Two of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Two of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Two of Cups Tarot Card?

The Two of Cups represents harmony and balance. It is a harbinger of peace and emotional stability, as well as important decisions in relationships.
In many tarot decks, the Two of Cups card depicts a man and a woman in love with each other. As a rule, above them you can see a biblical or mythical creature that seems to bless these people and says that together they own the highest knowledge and are able to transfer it to others. Each of them holds their bowl at an equal level, as this couple experiences true balance. Thus, the Two of Cups is a novelty of emotions and a reflection in the sensory sphere, which give an impetus to the opening of the subconscious.

Card Symbolism

On the card, we see a male and female image interacting through the exchange of bowls, which means the unity of opposites, the Yin and Yang. This is the beginning of the creation and birth of everything new. A white dress with a blue cape of a woman personifies the element of Water, emotions, a subtle spiritual world. A yellow and red suit of a man symbolizes the element of Fire, activities and manifestations of the material world. Above them is a winged lion, also symbolizing the union of two elements, and its red color indicates the beginning of manifestation in the material world.
Above the cups, the magic wand Caduceus is also raised, symbolizing the key that opens the boundaries between light and shadow, good and evil, and other opposites. This wand also symbolizes the various forces of nature that merge to interact. One of the main meanings of this symbol is the unity of matter and spirit in evolutionary development, the balance of opposites and the impossibility of one-sided development. The house in the background expresses the result of creation and returns us to earthly existence, where love is a creative force and creates life in the manner of a twisted DNA spiral.
In the archetypal sense, on the card, we see the end of the process of splitting the Soul of the androgyne (Ace of Cups) into two independent parts (Two of Cups), as soon as he entered the material world. Now he seeks reunification and seeks to recreate the lost parts, looking for them in a new world.
Alchemically, we see the fusion of opposites – man (sulfur) and woman (mercury), a symbol of dissolution and penetration. This is precisely the case when an alchemical interaction creates a complex result out of two simple elements, gives them nobility and spiritualizes them. Two of Cups in this case describes a synergistic relationship, when the doubling effect increases the force of the impact not twice, but tenfold.

A man and a woman meet with each other, each holding the bowl at the same height, symbolizing harmony and equality.

Figure’s Pose
Symbolizes the unity of opposites: Fire and Water, Light and Shadow. These are two halves that make up a single whole (union).

Male Figure
Represents Fire (red and yellow). He is wearing the colors of the Fool’s clothes. Black and yellow colors symbolize masculinity.

Female Figure
Represents Water (blue and white). She is wearing the colors of the High Priestess’ clothing. White and blue colors symbolize the feminine principle.

Wreaths of Flowers and Leaves
It is a symbol of the beginning of a relationship that will turn everyday life into a holiday.

Life and radiance come from that which touches the earth. Move with passion.

Large gold cups in the hands of the couple represent blessings and prosperity.

The winged lion above the couple’s heads is a symbol of blessing. It also symbolizes passion, strong emotions, affection for each other. This is the same lion that is on the Strength card. It is a fusion of Spirit and brute force.

They symbolize the ability to cross any boundaries.

Caduceus or Rod of Hermes
The intertwined serpents that form its base represent duality and unite the pair. Symbolizes the connection between impulses and mind. It is also a balance between Heaven and Earth.

Two Intertwined Serpents
Representing the interplay of mental and physical ambition. The opposites that need to connect.

Green Hills
These are promising prospects. It also includes ups and downs.

In the distance is visible a house surrounded by hills and trees, suggestive of peace and stability. Also personifies a common space, a family hearth.

Light Blue Sky
It means purity of thoughts, carelessness, spiritual joy and purposefulness, clear consciousness.

This card symbolizes the love affair between two people. It can be an ordinary marriage, an agreement of mutual cooperation, or just a state of harmony in which two people live happily. It is a card that represents balance and understanding, reminding us that through mutual support we can achieve our goals. The caduceus was traditionally the staff carried by Hermes, or Mercury, the messenger of the gods, symbolizing the balance between Heaven and Earth. The winged lion represents the fusion of Spirit and brute force. This card personifies the beginning of a new love or friendship, as well as the discussion of positive ideas for the future.


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  2. When fortune telling on straight lines, it is better to draw 3 cards to see the whole picture. There is a shadow meaning here, as if the card were reversed. And additional ones would help to understand this. It happened to me like that

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