Symbolism of Judgement in Tarot

Symbolism of Judgement in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in Judgement Tarot Card?

The card depicts an angel with a trumpet, who calls human souls to the Last Judgment. On the Arcana, we see not the Judgment itself, but we see the moment of a person’s turning to his new “I”, the emergence of something that has been hidden for a long time, or has been carefully restrained. This is the resurrection of spirituality, the realization of the true meaning of life, the transition from darkness to light, the main step towards the formation of personality. This is insight, inner change, following the dictates of an inner voice.
The card is associated with the holiday of Trinity. We see three people: a woman, a man and a child. The grave and the coffin symbolize the place where the transformation of the body into spirit takes place. In astrology this is considered to be the origins of man. At the everyday level, this is a house or clan, and at the spiritual level, it is origin, comprehension of customs and traditions, the memory of past lives.
Judgement Tarot card in Waite’s deck has a rather specific energy.
This is the day of the Last Judgment, when the Creator raises the dead from the graves to divide them into sinners and righteous and reward for the deeds performed during their lifetime.
The image is very symbolic and conveys the meaning well: new life and renewal for some and punishment for others.

Archetype: Supreme Judgment, Divine Justice.

Symbolism of Judgment in Tarot

Judgment Day
The Bible tells not only about the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise, but also about the impending return to paradise, about the eternal life that people will gain after the Day of Judgement. The second aspect is not so widely known, but is rooted in the Christian tradition no less deeply than the legend of the Fall.

All seven figures on this card can represent different parts of your self, and the angel is no exception. It symbolizes your motivation and your ability to transform. And he also calls to beware of gullibility and groundless hopes. The Angel is often identified with the Archangel Michael, the leader of the forces of light in the heavenly war with the forces of darkness. Some see him as the Archangel Gabriel, who here symbolizes the Divine Breath, which calls out to the living.

Blue Robe
Represents the element of Water.

Trumpet with Seven Stripes
The doomsday trumpet awakens dormant energies and brings the dead back to life. You, too, can receive such forces at your disposal or experience their effect on yourself. And also you will have to listen a lot and carefully.

Orange-Red Cross
Like any cross, it is a symbol of discrimination and connection. The challenge is, on the one hand, to part with the past and separate from everything unnecessary, and on the other, to come to terms with this past and integrate the acquired experience.
It is also a symbol of spiritual salvation, it also means that the time of suffering has already passed.

Six persons
It can be a family, clan, or a circle of friends. And also: all six figures are mirrors in which your own male and female, children’s components (both beloved and not beloved) are reflected. All of these reflections must be carefully sorted out.

They talk about the negative and the positive in life, about the movement of the past towards the inevitable high court and about the assessment of one’s own efforts and achievements.

Body Poses
The gestures of the figures speak of forgiveness or reconciliation. Both of these values ​​are important: you need to draw a line under everything that is left in the past and throw all the skeletons out of your closets.
Rising figures symbolize liberation from the shroud of the past. The deeper our feelings, the greater our redemption. The stronger our sadness, the more we value joy.

Beware of shamelessness, dishonesty, or obscenity. Face the truth. Openness, honesty, sincerity, beauty, and last but not least, eroticism and lust.

Personalize an unconscious image.

Personalize the conscious mind.

Represents a spiritual essence.

Open Coffins / Graves
There are no more black boxes left.
Negative value: return of suppressed or depressed feelings and situations. Old desires and fears are returning because they were neither realized nor overcome.
Positive meaning: deliverance, sincerity, mercy.
The coffin may contain past sins that are now on display and judged by others. We must live with our sins, and one day we will have to answer for them. They symbolize the past, as well as the captivity of earthly, material reality.

White-Blue Mountains
Nirvana or Ice Age: old desires and fears are resolved. The road to a new paradise or the development of previously unsolved problems. The inspiration needed to begin a process of continuous renewal and transformation.
Mountains in the background mean eternal truth.

Light Blue Sky
Kingdom of Heaven, Divine world, abode of will. Light blue is an open sky; pure water.
Positive meaning: carelessness, lightness, purposefulness.
Negative meaning: naivety, drunkenness.

Number 20
2 times 10 – symbolizes the unity of the worldly and spiritual.
This number, completing the second ten two-digit numbers, symbolizes the idea of ​​change, evolution, renewal. One of the subtitles of the twentieth Arcana is the concept of transformation in time. This is due to the fact that the planet Saturn, esoterically responsible for the management of the processes of time, is considered, according to Mobius and the Rosicrucian tradition, to be the astrological patron of this Arcana.
The mystical root of the number 20, which comes as a result of the theosophical addition of the two numbers of its constituents (2 + 0), is the number two – a symbol of the Great Nature, the Mother of All That Is and Divine Duality.

This card tells that the time has come to overcome losses, break down obstacles and rise up to a new life. Now we know that it can be achieved only by crossing a threshold that previously seemed impregnable. The door is locked only for those weighed down with the burden of the flesh, the habits and attachments of the past. The shadow will easily pass through it. Become a shadow for evil, leave everything earthly, and your spirit will find freedom. The angel has already sounded the trumpet, you are called. Get up and go.
The Judgement card is a teaching about a turning point in the human spirit when it rebuilds itself in the real world. Before that, he lived among illusions, and now he begins to feel the reality of his being. The twentieth Arcana of the Tarot tells about the resurrection from the dead, about the acquisition of true life by a person.
Judgement is going beyond physical reality and limiting life circumstances.
You are at a crossroads, you have a vision or revelation that has become the source of profound, deep change.
Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, you take on a new form or free yourself from limitations.
Something new is calling you: an occupation, a profession, an intellectual idea, or one of the great truths.
You may be faced with an important choice or a decision that requires complete dedication.


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