Queen of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Queen of Swords Tarot Card?

The Queen of Swords has power and authority, intelligence and prudence, and she is most often depicted as a woman in royal clothes, seated on a throne. On her head is a crown, and in her hand she holds a sword. In some variants of the decks, the Queen’s costume is complemented by certain details of knightly armor: a shield, shoulder pads or arm ruffles. The Queen’s expression is impenetrable and stern. She is the arbiter of human destinies.

Card Symbolism

This is a place of power, a sign of domination.

Means communication with the divine from an easy, playful position. A symbol of determination and struggle with limitations. The butterfly strives towards its goal – light – without fear of any dangers or obstacles. This is lightness and at the same time frivolity.

Head of a Child, Sylph or Elf
The symbol of the inner child, children’s dreams, is a sign that it is already necessary to grow up and make them a reality. Or perhaps this is a sign of suppression.
Selphis is the spirit of Nature.

Two Moon Sickles
This is a symbol of matriarchy.

Gray Color of Throne
Symbolizes freedom from prejudice and awareness.

This is a mature woman in her entirety, a widow who does not answer to anyone. He is a symbol of openness and resourcefulness.

Queen’s Image
Her appearance is harsh, but clear, suggests that this woman is led by sorrow. It does not symbolize mercy.

Sharp facial features
They testify to the sharp mind and thoughtfulness of each step and deed.

Crown (Butterfly Wreath)
Symbolizes majesty derived from a solid foundation. Also, this crown simultaneously symbolizes lightness and determination, which can sometimes turn into ruthlessness.

Head is Above Cloud Level
This sign can have two meanings. Positive sense is that her knowledge is superior to that of many. And in a negative sense, it can be a warning against excessive alienation or loss of contact with reality.

Raised Left Hand
Symbolizes the subconscious. This is a hint that the power of the mind of the Queen of Swords is aimed primarily at self-knowledge.

Left Hand with Tassel Bracelet
It is a traditional mourning adornment of the Victorian era, an allusion to widowhood, indicated by this Arcana. It is also a symbol of vanity, emancipation, and broken bonds.

Remains of the Bond
A symbol of freedom from addiction.

Cloudy Mantle
It is a symbol of freedom and lightness.

A symbol of power, strength directed towards the goal, this symbol shows embodied action.
The Queen is adept at understanding energies and is good at using them.

Straight Placed Sword
Sign of the power of reason and composure

Rain Clouds Pile Up in the Sky
Symbolizing the storm of life, the accumulation of clouds overhead, gloomy thoughts, tragedies with which the Queen is at war.

Cool Calm Weather
This is a symbol of the superiority of reason over feelings.

The symbol of freedom, expansiveness, perspective, independence, also means high thoughts, thinking aimed at knowledge, love, the ability to systematize phenomena, wisdom. This is not only a symbol of the element of Air, but also a hint of the self-sufficiency and independence of the Queen of Swords.

The Queen of Swords is a feminine manifestation of the element of air. She personifies intelligence, openness, independence, imagination and ingenuity. This is an expression of our ability to solve problems with the help of logic, to ascend to ever higher levels of knowledge, without getting lost in the face of an influx of ideas and doubts. Unlike the previous idea of ​​the Queen of Swords as an “evil woman”, at best a widow, now we see in her a woman (or the feminine principle in a man), freeing herself from addiction thanks to the power of her mind. Only in some cases is the negative side of this card revealed to us: it is most often the “snow queen”, behind the external attractiveness of which lies a cold calculation and an almost irresistible alienation.


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