Eight of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Eight of Wands Tarot Card?

Eight of Wands symbolizes the current moment in time. Here and now. But the eight is also a symbol of Power. This card tells to not think about the future, use the day that you have. According to the ancients: “Youth flies quickly, so catch the passing time”. It does not give a direct answer to the question you asked, but only indicates that the time for an answer has not yet come. Now this question is not the most important one. It is better to use strength for something else.
In the image, we can see only eight flying staffs and hills with a river in the background. The movement of the wands conveys the meaning of the Arcana: speed, dynamics, some kind of process.

Card Symbolism

They symbolize activity, acceleration toward a good end, great haste, great hope. They can also mean arrows of love.
The landing wands symbolize the reward received by merit.

Parallel Wands
They symbolize the coordination of several tasks, interests, etc. But they can also mean routine.

Symbolizes belonging, network, community and shared wisdom. It is also a return to our true nature.

Symbolizes our deepest secrets and the most tender part of our heart, the protection of valuable treasures. Also, the house symbolizes the goal of striving.

Mountains or Rocks
They symbolize triumph, challenge, achievement, realization, infinity and endurance.

It symbolizes emotions and subconsciousness, subject to the dominant craving and the highest goal that is present in our life. It also means the continuity of change.

Yellow and Green Colors
They symbolize fertility and growth, but can also mean immaturity, envy.

Cloudless Sky and Peaceful Landscape Below
Personalize the value of the present moment.

Blue sky
It symbolizes lightness, carelessness, clear consciousness, purposefulness.
Blue is a symbol of soul, mind, feelings, depth and naivety.

Although the number Eight symbolizes the balance of opposing forces, we are reminded to reevaluate past decisions and assess the current situation, since the goal is close. Since the sky plays a certain role on this card, it is quite possible to travel by air (a business flight to a nearby country or overseas). But it is also likely that your affairs may be suspended in the air and you need to be determined in order to get a satisfactory result.
In addition, Eight of Wands, with its pastoral scene, is lacking any human or animal figures, and also brings the environment to the fore. This reminds us to consider important environmental issues as well as biosafety, recycling and other green topics while playing with today’s world.


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