King of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in King of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The King of Pentacles represents the masculine side of the earth element. Thus, he personifies our desire to possess property, to be confident in the future and in real values, to be in tune with the surrounding reality. For him, the main thing is deeds, not words, dreams or good intentions. This is our striving for the strength and reliability of being, for the ability to constantly turn to what is familiar.
The image of the King of Pentacles in Waite’s Tarot deck is similar to that of the Queen. We see a middle-aged man in rich bright clothes, also sitting on a throne on a sunny day. Around him are bunches of grapes, flowers, greenery. In the hands he holds a Pentacle and a Scepter. The atmosphere of the picture is as warm and calm as the previous figure Pentacles cards – a symbol of safety and harmony.

Card Symbolism

The King of Pentacles shows how much the humanity should appreciate what it possesses, how responsibly it is necessary to approach the possession of something. This King will always help, protect, defend, save and preserve the established boundaries.
Let’s look at the card and see how comfortable is the King on the throne. The majestic and luxurious castle is in the background. The creature under the King’s feet is the enemies that he has defeated. Right hand is holding a golden scepter. The clothes are adorned with bunches of grapes, and the throne is decorated with bovine heads. The heads are an allusion to the zodiac sign of Taurus.

It symbolizes sovereignty, activity, material values, whatever they may be.

Closed Eyes of the King
It is either a meditative state (self-absorption) or a dream. But still, the posture speaks of openness, and that the person has become one with his mission.

King’s Position
Indicates strength and contentment.

Gold Coin
Means wealth at hand. But it can just as easily slip out if you’re not careful. It can also mean a connection between the four elementites of human nature and the higher forces leading them.

Symbolizes a commitment to enjoying life, the potential for self-indulgence.

Indicates power and rational action.

The king is in a secure position and can rest satisfied with the material side of his life.

It symbolizes slow growth and stubbornness, brute strength, aggression, solidity, sensuality, fertility and healthy courage.

Vines, Plants and Flowers
They symbolize abundance and receipt of material wealth, enjoyment of life and sensuality, celebration and enjoyment of material existence.

For a long time, it symbolized hard work, work in the sweat of the brow, and the collection of fruits after a long work.

What you have been able to build cannot be easily destroyed. Symbolizes balance, wealth, security and strength.

The King of Pentacles speaks of stability and strength. Due to the king’s ability to create wealth and wisdom, he finds himself quite unaffected by any daily troubles. Not only is he confident in his own abundance, but he also shares his abundance with others.


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