Seven of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Seven of Swords Tarot Card?

In most decks the Seven of Swords Tarot card depicts a tent city. In the foreground we see a man that hesitantly carries five swords, looking back at two more, which he did not take, apparently due to absent-mindedness. Or maybe he just can’t take with him all the weapons that he found in the enemy camp at once. And, apparently, no one in the tents even realized what was happening.
This is a person who habitually tries to find a way out of a difficult situation with the help of cunning, to avoid conflict. But now, alas, the tried and tested method does not help him well: the “enemies” still have two swords, and even those that he could carry off cut his hands. This card says that you can’t solve new problems by using old methods.

Card Symbolism

Symbolizes trickery, fraud, theft.

Human Pose
Indicates his guilt and unkind thoughts, or slipping away from the situation. But there is a possibility that he is going in a circle. It is also a sign of internal conflict, unconsciousness, insecurity.

Tiptoe walking
The ability to do something accurately and slowly. But this sign can warn that some situations can sneak up unnoticed.

Red Shoes and Hat
Red symbolizes vitality, will, passion. Can personify willfulness, whims, or stubbornness.

You act on what you know or just understand.

Two Swords Left in the Ground
They symbolize the desire to be honest. Swords stuck in the ground can represent the exchange of things or opinions, as well as the “grounding” of ideas. It also means that you have left behind something important, or maybe you have already left behind your doubts, and you should not look back.

They symbolize instability: in the sphere of the unknown, consciousness feels like a thief who has crept towards the enemy. It is capable of rejecting and losing all its past achievements.

People Around the Fire
These are simple-minded people who will be robbed. This shows us that we spend a lot of time arguing with each other or on something insignificant, so that we do not even notice what is happening around, we do not dare to make our dreams come true.

Yellow Sky
It is bright sunlight that reveals envy and other negative qualities to the eye, and also helps to find meaning in something. But it can also act as a warning to be careful not to fly too close to the sun, or you can fall prey to mania or delusion.

Sandy or Earth
y Color
Symbolizes earthiness, materiality.

This card, called “The Lord of Fickle Efforts”, clearly warns us against hasty, deceitful, or impulsive behavior. The main message of the Seven of Swords seems pretty clear: don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. Your plans will not come true as you intended and will most likely fail. Your desire is to get at least something at the expense of others. You betrayed the trust placed in you, did something shameful and now you try to escape. You can be called an unreliable person.

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