Queen of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Queen of Wands Tarot Card?

Queen of Wands symbolizes femininity and independence. Her appearance in a Tarot spread can often indicate a good career as well as joy and satisfaction.
She is a domineering, self-confident person with powerful energy and great vitality. She is a recognized authority with a sharp mind, leadership ability, and a positive outlook on life.
The Queen of Wands is depicted as a middle-aged woman in a golden robe with a crown on her head. The Queen sits on a throne, in her right hand she has a rod, in her left hand is a sunflower, at her feet is a black cat. Arcana is characterized by everything that is inherent in a ruler: authority, status, greatness, pride, intelligence, charisma.

Card Symbolism

Represents femininity, strength and independence.

Strong Face and Wide Legged Male Pose
This is a hint that we are facing a strong and domineering woman who wants to be on a par with a man.

Left Leg is Extended Forward
Symbolizes the dominance of the intuitive side.

Red Shoe
It means that she devotes herself to her work with all her heart and soul.

Yellow Color of Dresses
They symbolize the Sun, fiery energy and vitality.

Blooming Crown
A symbol of life, prosperity, revival, creativity and fertility.

Sunflower Flower
Personalizes closeness to nature. It is a symbol of the joy of life, new life, human soul, spirituality in general, an open and compassionate heart. This is the Sun in tandem with man. The sun is a symbol of the highest creative energy. The sunflower also symbolizes happiness, contentment, fertility, and life.

Blooming Wand
Represents life and creation.

Black Cat
This is an animal which is independent of anyone, with character. It also speaks of magical knowledge or love. This is an indication of intelligence, the power of instinct, individuality, unpredictability, ability to survive, cunning and self-will (the cat always walks by itself). May symbolize interest in magic and the occult.

Gray Piedestal
It symbolizes neutrality, objectivity, awareness of actions, but at the same time it can mean stubbornness and indifference.

Lions on the Throne
They symbolize fire, strength, courage, rage, courage, power and the indisputability of her decisions.

Sleeping Lion
A symbol of tamed strength: passions obey reason.

Symbol of wisdom and science. They can also symbolize a hot climate and southern temperament.

The Queen possesses a position of authority that can indicate success and positivity in many different aspects of life. She has a warm and welcoming demeanor that can also indicate the people around you, especially blonde or older women. In this case, the Queen can be the representative of the maternal figures in your life.


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