Symbolism of The Star in Tarot

Symbolism of The Star in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in The Star Tarot Card?

The Star personifies divine love, cosmic mind, spiritual union with the divine principle. A person learns and accepts the laws of creation and being, wisdom, renewal, becoming after crises and shocks.
The Star is light, rebirth, restoration after cataclysms of the Tower, peace, and pacification after storm and destruction. Life comes in a state of harmony, peace. A person receives hope, healing, the formation of new life principles takes place. Spiritual growth through internal cleansing and harmonization, liberation from the past, new life, satisfaction from what is happening.
The card symbolizes playfulness, a return to nature, to your roots, beginning, life in harmony with yourself and the world. Moderation, replenishment of lost resources. The Star means the feminine principle, the femininity that is aware of its nature and the value of the feminine principle.
The card depicts a naked girl near a clean reservoir with jugs in her hand. She pours water from them. With one foot she is in the pond, the other is on land. He pours water from one jug and draws water into the other. The star of the Magi is located in the sky, around seven stars. The girl is Isis, the reservoir is the Nile River. The big Star is Sirius, around the sacred planet.
The woman’s feet do not touch the ground, and she herself does not cast a shadow. Falling asleep in one world, she woke up in another. In order to get to it, she needed neither efforts nor wings. She did not yet understand what kind of power carried her here, to the land of her dreams and aspirations, but she guesses the existence of this power. After all, eight stars above her head are also connected with the eighth card – the card of Strength. Strength overwhelms the woman, who has finally achieved the desired goal, the promised land. But it turned out that she does not need it, and the miraculous power is wasted. The water goes aimlessly into an already full body of water or into an insatiable land.
And only a flowering tree and a songbird show that, in fact, not everything is lost. What was given, even imperceptibly, not immediately, returns in a different form.
Sometimes this card is also called the Star of the Magicians, which symbolizes the unity of the planets, elements and other forces of nature. However, according to tradition, the Star of the Magicians is considered not eight, but seven-pointed. The eighth ray reminds of the mystical relationship of the sign of Aquarius with the sign of Scorpio, a symbol of love and death. Aquarius creates, Scorpio realizes. He realizes only a thousandth of the plans and hopes of Aquarius, but he endows them with immortality.

Archetype: hope

Symbolism of The Star

Young woman
An emblem of hope pouring out for the saddest days of our lives. The symbol of our soul.

This means that she is enjoying life. It is a symbol of purity and chastity, eternal youth and beauty.
It personifies the process of renewal, of becoming. Our soul does not depend on the material shell. Whatever the physical body is, sick or decrepit, the soul is always young and beautiful.
The nakedness of a girl shows that a person recognizes himself, his nature, and essence. He follows his path and his nature, all masks and conventions are thrown off. A person cares about both the spiritual and the earthly world, which allows him to live in harmony and prosperity with the world, people and himself.

Figure’s pose
Selfless contemplation. Possible allusion to the myth of Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection. Or the character of the card is vainly looking for his own reflection. There are circles on the water and it is not possible to see his own face.

Spiritual opportunities, the embodiment of our feelings. In addition, in ancient treatises, man himself is described as a vessel co-created by God, as one of the components of the water cycle of life. They are bottomless because they are filled with Eternal Life.

The Woman Freely Pouring Water.
It symbolizes creativity, because the true source of creativity never diminishes.

One Foot Is On The Surface Of The Water
Shows the spiritual abilities and inner strength of a woman.

Other Leg
The leg on earth shows practical abilities and strengths.

Symbolizes the source of youth. Symbolizes the energy of Life. The water that spills on the ground makes it fertile, as evidenced by the growing flowers. Soaking into the ground, the water returns to the lake. This suggests that the energy does not disappear anywhere, it passes from one state to another. It is like our soul and cannot be destroyed. Water from another jug, which is poured into the lake, personifies the abundance of Divine energy that is available to us if we are open to it. It takes hope to open up. By the way, in ancient times this word had a completely different meaning than today. Hope meant a firm conviction that the expected event would certainly happen.
Water means the cycle of birth and death of souls on Earth. All come and go from one Higher principle, from the Absolute.
Water is a shaky path, and a person has a choice to change it through new opportunities.

Five Streams
Represents the five senses. The five streams of water of life give fertility to the earth. Man as a part and active participant in creation. In addition, the five streams symbolize the quintessence that is in each person.

The Tree
The symbol of the material world, but also the Tree of Life. It symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, the gradual connection of the microcosm with the macrocosm.

Bushes, birds
These symbolize rebirth and growth.

The bird is a symbol of the cosmic mind. It’s representing Saint Ibis thoughts. Reminds us that we are from the spirit world, although we live in the physical. It is a mediator between the worlds.

A butterfly on a flower means rebirth, renewal of the human soul. Happiness is achieved by inner harmony, and not at the expense of other people or material goods. The union of soul and body, conventions and boundaries have disappeared.

A symbol of eternity, light, high aspirations, elevation above inert matter and closeness to God. They symbolize radiant cosmic energy.

Eight Stars
A hint at the number of infinity: the circulation of energy never stops. Each Star also has eight rays. One large Star and seven small ones symbolically indicate the number of the arcana – 17, as well as the Sun and seven major planets.

Eight Pointed Star
The eight-pointed Star is associated with a diamond. Diamond is an ancient symbol of the true, pure, clear and spotless focus of the soul, the indestructible and inalienable essence of every person.

Big Yellow Star
Symbol of the Divine Presence.

Little White Stars
Indicates the breadth of possibilities. White contains all the colors of the rainbow.

Symbolizes mystical quest.

Light Blue Sky
Heaven is the Divine realm and the realm of will. Light blue color means clear sky, clear water.
Positive meaning: carelessness, will, clarity of mind.
Negative value: confusion.

Number: 17
This is the number of new hope. On the 17th night, counting from the full moon, a month appears for the first time in the sky after three days of darkness.
The number 17 was considered a hopeful number. The arcanological tradition associated it with the idea of ​​foresight, the ability to look into the future. Therefore, in almost all arcanological treatises, astrology (which in a certain sense is the science of forecasting the future by the arrangement of the stars) was considered on the basis of the presentation of the essence of the seventeenth Arcanum. That is why a large eight-pointed Star surrounded by the same small ones was considered the graphic symbol of this Arcanum and the number. Hence the titles of the seventeenth Arcanum, explaining the deep essence of this number – “Hope”, “Intuition”, “Natural divination”, associated with the ability to read the signs of nature and its properties with the help of the internal to comprehend the external. This ability is based on a deep balance between the inner and the outer, which in turn goes back to the mystical root of the number 17 (1 + 7) formed with the help of theosophical addition – the number eight, which is a symbol of balance and karma.

The Star is light, illumination, femininity, the feminine principle. A person lives by his dreams, grows sick of them and languishes with anticipation. All the answers to questions are inside the questioner himself. You just need to hear your inner voice and open up to the universe in order to see its messages.
The Star symbolizes faith, inspiration, striving for ideal peace and love, spiritual development and well-being, inner wisdom, light, philosophical attitude to life, experience, foresight, hope and optimism. The questioner knows his purpose and follows it.
A person lives with lofty dreams and ideals, but at the same time does not lose touch with the Earth. Touching the secrets of creation, following one’s own path gives man eternal youth and life. Understanding of what is happening, your goals and wisdom gained from the past. Talents and abilities need to be shown to the world, to create for the sake of people, good and love. Without manifestation in the world, the talent will disappear, fade away and the person will fall into self-forgetfulness and will start the process of self-destruction. A person receives revelations from above, the great knowledge of the World.


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