Four of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

Four of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Four of Wands Tarot Card?

The Four of Wands corresponds to a period of peace and quiet, during which we open ourselves towards life and its joys. We are confident in our own safety, and therefore are ready to leave the “fortress walls” and go out into the outside world. This means communication, entertainment, pleasure and joy of life, as well as the opening of our “I” to meet the world, a feeling of deep connection with other people.
The card invites us to joy and fun, as it were. Life is beautiful, a holiday awaits us! Friendship, love, good human relations dawn on our path. Friends and close people are waiting for us – let’s go to them, they need us.
The Ryder Waite’s Tarot card Four of Wands depicts a wreath of flowers adorning four wands stuck in the ground. In the background there are figures of two people with flowers in their hands, who represent the celebration. Their hands are raised up as if they are celebrating a recent achievement or event. In addition, they are close to each other, which indicates a close connection between them. Several people are depicted in the background of the card. They are celebrating an event, which indicates the importance of strengthening the connection with others, and not the desire to achieve everything alone.

Card Symbolism

Either the wands are too big, or the people are too small. This can be considered as a warning that something is preventing you from becoming great and reaching your goal, you can get lost in the crowd.

They can mean the position of the place of power. They form a gate, you can get into them if you just want to.

Two Figures
It symbolizes friendship, relationships, cheerful company, perhaps a new acquaintance, the emergence of love interest, an ally and support, trust and hospitality.

Flower Bouquets
This is beauty for the sake of beauty, pleasure for the sake of pleasure, a lot of good, material well-being and good luck. They symbolize will in action.

Flower Garland and Fruits
They symbolize victory, celebration, joy, renewal, change of seasons. They also mean that what you wanted was achievable. Your efforts have borne fruit, your goals have been achieved.

Grape Bunches
They symbolize the sweet life.

Yellow Sky
This color speaks of novelty and light. It means that the holiday takes place at sunrise or sunset. Reminds of the Sun – this is the color of joy.

Symbolizes stability, strength, security, reliability, confidence, success, material well-being, wealth, personal heritage, social success and improved status is also implied.

People Heading to the Fortress
Personalize friends, family, and help. Acceptance, to be accepted.

Number four is associated with stability, order, regularity, and predictability. This number is also closely related to the material world and its four main elements (fire, earth, water and air).

This card symbolizes harmony, peace and prosperity, as well as a job well done. In addition, it can mean recovery from hardship or consolidation time following a period of prolonged effort. You need to regain your strength before moving on to the next stage. Nevertheless, you may well be enjoying the results of the hard work that you have done. This card means that your relationship is stable and that love can end in marriage.


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  1. In the position “general characteristics of the day” there are 4 wands. Today was a concert, a holiday. We were preparing for it. This was our goal today.

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