Seven of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Seven of Cups Tarot Card?

In the image of Seven of Cups, we see a man standing against a blue sky. His dark silhouette is like a shadow, and therefore he himself seems less real than his vivid fantasies and dreams. There are Seven cups in the clouds in front of him, filled with different contents that embody human desires. However, this world is unstable. At any moment, everything can disappear like a mirage. The energy of the card conveys its main meaning – dreams and illusions.

Card Symbolism

Black Color of the Character’s Figure
A hint of wandering in the dark. This Figure is your soul, which does not know what it wants at the moment.

Symbolizes fantasy, imagination, desire, potential lie. You may be tempted by many options, or those options may be based on illusion.

Cups in the Clouds
All of them mean delusion.

Woman’s Head
Arcana III – Empress.
It is a symbol of beauty and eternal youth, narcissism, vanity.
Means success in love and romance. You can think of the ideal partner – but remember, they can all be imaginary. It can mean fornication, lust, rational love, dreams and ideals associated with the opposite sex. It can also mean understanding yourself and accepting yourself as you are.

Veiled Figure
Arcana II – High Priestess.
This is a hint of wandering in the dark. This is also hidden desires, unrecognized goals. Remember that some hidden goals motivate our behavior, even if we don’t want to admit it. It can also symbolize deception in love or friendship. This cup foreshadows the flowering of the Ego – a spiritual nature, revealation in themselves of previously unknown merits. At the same time, it can mean the hidden essence of the situation.

Arcana I – Magician (the snake that encircles him).
This is a lie, a mistake, low deeds, cunning, jealousy and envy. Also symbolizes wisdom, energy, strength and spiritual transformation.

Arcana XVI – Tower.
Means strength, protection, home, reliability, stability, luxury. Need a place to hide from the world?
It is also about broken promises, anger, suppression, isolation, arrogance. It can also mean wealth, salvation and prosperity.

Gold and Jewelry
Arcana X – Wheel of Fortune.
This wealth is external and internal.
They mean material goods, treasures. This pile of gems speaks not only of money, but also of wealth and abundance. It also symbolizes vanity. This is achieved success, but not a permanent one. It is also wealth and prosperity.

Laurel Wreath
Arcana XXI – Peace.
Means recognition, fame, celebrity. Note that the cup with the wreath of glory also has a small skull, the desire for recognition may not be as helpful. This is a ghostly success, victory turns into deception. But it can symbolize the path of life’s struggle and victory.

The Dragon
Arcana XIX – The Sun.
It is esoteric wisdom, spiritual growth, magical exploration. Do you want to excel in spiritual research? It can mean selfishness, temptation, struggle, and trial.

Some believe that the cups represent the basic desires of a person: love (a woman’s head), fruit (food), a laurel wreath (success, recognition, fame), a castle (wealth). However, they coexist with a snake (lie, deceit, “green serpent”), a dragon (chaos, destruction) and a strange figure in a gray hoodie, similar to toadstool. And on the goblet with a wreath is a skull hinting at the transience of worldly glory.

Seven of Cups is one of the most mysterious and interesting cards in the entire traditional Tarot deck. In many ways, this card illustrates everything we want (wealth, material possessions, spiritual achievement, etc.) but we have not yet reached the end of our journey through the suit of Cups. This means that there may be an element of dissatisfaction in this achievement, or we may find that we have achieved something that is less desirable than we hoped.
This card can also indicate that there are many options to choose from that seem equally attractive. It can be difficult to decide which options are best, especially when one course of action may seem like the path we “should” take.
Ultimately, at this crossroads, a lot of self-knowledge needs to be used. We will need all our wisdom in order to succeed.


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