or flowers. It may be that the whole suit is represented either by wands or staves, but the Ace is in the form of a club, and the Knight has a club in his hands.

Tarot Wands symbolize growth. The Wands tell that success has already been achieved, clubs indicate a person’s rudeness and will to fight. All symbols speak of achieving goals in a difficult way, through insurmountable circumstances and life’s vicissitudes, but in the end, the person climbs onto the pedestal of success.

The Wands promise great fame, personify business, affairs, finance, but they do not carry the meaning of wealth and prosperity itself, but mean the possibilities and aspiration of the questioner, his potential to achieve something.

Serfs were slaves who were tied to their land, they did not have the opportunity to move freely. The duties included working for free for their master and giving him a share of what was earned.

But at the same time, the peasant had a number of rights. He could turn to his owner for financial or medical help. He had a small piece of land and could not be deprived of it. Due to illness or old age the serf remained in the care of the owner. Yes, he had little rights, but was socially protected, he had guarantees.

In the modern interpretation, the Wands personify the poor man who overcame discrimination and humiliation, achieved great success. The suit of Wands describes people who have achieved everything in life on their own, made themselves, without outside help and support, while experiencing serious trials and oppositions on the path of success.

People of Wands are favorable to other people who want to repeat their path of formation and help them in every possible way. At the same time, many of them can behave like boasters and peacocks, dress brightly, behave demonstratively, proudly lifting their noses, walk past others.

The Wands describe a person who has overcome all obstacles in his path and achieved noticeable success through personal efforts. In addition, this suit also indicates good luck, simple luck: circumstances and events develop with benefit, opportunities arise precisely when a person can recognize them and is ready for them.

The Wands personify people with strong initiative, those who have climbed to the highest peak from the bottom, a person who has achieved wealth, fame, success, in spite of life circumstances. Such a person has education, intelligence, talents, he is very purposeful and works a lot on himself. He not only strives for his goal, but knows how to achieve it and does everything necessary for this.

Wands describe situations that carry opportunities for success and prosperity. The presence of this suit in the spread is a favorable sign for the accomplishment of the plan. Everything is going in the best way for the questioner. There are prerequisites and signs for this, it all depends on whether the person uses them or not.

Wands and Pentacles are related suits. Wands personify personal achievements, Pentacles personify material wealth. Wands are the suit of fame, financial success, opportunities for prosperity, but subject to the full disclosure of their abilities. The true wealth of this suit is success, in all its manifestations.

The Wands in the spread indicate a career, success at work, creativity, energy, enthusiasm. If the questioner wants to start a business, then the suit speaks of a successful outcome and wealth. The suit of Pentacles should be in the spread too, this would mean that the business will definitely bring huge profits. But first of all, the Wands are the suit of the manifestation of success, and whether there will be material rewards depends on other cards in the spread.

If a lot of Wands appear in fortune-telling or a spread, this indicates that circumstances or events are related to career and work, and the future will be hectic, filled with energy and passion. However, in order to correctly interpret the cards that fell out during fortune-telling, it is necessary to know all their main meanings and interpretations.

Value in the spread

The wands represent issues related to learning, business, action, and power over people. Sometimes the suit tells that the questioner needs help from friends and family

The meaning and interpretation of numerical cards of the suit of Wands in the Tarot

Ace of Wands
Two of Wands
Three of Wands
Four of Wands
Five of Wands
Six of Wands
Seven of Wands
Eight of Wands
Nine of Wands
Ten of Wands

The meaning and interpretation of the cards of the court of the suit of Wands in the Tarot

Page of Wands
Knight of Wands
Queen of Wands
King of Wands

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  1. The Suit of Wands in Tarot is a dynamic and energetic force, representing creativity, inspiration, and action. It embodies the fiery spirit of passion and ambition, urging us to pursue our goals with enthusiasm and determination. Wands are associated with innovation, enterprise, and the pursuit of our dreams, encouraging us to harness our inner fire and bring our ideas to life. This suit reminds us that through initiative and courage, we have the power to ignite change and manifest our aspirations into reality.

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