Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The Seven of Pentacles, called “The Lord of Unfulfilled Success,” indicates that things are not going as they could. Much hard work has already been invested in sowing and caring for the grain, and part of the significance of this card is in evaluating the results of this hard work. However, a sense of uncertainty also prevails here. The Seven of Pentacles indicates that more work needs to be done if you want to achieve satisfactory results.
On Seven of Pentacles, you can see a man that is not very happy. He stands with a hoe in his hands, looking at a bush on which 6 pentacles are located. Only one disk lies at the feet of the person. In general, the image of the Arcana makes it possible to feel its main meaning – there is a lot of work, and little result. Accordingly, in this regard, the person feels frustration, fatigue, disappointment.

Card Symbolism

Young Man
Symbolizes youth, opportunity and optimism, as well as patience, pause and reflection.

Pose and Facial Expression
Tarologists say that he is tired and upset. The person worked diligently, spent a lot of effort, but the result is not particularly pleasing. Perhaps he does not understand what to do next. The face expresses expectation, reflection, but at the same time attentive and concentration. It may take more time to process a situation than expected.

Boots of Different Color
Perhaps you need to determine one single path, or do one thing and do it well, and not get onto everything at once.

Vine Bush
These are values ​​that are maturing. This is the treasure to which his soul and heart lie. It is a symbol of many years of effort.

A symbol of good luck, wealth, prosperity, harvest and growth of holdings.

Location of Pentcles
It tells about how until now the man did his business, perhaps in a discordant manner, or just in the usual way. It is necessary to consider the case from a different angle.

Pentacle at Man’s Feet
This is perhaps a new approach, or a new point of view in any business.

The journey itself, marking this stage of possibilities in the broader context of life.

It is a symbol of measurement, work, manifestation of thought. Also signifies experience already gained. It is a tool for creating something new.

Mountains in the Background
They mean that there is no need to stop. You should always go forward, to new achievements, to conquer those peaks that have not yet been conquered, even if it is a long way. There is no need to lose hope.

The Seven of Pentacles represents patience and slow growth. It recommends not rushing, finding a promising chance for yourself, but thinking it over thoroughly, giving yourself time before making a decision. Let the seed sprout, show its leaves and flowers. If we do not rush things and do not pluck the fruits while still green, then we can achieve success. Together with the Hanged Man and the Four of Swords, the Seven of Pentacles constitutes a triad indicating the need for waiting. However, unlike these two cards, it does not mean a stop, but a continuous growth.


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5 thoughts on “Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism”

  1. In a relationship, it was lost on the part of the man, like waiting for the moment when he could leave the family, when the children grew up, etc.

  2. I once pulled this card before an interview, the result was that they didn’t hire me, they announced their decision much later than they promised, it turned out like in the picture, they thought and thought and decided that it was not.

  3. It often came to me as advice in various situations, that it’s worth waiting, the result will not disappoint 🙂 But in relationships, it was interesting to play out, in that it seems that the man is not in contact with the girl, but is going to resume communication later, when there is an opportunity. In his opinion, the circumstances are not the same, etc.

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