Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Three of Pentacles Tarot Card?

Three of Pentacles represents completion or satisfaction. This often indicates an opportunity to work with others or on a job that brings satisfaction.
The image of the Three of Pentacles in Waite’s Tarot deck is highly controversial. No one can say for sure what each of their figures means and who these people are. The student of the architect, the monk and, apparently, the master himself is clearly visible. They interact with each other in the process of decorating the wall of the temple. The moment of communication is clearly traced in the picture of the Three of Pentacles. In fact, it is the main meaning of the Arcana – joint work and cooperation.
This card tells that a temple cannot be built alone, or whether it is a home, a business, or a human life. The architect is a person who must make decisions. Two friends help him: one with their wisdom, the other with their humor. The card indicates the importance of joining efforts, exchanging opinions in any matter, even the most individual.

Card Symbolism

Traditionally, the card is saturated with Masonic symbols and associated with the archetype of the Great Architect and sacred architecture. It depicts a representative of the church hierarchy, a jester, and an architect. There is an opinion that the card denotes discipleship, dedication, ascent in spiritual development, initiative.
It is believed that the card speaks of three main qualities: virtue and conscience (priest), professionalism and skill (architect), and sense of humor, so as not to take all events seriously (jester).

This is the initiation step, the apprentice exam. This scene tells us about the need for moral self-improvement and about professional success, skill and the area of ​​the chosen craft. It also suggests thoughts about spiritual improvement, victory over life circumstances.

This is the one who makes the decisions. The symbol of the skilled worker denotes skill, craftsmanship or a job well done.

Purple Tunic
A symbol of royalty, or rather the power, authority and knowledge of the student.

Monk and Jester
Two friends of the architect who help him: one with wisdom, the other with humor. It is also a dedication to discovering the true calling.

Plan in the Hands
This is a blueprint for future projects.

Rough Stone
This is a symbol of a person who has the potential and a lot of extra breed that must be cut off and leave only the true calling.

Black Pentacles
Developing skills without focusing on material gain, hiding them from fear, or misusing them. Talents remain underestimated or forgotten, or they are not yet recognized, not revealed to the world.

It is a place of work or completion of a project or goal.

Using what’s available to better understand the world. A familiar world from a new perspective.

Black background
It is a symbol of mystery, enigma.

Number three in Tarot usually means other people are involved, so the Three of Pentacles can be applied to tasks that are client-oriented or involve collaboration with others, such as construction.
Due to the black background, the Three of Pentacles is often considered an “unlucky card”. However, on the contrary, it means a successfully passed exam, a necessary and useful experience. Unlike the Eight of Pentacles, which personifies the Apprentice, the Three is already an Apprentice. Thus, it shows that we have already reached a new level of knowledge, characterized not only by the desire to learn, but also by some accumulated experience. This is the successful completion of the period of study or work, the transition to the next category.


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