Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Four of Pentacles Tarot Card?

Four of Pentacles is a Tarot card of a stable financial situation, complete control over the situation.
In the drawing from Waite’s Tarot deck on the card, we see a man sitting on a pedestal and frozen with a pentacle in his hands. His legs stand on two more pentacles, the fourth pentacle is above his head. The man’s face, like the atmosphere of the whole image, expresses the main meaning of the Arcana – possession.

Card Symbolism

The character of this card is a materialist. His calm expression can mask dangerous complacency. He appreciates and holds tight to what he has.

Location of the Character at Some Distance from the City
This personifies the distance between the individual and society. The smaller this distance, the greater the likelihood of conflict.

Seated Figure
Strong, commanding and well-dressed, this man clearly has the best that money can buy. This symbolizes resilience.

Character’s Slouch
This is a warning against false humility and restraint.

Black Robe
A warning against being too withdrawn.

Violet Tunic
This is an unusual color for the deck. It can also mean the transformation of manure into gold.

Pentacle on the Head
A decoration that condemns you to immobility.

Pentacle in the Hand
This is reluctance to share. For the character, this is something like a shield. It can also mean cycling in one place, routine.

Pentacles Under Feet
It is a symbol of newfound reliability.

Crown and Throne
The value of royalty as well as the legacy of power. In some ways, it can also mean a lonely ruler or even a curmudgeon.

It is a symbol of mastery of one’s craft, professionalism, but it can also have negative meanings, such as selfishness, boastfulness and a desire to exalt oneself.

Rich City
This speaks to the wealth of generations, inheritance and financial legacy from the distant past, as well as isolation from society. A symbol of earthly power, well-being, comfort, stability.

City Towers
Observation, vigilance, protection, safety, power, also untested narcissism and neuroticism, isolation.

Grey Sky
A symbol of lack of awareness, emotional indifference and neglect of one’s own desires and aspirations. Also symbolizes impartiality and neutrality in everything.

Number Four
A number that denotes the stability of the earth element, a stable base, confidence, reliability, the potential for stubbornness and resistance to change.

Four of Pentacles means an excessive concern for the future, manifested in greed, stinginess and a deep-rooted fear of any change. This “attitude” is inherently hostile to life, because any attempts to “stop the moment”, to keep everything as it is, are not only in vain, but also contrary to the natural course of things. Thus, this card usually indicates that we have one step left to stagnation, and is often a harbinger of the Tower (16), which means the breaking of the hardened crust. If the Four of Pentacles is in a position that requires us to behave like this, it means that at the moment we need to concentrate, limit ourselves in something, retreat – or, having got down to business, not letting go of it.


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