Four of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Four of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Four of Swords Tarot Card?

On the Tarot card, the Four of Swords in most decks depict a lying person in knightly armor with closed eyes and folded hands on his chest. Three swords hang on the wall, and one lies nearby: the mind passively accepts the world as it is, but it is always ready to be fully armed. Correlated with the fourth, fifth and sixth chakras – in accordance with the Masonic tradition.
Their points are directed downward, pointing to the head, heart and throat, corresponding to the places of injury of the builder of the Temple of Solomon, Hiram Abiff. These three directions correspond to the traditional formula of repentance: “in thought, word and deed”. Here a person learns what he lacked: harmony, justice, correct assessment of what is happening.
In the stained-glass of a Gothic window depicting a holiday, a man knelt in front of a woman: consciousness bowed before more refined feelings.

Card Symbolism

This Sacred Space is a symbol of awe. A hint of solitude, prayer, escape from the bustle of the world.

Symbolizes peace.

Figure’s Pose – Prayer
Symbolizes meditation. Also paralysis, lifelessness, rigidity, fatigue, deep sleep, prayer. But at the same time, it can mean an elevated spiritual state or high tension.

Three swords
Symbolizes lessons to be learned. These are neatly sorted thoughts and ideas, worked out experience. At the same time, they can indicate uncontrollable or unused thoughts. They also indicate the fourth, fifth and sixth chakras.
They also hint that their owner can get up at any moment and go to administer justice.
They are imaginary witnesses of past victories.
They refer us to the previous Arcana. As a result of the battle on the Three of Swords, the warrior was wounded. Mentally or physically? Deadly or not? Time will tell.

The Sword Engraved on Plate in a Horizontal Position
A hint that the weapon will not be needed anytime soon. It is also a break from reality.

It means that now the world remains outside. This is the contrast between the abstract and the ordinary, ideals and reality, between the outside world and the inside.

Mosaic-Stained Glass
Basically, it shows working through experience and drawing up a big picture. It also means solving different problems, knowing the details, even the smallest ones.

Jesus with the Word “PAX” on the Nimbus
PAX is Latin for Peace.
Means contentment, peace of mind, spiritual achievement, spiritual satisfaction, and happiness. It can also mean fear of conflict, detachment, flight into the world of fantasy.

Grey colour
Symbolizes neutrality, objectivity and calmness.

Here it is dirty yellow (with a touch of black). May mean a feverish state, mental problems, lack of clarity.

The Four of Swords is a card of stagnation, interrupted activity, and enforced rest. In this sense, it resembles a card of the Hanged Man. Its difference from it is that it is associated with specific events. Those obstacles or difficulties pointed out by the Four are usually simple and understandable, and overcoming them does not require us to overturn all life foundations. This position is akin to illness, which also constitutes one of the meanings of the card. We are forced to interrupt vigorous activity, to pause. Whether we suffer or try to use this pause to deal with ourselves is entirely up to us. At the same time, it is clear that we can use a pause to work on ourselves, but we would hardly arrange it for ourselves of our own free will.

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