Symbolism of The Temperance in Tarot

Symbolism of Temperance in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in Temperance Tarot Card?

The card depicts an Angel with two goblets in his hands, their contents are always poured from one bowl to another. Life shimmers in the same way. A beam of light or the Sun, located on the Angel’s forehead, controls the flow of water, which, as it rises, returns to the earth in the form of rain.
The explanation of Temperance is associated with the shape of a circle. It personifies the creative process that changes the world, redistributes resources in it, provides a constant flow of forces in nature, and mixes various elements.
The Arcana depicts a Spiritual Guide that says what is good and where is the measure. This is the Guardian Angel, leading on the right path and instilling confidence in actions.
He has two wings behind: this is the Angel of Time, the “Solar Genius” as they called him in the old days.
He went through the kingdom of shadows, leaving far behind his body, his shadow, and his past. Now he is focused on the fly into the future, gathering forces that are few, but enough to reach his goal and get to the kingdom of light and sun. The river in front of which he stands is one of the rivers of the underworld, but not Lethe, the river of oblivion, but the Styx, the waters of which the Greek gods swore by. This gives him hope.
This Arcana denotes the connection between the Sun and the Moon (the spheres of consciousness and unconsciousness, masculine and feminine). This idea is embodied on the card by the two cups, gold and silver, while the stream flows from one to the second. The idea grows into the spiritual sphere, and then leads to the embodiment of ideas. The liquid flowing between the vessels is the nectar of immortality.
In some decks, a cauldron is drawn on Temperance, which is a source of transformation. Changes do not just happen, a person needs to work in order to be reborn again.

Archetype: Time.

Symbolism of The Temperance

Archangel Michael
The ruler of souls. Symbolizes restraint and avoidance of extremes in anything. This is a Divine action on Earth.

The figure of an Angel expresses serenity and tranquility.

Golden Halo Around the Head, and at the end of the path he follows, there is another. These halos represent spiritual enlightenment indicating that one must follow the current path in order to receive light.

The angel has one foot on the ground, representing the material world, the other in the water, representing unconsciousness, spiritual consciousness. How they connect the spiritual and the material.

White Robe
The symbol of a virtuous adept, in the image of which the Archangel pours out.

Star on the Forehead
Symbolizes light.

Triangle enclosed in a square
The symbol of the spirit hidden in matter. A symbol of striving for the ideal.

The letters J, H, V, H are written above the square.
This is a tetragram of the name of God.

Wings of Sky Blue color
Air Symbol

These are seemingly contradictory elements of the spiritual and real world, conscious and subconscious, man and woman, but the picture shows that they are one and the same. These are symbols of the inexhaustible flow of vitality in nature and the need for constant mixing of opposites to sustain life.

Means our emotions

Pouring Water from One Cup to Another
Reflects the substance of life, flowing from the visible world to the invisible. Illustrates the need to consider the feelings of both sides and go with the flow. This is the search for the right proportion.

Shows the search for the spirit. It personifies the ongoing process of understanding the world, which occurs due to the complex work of a person on himself.

The rising Sun, which is shaped like a crown
Spiritual revival symbol. Indicates spiritual rebirth, the dawn of consciousness, the Mystery of Eternal Life. This is our spiritual home and the world where our soul comes from.

Crown outline
Denotes the secret of eternal life.

Blooming irises
A symbol of rejection of illusions. Also is a symbol of purity and integrity.

The road that rises from the lake
Indicates the path of Moderation. On this road, the Angel leads the soul to the Highest Goal.

Hills and Shrubs
Indicate unlimited possibilities that can be realized by successfully connecting past and present events.

Number “14”
The number “14” is associated with this card, which implies the need to control oneself in order to achieve harmony.
The meaning of the number 14 in numerology imposes a certain life task on a person. And it consists in fostering restraint, the ability to take responsibility for their actions, the search for mental and emotional stability. A person needs to learn to stay focused, forgive others for mistakes, put things in order in his life, abandon the role of an “eternal seeker” and to be able to resist any temptations. They need to realize that change is great, but in order to go through it, it is not necessary at all to completely cut ties with the past. If you are attracted by a new activity, take it up as a hobby without quitting your existing job. If the relationship is eaten up by everyday life, find a way to paint them again with bright colors without parting or betrayal. If you are tired of the environment, it is not necessary at all to move to another apartment, you just need to make repairs.

The Arcana depicts a Spiritual Guide who says what is good and where is the measure. This is the Guardian Angel, leading on the right path and instilling confidence in actions.
This card symbolizes the path of right ascension to the state of spiritual enlightenment. Michael is the Archangel of Fire, and this element is closely related to Tiphereth, the seat of the spiritual Sun. Sagittarius, who is also a sign of Fire, rules this path on the Tree of Life. In ancient Greek mythology, iris flowers were dedicated to Iris, the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. The rainbow, among other things, is also a symbol of God’s promise to humanity. Mixing or adjusting one thing with another is inherently creating balance and harmony. On the Tree of Life, T is the area of ​​spiritual harmony.
The card teaches us that we can access deeper parts of ourselves by giving up the chaos of surplus. This is illustrated by the moments when we learn to get rid of distractions and feed ourselves with our own truth. As in the previous Death card, this path is not easy, but life’s challenges teach how best to focus on yourself and build on your strengths.
Temperance Tarot asks you to focus on what is really important and channel your energy accordingly. This shows how reflection itself can open us to the world, replenishing our abilities without depleting them. The Temperance Tarot card shows how we can remove obstacles in life, become truly bright, and widen your horizons.

The Flower line. Tarot

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  1. Maureen Sterlin

    Very helpful thank you. It left me wondering if these listed can be male or female, especially Michael. It can be most confusing to me.

    1. In the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the figure depicted on the Temperance card is often interpreted as androgynous or gender-neutral. e gender ambiguity of the figure reflects the idea that Temperance represents harmony, moderation, and the blending of diverse elements. In many interpretations, the focus is more on the symbolic meaning of Temperance rather than the gender of the figure depicted.

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