Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

What does the Six of Pentacles card mean in a Tarot Reading?

Arcana Six of Pentacles is a card of monetary prosperity, generosity. Its appearance in the spread is a good sign. It is associated with high moral values, cash flows, selfless help to others.
This is a card of gifts of fate. It carries a favorable meaning, but it can also act in a negative way. Minor Arcana Tarot card Six of Pentacles indicates rewards, prosperity, solving old problems, getting what you want.
The Six of Pentacles draws our attention to charity. As you draw out the Six of Pentacles, you can expect to receive something that is rightfully yours and you will enjoy the results of your labor. In addition, this card is usually associated with charity, gifts, and philanthropy, and may indicate that a bonus or career advancement may be expected at work.

Goal: Overcoming crises, helping others.
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury, Moon, Jupiter
Astrological sign: Taurus, Virgo


A wealthy merchant stands holding scales and weighing money in order to distribute it equally between the needy and the homeless. Two such figures kneel before him and catch the Pentacles thrown into their waiting hands.
(For a detailed depiction, analysis of the Symbols and all Elements of the Six of Pentacles Tarot Card, click here)

The Main Meanings of the Card In an Upright Position

Key Words and Phrases

Helping others. Charity events. Payment of debts. Return on investment. Gratitude. Material acquisitions. Reasonable management of money. Good use of your talent, time, money. Obtaining a cash loan. Subsidies. Prizes. Gifts. Ability to share the wealth. Charity. Confession. Financial aid. Extra money. Debt repayment.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card

Good pay for the job. Equal division of property. Fair financial transactions. The pleasure received from contemplating the fruits of one’s labor. Income. Passing on your experience to others. Mentoring. Share in cash investments. Business opportunities. Promotion.

The main meanings of the card in an upright position

a smug, proud person;
a person who decides who to give alms / attention, and who to deprive of it;
a person who travels at someone else’s expense;
crooks asking for help;
willingness to help;
promising project;
accumulation (saving) of money;
present tense;
attentive, diligent, alert;
material stability, the success of financial enterprises;
charity, generosity;
harmony in the soul, generosity;
profit, prosperity;
successful implementation of a profitable project.

Six of Pentacles. Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan
Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan

Situation and Advice

The Six of Pentacles portends a gift, a cash loan, the likelihood of new business opportunities. The one who needs to return the money will pay you very soon. The deal will be fair. In the future, financial assistance awaits you. You will receive what, perhaps, rightfully belongs to you. You may be able to provide financial or moral support to others. It may happen that your friend asks for a loan from you. You will probably help someone find a new job or advise you to better prove yourself in your previous job.
You may start saving money to educate your children or to your own needs. Or you can help someone develop their talent. A promotion or monetary reward may await you. Now is the right time to show your generosity, make smart investments, share your income. By helping others, you will enjoy this process. Additional cash receipts await you. Ask and it will be given to you.

Persons designated by Upright Six of Pentacles Tarot Сard

Mentors. Buyers. Philanthropists. Almsgivers. Wise investors. Those who lend money. People who save for a rainy day. Benefactors. Those who provide services. Those who do charity work.

The Main Meanings of the Card In a Reversed Position

Key Words and Phrases

Reluctance to share. Refusal of financial support. Dishonest deals. Double-entry bookkeeping. Unpaid bills. Money problems. Big debts. Greed. Selfishness. Avarice. Curiosity. Inequality. Unpaid debts. Waste. Theft or imminent loss of something through negligence. Failure to receive money owed to you. Envy. Jealousy. Lack of recognition. Low level of interest in investments. Excessive self-interest. Inability to foresee. Recklessness. Lack of mercy. Bite the hand that feeds you. They give money in such a way that you don’t want to take it. Illegal money transactions. Money laundering. Why should I give you something? Be interested not in what you can do for your country, but in what your country can do for you.

The main meanings of the card in a reversed position

unfavorable financial / business situation;
unethical behavior;
unwillingness to share / help;
loss of something material / emotional;
desire, wish, zeal, passion;
financial fraud;
financial recklessness, enmity;
careless handling of money;
extravagance, money down the drain;
monetary losses;
deception, fraud.

Situation and Advice

The Six of Pentacles in a reversed position indicates the loss of money or theft of property due to negligence, dishonesty or imprudence. Someone may refuse to repay a debt or provide reciprocal services. You may soon have to pay off your debts, which will deal a serious blow to your finances. The source of financial support may dry up. You cannot get what is rightfully yours. Sometimes this card portends a major theft.

Six of Pentacles. Tarot of Consequences by Corrine Kenner, Pietro Alligo
Tarot of Consequences by Corrine Kenner, Pietro Alligo

Whoever manages your money may be acting unethical or cheating behind your back. Material damage can be the result of selfish actions of other people. This card also indicates that you do not have mercy and generosity of spirit. If you are involved in monetary transactions, beware of cheating or trickery when concluding a contract.

Persons designated by the Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot Сard

Service staff. People borrowing money. Beggars. The thieves. Curmudgeons. Spenders. Those who launder money. Those who engage in financial fraud. People whose immediate needs depend on others. A son who wastes his parents’ money. Those who spend money only on themselves.

In the Spreads

The Six of Pentacles Tarot card has the most positive meaning. Now the situation is stable and favorable, things are going well, everything is fine. The card indicates selfless help, and you can be both a giver and a receiver. Perhaps you will receive a gift of fate in the form of someone’s help or patronage, or you yourself will become such a gift for someone.
The contribution of this card to the general reading can be seen as a reminder that negative emotions cannot undermine the good that can be done for oneself to flourish, or it can be seen as a call to action to educate others and assist in their commercial success. It also represents working towards a goal without rushing and evaluating the process of mastery, without claiming success before it is realized.
Six of Pentacles in an upright or reversed form has different meanings and nuances, in addition, the meaning of the card largely depends on the question.

In an Upright Position

The upright Six of Pentacles Tarot card in almost all areas has a positive meaning. However, the nuances of interpretation will depend on whether you are the giving or receiving party.
The Six of Pentacles in the upright position speaks of success and prosperity, going hand in hand with generosity and philanthropy. The querent will get a reward in commerce, and this will bring him satisfaction and a secure position. The Six of Pentacles Tarot card also indicates generosity and responsiveness, the result of which is charity and guardianship. On the other hand, the querent can also be an object of charity.
The Six of Pentacles means the time is right to take commendable action. Fulfilled hopes. Kindness of the heart. Gifts, gratitude, abundance, prosperity. Material wealth and donations.
In the upright position, the Six of Pentacles is a card of unconditional success, but one that does not manifest itself very strongly from a material or financial point of view, but consists in solving current problems, improving life, resolving difficult and confusing situations. Arcana personifies generosity, acceptance of gifts, tolerance, poise, generosity. The card indicates that either we ourselves have such qualities, or that someone will manifest them in relation to us. And here we are not talking about a momentary impulse or ostentatious piety, but about constant and natural traits of character. On a practical level, the Six of Pentacles means an award, success, a promising project. Indicates a period of well-being that comes after life arranges for you another exam, and you successfully passed it.
Sixes are a symbol of a star with six rays, along which there is an interpenetration of opposite principles, connected according to the principle “as above so below”. The card teaches you to see the integrity of things in their mutual connection and systemic continuity, to direct your gaze through time.
The card personifies the present, the moment “now and today” with all its joys. The Six of Pentacles of the Tarot has a special connection with time, similar to the connection of two hourglass triangles.
The traditional meaning of the Six of Pentacles is getting what you want, happiness, prosperity, a gift. If the questioner is faced with a choice, then you need to be vigilant and attentive.

In a Reversed Position:

In the reversed position, the Six of Pentacles Tarot card denotes the flip side of generosity: waste. If you got this card in the spread, then there is a high probability of monetary losses – because of your own carelessness or carelessness.
The reversed Six of Pentacles shows that the positive aspects of generosity turn into financial recklessness and a waste of resources. The querent is expected to lose not only material, but also emotional in nature as a result of theft or his own carelessness, as well as due to jealousy or someone’s secret machinations.
The reversed Arcana may indicate abuse of material advantage, very high conceit, illegal earnings, greed, as well as unprofitable investments or an unstable financial situation.
Appearing upside down in fortune telling, the Six of Pentacles loses its moral and ethical meaning and symbolizes naked materialism. In practice, this can be expressed in success, which is achieved through deceiving others, abuse, greed. The querent runs the risk of suffering from someone’s shenanigans and his own short-sightedness. Possible bad debts, bad loans, get-rich-quick schemes or financial expectations that are not destined to come true.

Six of Pentacles. Black Grimoire Tarot
Black Grimoire Tarot

Unjustified spending, thoughtless financial risk, outright extravagance – all of this can be indicated by the reversed Six of Pentacles. In addition, in this position, the card warns that due to careless, careless handling of money, you can become a victim of thieves, envious people or scammers. Even if the reversed Six of Pentacles predicts profit for you, then this is very dubious money – for example, a bribe or an expensive gift that obliges you – which in the end can bring you a lot of problems.
On the Six of Pentacles, in a reversed position, illegal enrichment, unearned expenses, profit at the expense of the poor are taking place. The illusion of winning and the mirage of profit prevent the person from seeing the truth. Greed, envy, the desire to live at the expense of others, sit on their neck. There is a struggle for power in the family, disagreements and quarrels with business partners.
The state of a barrel without a bottom, when no money is enough for all desires and needs. Unreasonable investments, life beyond means, debts, loans at high interest rates, controversial inheritances, financial affairs are very bad, one might say hopeless.
Also, the reversed Six of Pentacles indicates an excess of energy and money, which leads to the destruction of person’s personality. The card indicates the need for a moderate distribution and consumption of resources. There is disharmony between body and soul, or muscle weakness due to sedentary work, or vice versa, degradation of the mind as a result of of physical dominance.

In the Spreads for Different situation

In an Upright Position:
In terms of the situation, Arcana means that everything will go well. You will receive the help or support you need from loved ones or colleagues. Perhaps you will have additional income or a nice gift.
In a Reversed Position:
In the case of the situation, the meaning of such card is ​​unfavorable. You probably won’t get the help you need to fix the problem. Material loss or even theft is possible.

In the Spreads for Relationship

In an Upright Position:
Six of Pentacles in a relationship means harmony, trust and mutual assistance of partners. They accept each other as they are, are ready to listen and respect the opinion of the chosen one, to love unselfishly. Perhaps one partner financially supports the other, but he does it solely out of love, and not for show.
In a Reversed Position:
The reversed Six of Pentacles in love means an uneven distribution of energy in a pair. When one partner gives all the time both morally and materially, while the other partner only takes, giving nothing in return. This bias leads to quarrels, jealousy, resentment or love of convenience.

In the Spreads for Dates

In an Upright Position:
You are one of the donors in this life, so it is easy for you to get acquainted and meet. It’s easy to talk with you. Try to say “no” a little more often.
In a Reversed Position:
Why are you hurting? You hurt someone who really cares about you.

In the Spreads for Family

In an Upright Position:
Generosity and love (the atmosphere of your home) nurtured nobility in you. Apparently, the same people you care about are giving you the support you need.
In a Reversed Position:
You take and take everything without giving anything in return. Calm your selfishness.

In the Spreads for Friendship

In an Upright Position:
Your friend is in need. Fortunately, you are able to help him.

Six of Pentacles. Mirage Valley Tarot by Barbara Moore
Mirage Valley Tarot by Barbara Moore

In a Reversed Position:
Who are you offering a bribe to? Who is trying to bribe you?

In the Spreads for Money

In an Upright Position:
In financial matters, Six of Pentacles tells that you will find money for everything you need, but only in the current situation. If there are any financial problems, they will be successfully solved. Perhaps you will get your loaned money back.
In a Reversed Position:
The reversed Six of Pentacles indicates monetary losses or unexpected expenses. You may not be paid back, or you yourself will have to give the last money. You can be dragged into financial fraud.

In the Spreads for Education

In an Upright Position:
One of your teachers has a special gift – to extract from the depths of your soul all the best that is there. In communicating with him, you discover your nature.
In a Reversed Position:
Stop comparing yourself to your classmates. The only person you have to compete with is yourself.

In the Spreads for Career

In an Upright Position:
In questions for work or career, Six of Pentacles is an auspicious sign. The card means a friendly team, good salary and working conditions, lucrative projects, bonuses, help from management.
In an upright position, the Six of Pentacles indicates a stable course of business, good profit, the successful completion of any project or business. Speaks of complete satisfaction with the current job. Prospects can be expressed both in moving up the career ladder and in increasing earnings.
In a Reversed Position:
The reversed Six of Pentacles in work matters has the opposite meaning to the upright one. Unfriendly team, where they can rat on you, unfair wages, hard work without return, etc.
When the Six of Pentacles card falls out upside down, it may indicate a business that will require significant investments (financial, intellectual, physical), but will not give the expected result, or the inability to manage money. Probably misappropriation of material values ​​or their abuse.

In the Spreads for Health

In an Upright Position:
The Six of Pentacles of the Tarot indicates good health, both physical and psychological. You have good immunity, great mood. If you are sick, the card marks a speedy recovery.
Very good positive prognosis, complete recovery. The crisis is over, health is improving.
In a Reversed Position:
Health problems associated with inharmonious energy distribution. Either the person gives more than he receives, or he saves and does not spend. The balance must be found.
Tendency to diseases of the throat, thyroid gland, diseases in the neck, diseases of the lungs and bronchi, chest, blood. Diseases associated with the nervous system. Frequent neuralgic pains in the arms.

Answer to Yes / No Tarot Spreads

In an Upright Position:
Definitely yes.
In a Reversed Position:
Yes. But for this “yes” you will have to pay something.

Six of Pentacles. Union of Goddesses Tarot
Union of Goddesses Tarot

Self-Development Lesson

You should probably ask yourself if you are as generous to others as possible and if you are fair to yourself. Maybe you need to be kinder to others, as well as pay more attention to those parts of your personality that require more care and respect.

Type of person in an upright position:

The card means a kind, generous, charitable person in words and deeds. At the same time, he does not allow people to manipulate him. He will simply refuse help, regardless of the degree of friendship and kinship. This is an internally free and independent person.

Type of person in a reversed position:

Means a person who is irresponsible, lazy, but greedy. The consumer in its pure form wants to receive all the benefits of the world for free. If a woman falls out, her commercialism goes beyond all reasonable limits. She would do anything to marry a rich man.

Arcana’s warning

Work with your own selfishness. If you do not help people when you have the opportunity, you can also be alone in a difficult situation.

Final Advice of Arcana

Be kind and generous to those who are weaker. Help those in need, the Universe will return you twice as much.

In an Upright Position:
Remember to share with those that are poorer than yourself. Only in this case you will be assured of well-being and prosperity.
In a Reversed Position:
Do not borrow money and do not lend yourself. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing them or falling into debt trap.


The Six of Pentacles Tarot card is a symbol of the need to be kinder to people. Share what you have and the Universe will reward you in full.
It says that the previous problems of the questioner have been resolved. There are indications that he is about to start a new commendable venture (for example, doing charity work), but the same card suggests that he has the opportunities and means for this noble cause.
Describes or predicts an abundance that should be shared. It also describes the questioner as someone who cares for others and uses his wealth to help those in need.
The Six of Pentacles serves both as a lesson on the importance of maintaining balance and maintaining humility. It symbolizes both the ease with which one feels capable of being generous in times of prosperity and the problematic aspects of that generosity. The card also serves to highlight how more effective our actions can be when they are separated from the ego.


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  1. The combination of the Six of Pentacles and the Knight of Cups is very good. This is important help and support. Again, gifts. Much can be done and solved, and in the most blissful atmosphere, everything happens very sincerely. This combination brings to mind the phrase “The world is not without good people.”

  2. Help me to understand! In relationship charts, 6 pentacles very often fall out in the “what one feels” position (and systematically, if for the same person). This desire to give, to use?

    1. From my experience, in relationships, I will say that this card has played itself out more than once as a relationship of convenience (love for $, for gifts, for example, the prototype of a “mistress, kept woman, or gigolo”), as well as an option when someone loves, and someone allows themselves to be loved (as in the Tarot card by R. Waite – one graciously “gives” his feelings, attention, and the other needs them, “looks into the mouth”), another option for patronage in relationships… For me, somehow this lasso has never shown the truth in love, in feelings…It’s still pentacles…, there is more “material, profitable” here than emotional…

      Another possible option is “you-give-me, I-give-you,” i.e., “mutual” relationships, as much as you give, you receive as much. A type of relationship on equal terms, so that everyone receives the same amount of attention from the partner, and not “ game with one goal.” Take a closer look at how this card will show itself in your case ????

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