Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card?

In the figure of Ten of Pentacles in the Waite Tarot deck, we see people of different generations, dogs, architectural structures. Everything is bright and rich. The picture is very bright and warm. There are 10 pentacles in the foreground. The image conveys the atmosphere of prosperity, abundance, unity between people of different ages and animals, joyful feelings. This is the main meaning of the Arcana.
This is a man who has finally found peace. He understands what young people do not yet know: life is just a game. You can win or lose in it, but it really doesn’t matter. Only a wise man is able to to give up the game and return to himself, to his true home. However, wisdom comes only over the years.

Card Symbolism

Sephiroth Tree
It is traced in the position of the pentacles on the card, is a symbol of spiritual maturity.
Referring to the wisdom of generations, the Tree also reminds that each stage of the person’s formation must go through to the end and all the lessons on the path of life and all the experience we have gained cannot be devalued, since it builds maturity and wisdom on it.

Number 10
Ten coins scattered on the tree represent material ideas. It is also a symbol of spiritual wealth.

Three Generations.
The resin of strong family ties.

It symbolizes the change of generations, the antiquity of the clan and a rich heritage.

Well Dressed People
They symbolize well-being.

Old Man
This is knowledge and wisdom through the pursuit of truth in sensuality and pleasure.

Yellow-Green Robe of the Gray-Haired Elder
Speaks about deep Knowledge associated with natural cycles. It also symbolizes the abundance of nature, in a broader sense, the abundance and infinity of the Universe itself.

Symbol of joy and hard work, also of maturity and old age.

A Woman and a Man
These two figures provide dialogue, discussion, playful romance.

Symbolizes the acquisition of basic experience, mastery through acquisition and practice, laying the foundation.

They symbolize fidelity, desire and animal character.

Symbolizes the growth of abundance, material success, pleasure, relaxation, healing, prosperity and family good.

Wall and Arch
These elements symbolize stability, security and protection.

It symbolizes wealth, reliability, protection, stability, home, business, good visibility.

Spear or Staff
It symbolizes readiness, committed actions, but not complete spiritual development. It can also mean support or a long journey.

Two Emblems
One depicts a castle, the other depicts a balanced scale. As a symbol of the fact that nothing has weight.

In a sense, this card symbolizes material prosperity, prestige and family stability. However, representatives of this Ten of Pentacles in the form of the Tree of Life remind us that we are members not only of individual families, but also of the community of spiritual seekers. It is important that in our daily life we strive not only for material well-being and prosperity, but also for spiritual self-realization. The Ten of Pentacles shows that long-term prosperity is based on spiritual wisdom and understanding.


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  1. Thank you for the insightful exploration of the symbolism behind the Ten of Pentacles tarot card! Your article beautifully captures the essence of abundance, stability, and generational wealth depicted in this card, offering a deeper understanding of its significance in tarot readings. I appreciate how you delve into the various interpretations and connect them to real-life scenarios, providing valuable insights for both tarot enthusiasts and those new to the practice. Looking forward to reading more from Esoteric Hut!

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