Five of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Five of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Five of Cups Tarot Card?

The Arcana Five of Cups depicts a figure, most likely a male, in a dark cloak, with his head lowered, standing on one of the banks of the river. Despair overtook him. Near the feet are five cups, three of which have fallen, and two of them continue to stand. The person depicted does not notice this, since he is in a state of mourning or loss. A castle is depicted on the other side. The farther distance from the man, divided by a stormy river, may indicate that the emotions of despair have overwhelmed, thereby alienating the person from the reality of life and from loved ones.

Card Symbolism

Five of Cups is a card of loss. This, however, is not just a discouraging warning. The symbolism of this card reminds of the positive potential inherent in any loss, no matter how destructive it may be.

His attitude and clothing depict extreme sorrow, emptiness, transition, and uncertainty. His head is turned downward, focusing on the empty cups in front of him. He is completely absorbed in his pain. It symbolizes the inability to rejoice and seek pleasure in life. Lack of enjoyment.

Black Color of Clothing
They symbolize grief, sadness. It is also emptiness, uncertainty and a terrible initial phase of a new experience or project.

Inverted Cups
Cups represent spiritual and material prosperity. They are overturned, and their contents was poured out, symbolizing the loss, and show us the good that was in them.

Spilled Red Liquid
This is an experience to be mourned and drowned out. You just need to learn to forgive, and not get stuck in the past.

Two Cups
The two cups behind the figure are still full, but he doesn’t look at them. There is an opportunity, but the pain of loss makes us forget about its presence. These are new opportunities, new ideas, new chances, new goals. You just need to turn around and see them.
They can also symbolize the opportunities and those people who surround and are ready to support in a period of loss. They reinforce the impression of giving up goods for the sake of illusions and lost hopes. A symbol of the fact that all is not yet lost, and you can save at least something in your life.

Continuously flowing, a symbol of the passage of time, a full range of emotions. The river is an ancient symbol of continuity, reliability and eternal change.
The impermanence of any one emotion. Also personifies leaving, parting, separation. And at the same time, it gives hope, because on the river you can not only sail away, but also sail in.

The bridge in the background is a sign of stability, but it is far away. You have what you need to survive and start the next phase of your life. It also symbolizes the transition from an old life to a renewed life, a different way of thinking. This is the way out.

It means that a situation in your past that you are experiencing or overcoming. This is a symbol of confidence in the salvation that awaits on the other side.

Desert Landscape
Symbolizes loneliness, abandonment.

The number Five represents change and uncertainty. This card symbolizes deep sadness or the loss of a loved one. Perhaps a marriage or other relationship is crumbling. It seems like life is weighed down by disappointment and nothing makes sense or joy. Significantly, the figure on this card pays much more attention to the overturned bowls, rather than the two standing upright. Therefore, while there is loss, there is hope, but we need to overcome our sorrow and regret in order to take advantage of new opportunities.


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  1. Personally, in my practice, it has fallen out like a person’s awareness of his mistakes, when a person understands what he has done, but nothing can be corrected.

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