Six of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Six of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Six of Swords Tarot Card?

The drawing on the card of Waite’s deck is rather ambiguous. The meaning is difficult to understand from the picture. We see a young man driving a boat that floats on the river. A child and a hooded figure, presumably a woman, are sitting in the boat, bent over. Six swords are stuck in the bow of the boat. The course of the river is calm, the helmsman is confidently holding the oar, there are no visible dangers, but the figures are bent silently and sadly, as if they were swimming across the Styx itself. People are depressed because they were in trouble, but they managed to survive and save the most valuable thing – the child.
The image of Six of Swords conveys the atmosphere of sadness and care. This is not to say that this is the path to a bright future. What will happen next is not yet clear. It is rather a breakaway from the past.
This picture symbolizes the state when the soul is brought into harmony and moves towards a new perspective under the guidance of the mind.

Card Symbolism

A boat
It is an image of the conscious mind’s control over the waters of the unconscious.

Three in a Boat
These people symbolize deliberate effort, trust and non-interference.

Sad Passenger Pose
It says that they are not running from a good life.

Back view
They are turned with their backs, which means one-sided thinking.

These are new opportunities. It is also an unconscious decision, or something that happens to you. This can mean addiction, lack of self-sufficiency. But also openness to new experiences and miracles.

Woman Under the Bedspread
This is the soul of a person. Also, her posture means a passive component, devotion and trust. But it means indecision, feelings of inferiority, and letting others decide for themselves. On the other hand, it is patience, openness to the flow of events.

Hero Leading the Boat
This is the mind of a person, this is an active constituent and active principle. He is the symbol of our spirit. He is a mediator between the worlds.

Black Pole
Symbolizes the ability to stand firmly on the ground. Also means unknown.

These are the waters of the unconscious.

Two Different Kinds Of Water
Moving and calm waters mean transformation and change.

Calm Water
Means a calm crossing, also emotional balance. All new.

Stormy Water
It symbolizes the current defeats, everything old.

Swords in a Boat
They symbolize the burden of past experience. It is also old biases and thinking patterns that you carry with you in new situations. This mental ballast does not allow you to see the situation clearly.

All Swords are Balanced in the Boat
This means that stability has returned after a period of difficulties.

Blurred Shoreline
Hints to the unknown ahead: will the characters’ hopes come true?

Symbolizes a gloomy mood.

Blue and Gray Colors
They symbolize neutrality, lack of distortion, serenity, clear consciousness. They can also mean apathy, clouded thinking and attachment to the old.

The card speaks of a difficult spiritual development, a transition to a new level of consciousness.
This card combines the symbolism of the number Six, associated with balance, as well as motherhood and marriage, with Swords, which often indicate struggle and failure. If you pulled out the Six of Swords, this suggests that after failures it is important to move on. You are recovering from grief and loss, but harmony will eventually prevail. This journey through the water, symbolizing human consciousness, will become a journey of learning and personal development. You will come out of your difficulties much wiser and more mentally balanced.

The Flower line. Tarot

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  1. 🙂 And in the old days it was believed that this was a card of brides – nerves on the eve of the wedding, on suitcases with a dowry, and if only everything went well.

    1. By the way, in the old days it was believed that this was the most perfect card for newlyweds :). The transition to a new way of life, and a subtle detail! – under the leadership of a man. He rows and steers, and the woman sits quietly, pretending to be a rag… She herself seemed to want to be transported to the other side and ordered this trip herself, but she no longer has any control. The initiative passes to the husband, he makes all the decisions about what to do and how to do it. Perhaps the questioner will be faced with the fact that he, as the head of the family, will show himself very clearly after the wedding;)

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