Three of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Three of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Three of Swords Tarot Card?

The Three of Swords Tarot card most often depicts a heart pierced by three swords. Repeating its pain, rain falls from the clouds in the background. This card reminds us that the world is based on contradictions, and its rational comprehension, like cognition in general, is associated with sorrow: any law, even the law of being, is harsh and imposes responsibility on a person. But the rain is about to end: the sun is peeping through the clouds.
The symbolism of the card is simple, and its basic meaning is obvious. Three swords are too many for one heart. In addition to heartache, the Arcana can mean bitter truth, sacrifice, a wise but difficult decision, exalted love and a passionate desire to achieve something.

Card Symbolism

Heart desires, passions, feelings.

Pierced Heart
Indicates emotional shock.

Compared to swords, the heart is quite huge. This means you have a big heart. Protect yourself and do not let yourself be offended.

A painful experience, a decision, but they are right and necessary.

These are our goals, unfulfilled fantasies, as well as unnecessary fantasies with which we should already end and start living.

Lighter Areas in the Dark
Symbolize a ray of hope.

Symbolizes dull prospects, as well as sadness and grief.
But the rain is about to end: the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds. And this is the guarantee that sadness and sorrow will dissipate like clouds after rain.
Also, rain symbolizes the road between heaven and earth.

Grey Sky
Symbolizes neutrality, objectivity, calmness, lack of prejudice, poise and fairness. It can also mean blurred thinking, unconsciousness, apathy, lack of expression.

Three of Swords describes a difficult situation that has reached its climax, but we feel a sense of relief because we can finally heal the wound that is tormenting us.
This process is essential, and knowing that we will only benefit from it will help us heal the wound.
The Three of Swords helps us assess the prospects for the current situation. We are able to see things in a brighter light, despite the fact that we are still going through dark times.
We can no longer deceive ourselves, and our inner vision allows us to see problems in their full size, and not magnified when looking at them through the prism of our longing and pain.
This card makes it clear that the tests we are going through are a prerequisite for our future growth.
At the end of adversity, we will be able to erase their traces completely and relive happier times with a renewed soul.


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