Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The Knight of Pentacles personifies a state of mind characterized by diligence, patience and perseverance, in which the necessary and useful things are created. It symbolizes something solid, serious, permanent, that soil or foundation on which we can build our future.
We see a rider in armor, sitting on a black horse, holding a golden Pentacle in his hands. In the background, like on many cards of this suit, we see fields, hills, trees. The stable posture of a man and a horse, a yellow background interspersed with red – all this gives Arcana the energy of self-confidence and the future.

Card Symbolism

The knight took charge of the dream. Also, the Knight is a symbol of diligence.

Knight’s Position
Symbolizes strength, rootedness and stubbornness.

Symbolizes readiness for anything, security.

Green Feathers on Helmet
Means achieving good results, fertility.

Means the readiness to start work at any time. But it can also mean unwillingness to get your hands dirty, or that there is something to hide at the moment.

A muscular horse moves forward intuitively. Bravely goes into the unknown. It can also represent confused emotions and memories. The horse also symbolizes diligence, stamina, endurance, impulses and instincts.

Horse’s Black Color
It symbolizes the baggage of the past, but also the unknown future.

Harness’ Color Matching Rider’s Robe
This speaks of the knight’s accuracy and pedantry. Red symbolizes the joy of life, passion, and also selfishness, greed.

Symbol of value and safety. It is a balance of self-interest with public benefit, setting and exploring boundaries. Just like the Page of Pentacles, the refinement of your skills and talents has begun, but you haven’t learned everything yet. At the same time, it can mean that it’s time to establish your personal boundaries.

The knight’s eyes look across the field, and he seriously ponders everything, trying to make his dreams come true.

Symbolizes readiness to enter into conflict, willpower.

Tilled Land
Symbolizes work to create an ideal life. This is a hint that the result on this card does not come immediately.

Yellow Sky
It can symbolize the search for meaning, value, or even the Sun that illuminates the path. It can also symbolize greed.

The Knight of Pentacles does not show passion, but endurance and consistency. The pictured knight is certainly reliable and trustworthy, but lacks imagination and barely moves. If you pulled out this card, you are probably embodying many of these qualities and moving through life evenly, rather than rapidly.


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