Queen of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Queen of Cups Tarot Card?

The Queen of Cups is a card that combines the positive watery powers of the suit with the thoughtful and loving nature of the queen. The cup that the queen holds is always closed, which means that the thoughts and feelings associated with this card come from the subconscious.
In the drawing of the Queen of Cups of the Waite Tarot deck, we see a richly dressed woman seated on a throne. In her hands is a golden cup (bowl), a crown is on her head, and a river is at her feet. The element of water is responsible for the world of feelings and emotions, which is the main meaning of the card. The atmosphere of the picture is calm and peaceful.

Card Symbolism

The throne resembles a shell and implies the position of an active listener. Its gray color means that callousness to external ideas can harden the heart. It is also a symbol of spiritual openness and belonging.

Mermaid Angels on the Throne
Symbols of love and the element of Water. It is also a symbol of temptation.

A symbol of openness and impressionability.

Blue and White Clothes
I remind you of sea foam, an attribute of Water and a symbol of intuition.

A symbol of spiritual wealth, the indestructibility of the soul.
A closed cup indicates that the Queen’s thoughts come from the subconscious, as well as that she is emotionally filled and restrained. The cup has Christian symbols. This is probably an allusion to the chalice, a vessel used in the communion ritual.

Lid on the Cup
Hides its contents, indicating that many of the Queen’s creative impulses are unconscious.

Cancer Claws on the Cup
Symbolizes her grip and witchcraft, from which the hero is unlikely to escape. At the same time, the claws are correlated with the images of the White and Black Moon. The White Moon embodies all the highest and most beautiful feelings that a person can experience. The Black Moon embodies jealousy, obsession, anger, base pleasures and sins.

It is a symbol of emotion and intuition.

It symbolizes the subconscious, as well as the absence of selfishness, vast joy, wealth and abundance.

The reign is cyclical. Power comes and goes. These are the ups and downs of life that you need to learn to manage.

Multicolored Pebbles
The ability to manage what seems solid as a stone. After all, water wears away the stone over time.

The Queen of Cups is personifying the feminine aspect of the element of water. It means subtlety of feelings, empathy, imaginative thinking and readiness for self-sacrifice. This Tarot card symbolizes healing, strengthening power, as well as a look inside oneself. Thus, it controls the unconscious powers of the soul. This is a fairy and a wise sorceress who lives within us, a soothsayer who interprets our dreams, a clairvoyant who helps to find the way in the fog. It is sometimes called the “dark card” because the origins of its wisdom are hidden, and it is not possible to cognize them with the help of rational thinking.


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