Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

What does the Queen of Wands card mean in a Tarot Reading?

The Queen of Wands represents the feminine side of the fire element. Thus, she symbolizes self-confidence, peace with oneself, feline affection, indicating more intelligence than opportunism. The Queen of Wands is always on her own, but she is open to everything new and easy-going. The pride that controls her personality gives her great inner strength, but makes her vulnerable to criticism and any offensive remarks. It symbolizes the joy of life and the thirst for happiness to such an extent that it can result in a pure thirst for pleasure, in an escape into the world of illusions and in the most wasteful waste of mental strength.

Goal: Self-realization
Element: Fire
Planet: Saturn, Sun, Moon
Astrological sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius


The proud lady sits on her throne. Indeed, her title is called Queen of the Thrones of Fire. She is restrained and cold-blooded, at the same time approachable and popular. In her right hand she holds a wand, and in her left hand is a sunflower, which symbolizes her closeness to the world of Nature. Lions are engraved on the armrests of her throne, reminding us of her association with the astrological sign of Leo. In the foreground is a black cat, which is a symbol of power and restraint.
(For a detailed depiction, analysis of the Symbols and all Elements of the Queen of Wands Tarot Card, click here)

The Main Meanings of the Card In an Upright Position

Key Words and Phrases

Queen of the heart and home. Love of life. Majesty. Powerfulness. Ambition.

Queen of Wands Tarot

Center of attention. Social status. Popularity. Love for sex. Self-affirmation. Demonstrativeness. Competence. Leadership ability. Good business sense. Multilateral interests. Indefatigability. Passion. Warmth. Liveliness. Courage. Enterprise. Confidence. Providence. Success in business. Love for home. Independence of thoughts. Generosity. Love for nature. The power of positive thinking.

The main meanings of the card in an upright position

denotes a woman with a generous, open soul, kind and faithful;
“amazonian woman”;
balanced character;
the ability to act with courage and authority;
rigor and fairness;
striving for freedom and independence;
there is strength to solve new big problems;
open to everything;
initiative in making new contacts and renewing old ones;
“business lady”;
love of luxury;
country dweller, mistress;
economy, honesty, courtesy, meekness, virtue;
truthfulness, chastity;
caring, friendly, kind woman, worthy of love and respect;
sociability, independence and love for the hearth;
striving for business success;
a woman with authority, experience, power and money, associated with the business sphere of the querent’s life;
a professional woman in her field, who has achieved a lot, is independent;
independence, striving for prosperity, financial success.

Queen of Wands. Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan
Witchcraft Tarot by Ellen Dugan

Situation and Advice

An attractive, sane woman can give you good advice. The energy, independence of thought, kindness and generosity of the Queen of Wands promise the successful completion of any project that is started. She is a woman who understands business and is determined to make a career. She can also be the soul of the company. This Queen is an extrovert who enjoys healthy and inspiring competition. She is able to create an atmosphere of confidence around herself, which attracts others to her.

Persons designated by Upright Queen of Wands Tarot Сard

Businesswoman. A woman determined to move up the corporate ladder. A single woman with a good social status. A female boss or leader. A sane, mature woman, always ready to help. A woman who loves to command. A defender who will jealously defend the personal interests and the interests of her friends. Lively, energetic, cheerful and happy woman. An attractive mature woman. Entrepreneur. A woman involved in many projects. A devoted wife and mother. A married woman with a lot of energy and enthusiasm who successfully runs a household, but whose interests also extend beyond it. Beloved friend, always ready to help. A sincere, witty, but sometimes sarcastic and aggressive woman, ready to defend her like-minded people. Kind, loyal, generous, self-confident woman who loves competition and business. She likes to be in the spotlight, but she loves and values ​​her home and family just as much. Provincial. Queen of the stage.

The Main Meanings of the Card In a Reversed Position

Key Words and Phrases

Selfishness. Limited thinking. Excessive ambition. Jealousy. Demandingness. Groundless rivalry. A tendency to deceive. Malice. Mood swings. A tendency to manipulate. Seduction. Deceit. Directness. Domination. Disorganization. Infidelity. Inability to trust a woman. Cruelty. Focus on herself. Emotional manipulation. Intervention. Paranoia. Irritability. Hatred of male power. Nervousness. Extreme manifestation of feminism. The end determines the means. Posing.

The main meanings of the card in a reversed position

“business woman” who sacrifices a lot for the sake of a ghostly idea, success;
narrow-mindedness, stubbornness, despotism;
misplaced ambition;
helpfulness, courtesy;
good deed, service, favor;
a kind woman, but realizing her superiority, thrifty, punctual, helpful;
domineering personality, self-confidence;
business woman, intriguer;
arrogance, snobbery;
envy of other people’s successes and material benefits;
treason, deception.

Situation and Advice

A nervous and inflexible woman can interfere with your plans, insisting that everything should happen the way she wants. Such women, whose ambitions are unreasonably large, can use any means to get what they want.

Queen of Wands.  Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli
Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Emotional blackmail may be used against you or your loved ones in order to thwart any attempts at independent action. Do not stick your nose into matters of others. Don’t try to impose your values ​​on others.

Persons designated by the Reversed Queen of Wands Tarot Сard

A temperamental woman, prone to frequent nervous attacks, who is not inferior to anyone and does everything in her own way. A woman endowed with business qualities. A woman who loves to lead. She is tough, strict and possibly unfaithful. A woman who meddles in other people’s affairs. Gossipers. Bad listeners. Those who believe they are always right, even if they are wrong. Cutesy people, inclined to teach morals and impose their values ​​on others.

In the Spreads

Usually the Queen of Wands denotes a specific woman with the flavor of an ideal Queen: self-confidence, responsibility, intelligence, generosity, caring for others, etc. She easily wins the recognition and respect of people.
Also, in fortune-telling on certain circumstances, the meaning of the Tarot card Queen of Wands is that at the current moment in time it is necessary to show the qualities listed above, act without doubt and believe in the best.
The values ​​of an uprigt and a reversed card differ in polarity. This practice is not used by many Tarot card readers, but its application is much more accurate in working with Tarot.

In an Upright Position

The Queen of Wands is a woman in adulthood, practical, generous and outgoing, independent in nature, yet showing a strong affection for home and family. This card may represent the querent himself or, depending on the spread, someone else, on whom the querent depends or who he turns to for advice and assistance. The Queen of Wands Tarot card is a noble, friendly and educated woman. Demonstrates a love of luxury. She sympathizes with the questioner and is ready to help with money or advice, or both. A business woman or a wealthy woman who knows how to handle money for her own benefit and for the good of her family. An economical, serious woman, a good advisor. This is the right time to take an important step in your field, especially in business or finance.
The Queen of Wands in the Tarot spread symbolizes a woman from the business environment of the querent: experienced, educated, insightful, practical, who has achieved a lot in her field. This could be your colleague, boss, or just an acquaintance business woman. Depending on the spread, the Queen of Wands may also indicate a figure from your personal environment (a relative or an acquaintance) but even in this case she will have great authority in the eyes of others and a strong financial position.
In an upright position, the Queen of Wands (more precisely, the figure she points to) promises you support, protection, good advice and even material assistance. If you take advantage of her offer, your business will definitely go uphill.
In the Tarot spreads, the Queen of Wands symbolizes the desire to be a leader, accompanied by ambition and pride. The card falls out almost always when it finds the questioner to be an ambitious person, striving to arrange his career and life in the best possible way. She is also attracted to people who are interested in something, with burning eyes.
The Queen of Wands card in an upright position can be interpreted as strategic plans, intense dynamics, a clear and steady improvement in the situation. The Arcana symbolizes the need for decisive and quick action, as well as the opportunity and need for support from the person who is characterized by the card. Sometimes the Queen of Wands symbolizes the joy of life and the thirst for happiness to such an extent that it can result in a pure thirst for pleasure, in flight into the world of illusion and in the most wasteful waste of mental strength.
Career, success, popularity – the Queen of Wands appears when it comes to this. And her appearance is a good sign, which means that everything is going like clockwork. The following cards after her will tell about the events of the present, about what has gained momentum and is approaching the final stage of development.
The cards next to them tell about what has already begun. The Queen of Wands is a card that responds to perspectives, phenomena that are intensifying, processes that develop and go to their maximum mark.

In a Reversed Position:

In the case of a reversed Tarot card, the Queen of Wands is dominated by the fiery nature of the suit of Wands. The reversed Queen of Wands is a narrow-minded, cruel and domineering woman. She has a very high opinion of her talents, obsessive, doing little good. Like anyone who is easily offended and harbors anger, she can be a dangerous enemy. The card also speaks of treachery in relationships with people. The reversed Tarot card of the Queen of Wands is a dangerous enemy, as she relies on reason in her confrontation, not on emotion. It is especially dangerous if there is a threat to her position, business or family.
This position of the card will indicate the deformation of the mentioned positive qualities. A high position in society leads to despotism and selfishness. The person becomes arrogant, limited, cruel, unable to show empathy and care.
In a reversed position, the Queen of Wands points to a woman from the environment of the querent who has money, power and can become a dangerous competitor or enemy. It can be a strict boss or a colleague who is hatching ambitious plans, aiming at your place, or just trying to harm you.

Queen of Wands. Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

In addition, the reversed Queen of Wands card in the Tarot spread can also mean a woman from your personal environment (family, friends, acquaintances). In this case, its main features remain the same: imperiousness, rigidity, ambition, striving for material wealth. To achieve her goals, she is able to go over people’s heads, without stopping at anything.
The Queen of Wands in this position can be compared to a black cat. As the latter tries to cross the person’s path and ruin an event or day, so the Queen does not want the questioner, who is most likely her rival, to be rewarded with success. She questions the person’s luck.
The reversed Queen of Wands needs to constantly fight for herself, her self-realization. In a good meaning, a reversed card speaks of good deeds that the questioner is unable to do due to the interference of certain factors.
If this card does not represent a certain person, then you should be careful, especially when it comes to important issues (business, etc.), do not step, if possible, on people’s feet. Deception, infidelity, jealousy. Greed and envy.
Here Arcana means excessive independence, impulsiveness, underestimation of difficulties and lack of experience.

In the Spreads for Different situation

In an Upright Position:
In spreads for a specific situation, the Queen of Wands encourages you to show your best features. Act confidently and accurately, approach business responsibly and thoughtfully, do not be afraid of anything and you will achieve high results.
In a Reversed Position:
In fortune-telling about the situation, the reversed Arcana of the Queen of Wands warns that you can ruin everything because of your emotions, selfishness or vanity. Analyze your behavior before taking real steps.

In the Spreads for Relationship

In an Upright Position:
The upright Queen of Wands in spreads for love means a mature relationship, mutual respect and trust, lack of confrontation, reciprocity of feelings. Both partners are ready to give in and listen to each other. Their relationship is lively, vibrant and long.
The Queen of Wands in an upright position means openness to everything new, readiness for dialogue, for the free exchange of thoughts and feelings, which can mean both the establishment of new, lively and fruitful contacts, and a noticeable revival of the old union. Sometimes the card says that one of the partners is in a position of power in the relationship. But this power is secret, non-suppressive, passively dominating through acting and intrigue.
In a Reversed Position:
The reversed Queen of Wands in love and relationships means the selfishness of one or both partners. Hence jealousy, dependence, stubbornness, the desire to subjugate the loved one.
The Queen of Wands card in a reversed position is jealousy, vanity, self-centeredness, cruelty, and sometimes insincerity and deceit. Arcana can be interpreted as a desire to put a loved one in a dependent position, to dominate him. Sometimes, however, the reversed Queen of Wands reports only about excessive frugality and a certain amount of indifference to the desires and needs of other people.

In the Spreads for Money

In an Upright Position:
In the financial sector, everything is good. Deserved earnings and good chances of additional income.
In a Reversed Position:
In terms of finance, spending on emotions, problems with obtaining funds are possible.

In the Spreads for Career

In an Upright Position:
In the question about work, the Queen of Wands has the best interpretation. This is self-realization, new opportunities, and effective projects / cooperation. High chances for career growth and leadership position.
The Queen of Wands in an upright position is the desire for freedom and independence. Here the Queen of Wands shows that at the moment you are open to any contacts, unbiased and ready to take on new big tasks, the strength to solve which is now quite enough. In addition, the Queen of Wands means excellent prospects for starting your own business, working for yourself.

Queen of Wands. The Tarot of Vampyres [With Phantasmagoria] by Ian Daniels
The Tarot of Vampyres [With Phantasmagoria] by Ian Daniels

In a Reversed Position:
In the career sphere, the reversed Queen of Wands symbolizes the wrong choice of an occupation that does not bring satisfaction, or difficulty in work due to stubbornness and ill-considered behavior.
The Queen of Wands card in a reversed position speaks of an unsuccessfully chosen direction of activity, a complex character, which represents the person in the eyes of those around him as a tyrant and egoist. Sometimes Arcana is interpreted as irrepressible greed.

In the Spreads for Health

In an Upright Position:
Good health, strong immunity and good vitality. Be attentive to the nervous and cardiovascular system, avoid overexertion.
Good health, high vitality.
In a Reversed Position:
The reversed Queen of Wands in questions for health matters can indicate hidden diseases or abnormalities. In general, the card does not carry a negative meaning, but it is better to listen to yourself or check with a doctor.
The development of the disease. Both sudden onset of illness and unexpected recovery can occur.

Answer to Yes / No Tarot Spreads

In an Upright Position:
In a Reversed Position:

Self-Development Lesson

Explore the sources of your own power and set your own limits (boundaries). If you are a woman, be calm about your emotional needs. If you are a man, you are already in contact with the feminine aspects of your personality and acknowledge them as a source of inspiration.

Type of person in an upright position:

The card indicates a middle-aged woman (35-45 years old). Hair (natural color) light brown, red or brown, often soft, curly. The eyes are gray, green, or light brown. Height is high, the figure is slender, but devoid of graceful forms.
Married woman. Usually a mother with experience (there are teenage children). Likes to spend time with younger brothers and sisters, nephews, children of friends.

Queen of Wands. The Game of Thrones Tarot
The Game of Thrones Tarot

She does not like children completely alien to her and does not let her close to her. Appreciates coziness and comfort, at the same time is unpretentious in everyday life.
She herself rarely opens her soul to anyone. Not because of distrust of people, but because she herself knows what she needs from life and how to behave in a given situation. The Queen of Wands is more than condescending to human weaknesses, but she is strict with herself. At the same time, gloomy pessimism is alien to her. The Queen of Wands is a realist in life.
Regardless of gender, the character traits of the person indicated by this card are pride, generosity, friendliness. Strives to be in harmony with the law and conscience. Honor, loyalty and dignity are not an empty phrase for him. In harsh living conditions, he becomes straightforward and speaks the truth, without smoothing out the corners.

Type of person in a reversed position:

Divorced or never married middle-aged woman. The card draws a typical portrait of a not-so-young provincial woman who is waiting for a prince as her husband, forgetting that she herself has never been a princess. By nature, regardless of gender, the person is aggressive, malevolent, greedy.

Arcana’s warning

Avoid overconfidence and selfishness. This can prevent you from achieving the desired result.

Final Advice of Arcana

You have all the necessary abilities to become the creator of your destiny. Set a goal and boldly go forward.

In an Upright Position:
Show friendliness and consideration to those around you. At the same time, do not allow them to ride on you, healthy egoism will help you.
In a Reversed Position:
You should finally humble the pride. Because of it, many mistakes have already been made. Stop putting pressure on others, otherwise you will face a tough rebuff.


The Queen of Wands gives you a reason to think about what qualities of a leader you have, and what else you have to work on. Can you act confidently and responsibly without being afraid of difficult situations.
It symbolizes self-confidence, peace with oneself, feline affection, indicating intelligence rather than adaptability.
The Queen of Wands is always on her own, but she is open to everything new and easy-going.


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  1. The Queen of Wands in the position of financial position showed financial dependence on a business woman, the querent’s mother.

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