Two of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Two of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Two of Swords Tarot Card?

The Two of Swords tarot card depicts a woman sitting on a stone dais with her back to the sea. Her eyes are blindfolded, her face is impassive, in her hands are two crossed swords. There is night on the Arcana, the moon is visible in the sky. Far away on the horizon is the shore. It’s either an island, or just the other side of the bay.

This is a pose of balance as well as defense. She does not want to see anything and demands to be left alone. She wants to protect herself from her own thoughts and feelings, because they frighten and irritate her. She expects troubles, but she does not know which ones are coming. She doesn’t want to be touched.

Light Gray Clothing
It symbolizes neutrality, objectivity, calmness, lack of prejudice, balance and justice.

Crossed Arms
Cover the location of the soul. This gesture can also mean blocking, restricting.

White Point on the Forehead
Maybe an indication of the third eye, the higher insights that we open when we learn to maintain a balance between earth and water, dream and reality.

Symbolizes focus on the inner world and blind chance. She is also afraid to face the truth and completely ignores both her emotions and the surrounding reality, refusing to look at anyone or anything.

Two Swords
They symbolize two factors due to which the person closed down (draw 2 more cards to find out what these factors are). They also represent indecision. Two is the number of doubts, hesitations, choices. On the other hand, they, like the woman’s pose, hint at balance.

Crossed Swords are conflicting thoughts that give impetus to the work of consciousness.

Swords Go Beyond Card’s Boundaries
Think globally, act locally! Unconditionality and freedom of mind should not lose touch with the conditioning and practical needs of life. These are wide mental horizons

Smooth Surface of Water
Water is a source of deep inspiration. Also hints at fluidity and mystery. It also symbolizes emotions that are in complete peace and under the control of the mind.

The moon is a symbol of intuition.

Rocky shore
Symbolizes the problems that have arisen.

The Other Shore on the Horizon
It symbolizes the ability to see the other side, to perceive the unconscious in oneself and others, and to be more patient.

This card represents a precarious balance. The young woman’s eyes are blindfolded, and this suggests that she does not want to face some of the obstacles that have arisen. They are personified by stones protruding from the water. However, her posture demonstrates calm detachment and patience. As you pull out this card, you feel the need to balance your rational and intuitive abilities with the lack of courage to break the deadlock into which you have led yourself. You may be looking to protect yourself from someone, even though no one is actually threatening you. This card indicates future problems, unless you decide on the direction of your movement.


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