Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The Nine of Pentacles is a general sign of encouragement and positive energy. In the Minor Arcana, it is a card that represents happiness, prosperity, and hope.
In the figure of Nine of Pentacles in the Waite Tarot deck we see a middle-aged woman in expensive outfits with a bird perched on her arm. Around her is a vineyard with pentacles growing on the bushes. The whole atmosphere of the picture is sunny and peaceful. It is immediately felt that the main meaning of the card is wealth.

Card Symbolism

The beautiful garden where the woman stands is a reflection of her rosy perspective. But to grow these vines, she first had to climb the treacherous mountains behind her. She fully acknowledges the obstacles that have brought her to this moment and accepts them as part of her journey, leading to a greater sense of calm and contentment.
Despite the obvious splendor that surrounds the woman, she expresses satisfaction and gratitude. Although she enjoys the bright rays of the sun and the sweet scent of grapes, she doesn’t take it for granted.
This woman achieved everything she wanted – and is left alone. This is not because she lost her family and friends. Her spiritual wealth is also great, and she is always ready to help people. But in her development, she has gone so far from them that now they almost do not understand her. She chose this path herself.

Richly Dressed Woman
This is a symbol of wealth.

Long Robe
It symbolizes emotional baggage, as well as success, fertility and romance. It also symbolizes satiety
and lack of mobility. The oversized sleeves may hint at careless work.

Floral Ornament on Dress
The stylized sign of Venus, a symbol of bliss, relaxation, sensual pleasures.

Six Pentacles on One Side and Three on the Other Side
A hint of the Six of Pentacles (giving and receiving) and the Three of Pentacles (the realization of talents).

Symbolizes aristocracy, reason and wisdom. Also personifies an entrepreneurial spirit, business instinct and narrow-mindedness.

Hood on Falcon’s Head
This is a symbol of limitation. It is also a way of meditative accumulation of strength.

Symbolizes the border between the world and the person’s personal space. The position of the woman behind the hedge is a hint that her talents may be hiding from the world. Note that the heroine has her back to the world, and she feels good in her garden.

Two Trees
The presence of these two trees is a symbol of substance and vitality. This is a theme that is reflected in this lively garden scene. Alternatively, their color denotes dehydration, hence neglect.

Symbolizes sensuality, sublime pleasure, joy, pleasure spheres and their realization. Also a symbol of sweet life and fertile endeavors.

Abundant Grape Harvest
Symbolizes wealth, pleasure, success, implementation of the plan.

It symbolizes comfort, inner wealth and confidence, the freedom to set your own pace as you move towards your goals. It can also mean claustrophobia, stalemate and lethargy. On the other hand, it is a symbol of slowing down. It also symbolizes security and privacy. It carries her house with her, It always has somewhere to hide.

The Mountains
A symbol of earthly struggle and trials, an obstacle.

Castle in the Background
Symbolizes wealth, security

Yellow Sky
Concentration on the material world, giving up the pursuit of spiritual truths.

Even in the old days, the Nine of Pentacles was considered a Tarot card of financial success, gain, large and often unexpected profits. Thus, it means a turn for the better, luck and situations that people say: “happiness has fallen”. Along with this, undoubtedly, the favorable value of external luck, it also promises a tangible change in personality (for the better).


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