Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Six of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The Six of Pentacles have a unique location in the Minor Arcana. It symbolizes the ease with which generosity comes when a person is prosperous, but it also symbolizes the good that he does when done modestly.
The image of the Six of Pentacles in Waite’s Tarot deck conveys the meaning of the card very accurately. In the image, we see a man with a scale (symbol of fair distribution) giving coins to a beggar kneeling and asking for help. There are six pentacles around the man. The picture conveys well the meaning of the Arcana – wealth, charity, help to those in need, generosity.
But this does not mean that he donates exactly as much as he measured out – the meaning of the card is that each of us justly gets what we deserve. Arcana also tells of the balance of the soul, which allows the person to be generous and help other people in various troubles.

Card Symbolism

Take a close look at the image. One of the poor gets help. Scales are depicted above the head of another poor man. This tells that not everything is given in life easily, any gifts of fate are not accidental and they are received by the one who deserves it.

A commercial presence or professional identity signifies a transaction that is tangible and not spiritual. In addition, discernment has gained experience, no matter what you have. He is a symbol of wealth and generosity. It is also a symbol of your strengths, talent and experience, something that no one will take away from you, and this is in excess of you, so you can even share with others.

The traditional scales of balance and fairness shown here are slightly out of balance, and their excess on one side is redistributed to bring them back. It is a tool for weighing the pros and cons. The scales also indicate that this is an act of rebalancing, not a sacrifice.

Sign of Blessing
It can mean that charity is like a blessing. It can also have a negative meaning – arrogance, a handout from a high stance.

Pentacles in the Sky
They symbolize ideals not embodied at ground level, but also the potential for such harmony. It is also a symbol of worthwhile wealth, it just does not reach those below.

Others, whose needs require action, are less fortunate people in your life who you support and help.

It can be not only material, but also energetic, when a person is presented with affection, love and support. It is a blessing through exchange. It is also a nurturing of oneself.

City or Castle

In order to get to know better his strengths and weaknesses, the person needs to move away from everyday life. It can also mean that with this alms he helps the poor get to the city. This is like helping in solving a problem and reaching the final point.

The Six of Pentacles symbolizes a person who, out of pride, has arrogated to himself the right to decide who to serve and how much. Moreover, “charity” can be not only material, but also moral: whom to give attention, friendship, love. It can also be spiritual: with whom to share knowledge? He considers himself fair and generous. In fact, he just gratifies his pride: in order to feel strong, he needs the weak. But even these beggars are not so “weak”: perhaps they are just crooks, flattering their patron in order to get more from him.


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  1. The Six of Pentacles in tarot symbolizes generosity, charity, and the balance of giving and receiving. Depicting a figure sharing wealth with others, it encourages acts of kindness, fairness, and gratitude in both material and spiritual aspects of life.

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