Symbolism of The Lovers in Tarot

Symbolism of The Lovers in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in Lovers Tarot Card?

In the modern Tarot, the card depicts a naked man and woman, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. Behind the male figure is a flaming tree that represents knowledge, passion and vitality. An Angel hovers above them, extending his arms in a blessing gesture. Behind Eve is the Tree of Knowledge and the snake coils around it, behind Adam is the Tree of Life. Lovers are the first card on which the dualism of the previous ones is overcomed: the figures depicted on it are not separated by anything, the opposites are united. But Eve’s gaze is directed to the Angel, symbolizing this unity. The Adam’s gaze is directed to Eve, as he is able to realize this unity only through her.
Sometimes this card also depicts a serpent as a symbol of temptation.

Tarot card Lovers describes an exciting moment of meeting with a kindred spirit, with someone you have been looking for for a long time, maybe your whole life. At the same time, responsibility for the future of this feeling falls on you. How you can keep the flame of love depends not so much on circumstances, but on yourself and your partner. The allegory of the sixth Arcana of the Tarot (the union of opposites) is depicted as a man and a woman. This is a symbol of love, friendship or other connection, especially if there is a barrier between the two people that should be overcomed in order to connect.

Archetype: love.

The Lovers Arcana Symbols

Archangel Raphael, his hands are stretched out over a man and a woman.
This shows that a sense of inner wholeness is possible only when the active, hard-working (traditionally masculine) side of your personality and the side of the protective, caring, participating in someone else’s action (traditionally feminine) are combined. Also symbolizes a blessing from above.
Angels in the Tarot system symbolize divine messages. They are messengers of important information.

Lion and snake on Raphael’s clothes
Notice that in the network of folds of purple cloth, from which Raphael’s clothes are made, the faces of a lion and a snake appear. The lion is visible on the right and the snake on the left. The lion’s muzzle is visible with a three-quarter turn and faces to the right, while the snake’s face, with its open mouth, exposing its venomous teeth, faces to the left.
Leo and the snake are zodiac symbols, the combination of which gives the number 13. Leo means Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, and under the snake, Scorpio, the eighth sign. Their conscientious positions on the zodiacal circle give 13 as 5 + 8 – 13. And 13 in Hebrew is the numerical value of the following two key concepts:
AHBH (1 + 5 + 2 + 5 = 13) = Love, Lovers (name of Arcanum VI).
AChD (1 + 8 + 4 = 13) = Unity, one, to be as a whole, to unite.
Thus, 13 in the context of Arcanum VI represents the binding force of love that unites two lovers into a single whole.

Adam and Eve in Paradise
They represent pure, innocent love, not defiled by gross carnal desire. Polarities that match each other.

Figure of Adam
The symbol of the conscious mind.

Figure of Eve
Subconscious symbol. It also symbolizes the attraction to sensual life, in which lies the fall. However, Eve is more an instrument of God’s providence than a voluntary temptress. It is through the sin imputed to her that a person can realize himself and, ultimately, be saved.

Eve ate the fruit of the sacred tree, and Adam renounced his immortality. Adam looks at Eve, and she looks at the Angel. They have a difference in outlook on life. Adam is able to realize the unity of opposites only through Eve.

Lovers’ nudity
Talks about the purity of the relationship.

Mountain – World Mountain
At the foot of which the Tree of Life grows. This is the center of the world, the sources of everything – both Divine power and inert matter. It is also a symbol of infinity.

Mountain’s red color
Acts as a symbol of life.

Tree of life
Behind Adam’s back is the tree of Life whis was described in the Bible. Twelve fruits ripen on the branches of it. It bore fruit every month, and a person, feeding on them, remained immortal.

Behind Eve’s back is the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil.
Five apples above her head are five senses. For a woman, the sensual aspects of love, earthly temptations are important.

A tempting Serpent coiled around the tree.
He whispered, but the choice was theirs. The snake coils around the apple tree, symbolizing knowledge, passion and temptation. It is also a hint of future trials, temptations, trials.

The Sun
Divine presence. This is the ability to attract the desired result, to show emotions about the person you like. The Sun is the received energy and benefits in connection with the manifestation of the energy of love. It is a symbol of light and happiness.

Divine energies.

Red and yellow card tones
They symbolize fiery love.
The yellow color is responsible for the will and manifestation of oneself in the world, the control of the world, an indicator of the harmonious state of a person, which can influence others.

Number: 6

Unwinding spiral, the number of God manifested in the world. According to Pythagoras, this is the first perfect number, since it represents both the sum and the product of its parts.
In a higher aspect, the meaning of the number 6 is associated with a perfect sense of equilibrium, balance, the very essence of love, which unites the material and spiritual worlds. It is also the number of spiritual protection. The esoteric meaning of the six is ​​the energy of responsibility, service, dedication, carrying humanistic ideas into the Universe. Cosmic vibrations of number 6 – the creation of comfort, warmth, return, care, protection of what you love.

Lovers are a union of two seemingly disparate parts: worldly and spiritual, male and female, light and dark. It is a card of love, duality and choice. This is the path from consciousness to subconsciousness and further – to the superconscious, divine. The road from carnal desires and emotions to high spiritual relationships.

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